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This situation is familiar to anyone who has encountered the problem of being overweight. You open the door of the refrigerator and freeze for several minutes, pondering what delicacy will brighten up the hateful diet. At the same time, so that without harm to the figure … Do you know that there are products that not only cannot be put off by centimeters at the waist, but also noticeably reduce existing ones?

Enrich your usual diet with natural fat burners – less than a month will pass before the body will say “thank you” with the lost kilos, a healthy complexion and good mood. Every day, eat one product from our list and lose weight.



What is useful. The vegetable is famous for its high fiber content with low calorie content. This means that you will quickly satisfy your hunger without undesirable consequences for the figure. In addition, celery improves metabolism, activates the process of burning fat and cleanses the intestines.

As it is. Raw celery is the most healthy, so feel free to add it to salads. If you prefer cooked vegetables, treat yourself to Italian diet minestrone soup. The dish will cleanse the body of unnecessary substances, accelerating the process of fat breakdown.


What are useful. 100 g of shrimp contains 1 g of carbohydrates, but despite this, they significantly accelerate the process of losing weight. Seafood is prepared quickly, and you can clean and eat them for a very long time. A lot of protein, few calories and sheer pleasure – isn’t this the perfect dinner?

As it is. Boil shrimps or steam. You can eat up to 400 g of pure meat per day. In no case do not combine seafood with alcohol.

A pineapple

What is useful. Pineapple contains a unique enzyme that breaks down complex lipids – bromelain. The substance promotes the easy absorption of heavy protein foods, helps to lose weight. Rough fiber of fruit. as well as vitamins and minerals that make up the intestine, they activate the intestines, forcing them to properly digest food. In addition, pineapple copes with hunger

As it is. Bromelain is found only in fresh fruits, so do not lean on canned pineapples and packaged juice – they will not reduce your waistline. The maximum concentration of the enzyme in the core of the fetus. Nutritionists advise arranging one pineapple fasting day per week. But if you have problems with the stomach or intestines, you should feast on the fruit in smaller quantities.

Green coffee

What is useful. This coffee contains a lot of antioxidants, caffeine, as well as chlorogenic acid. It has been clinically proven that a drink made from ground green beans reduces appetite and thereby reduces daily calorie intake.

How to drink. Green coffee has a soft, unusual taste, so it should not be combined with sweets. Nutritionists advise drinking the drink separately from meals or with neutral-tasting foods, such as low-fat cottage cheese.


What is useful. Zucchini is a real savior of those who are obese. With a huge amount of potassium in its composition, it boasts an almost complete absence of calories. Valuable vegetable and for the ability to effectively deal with edema, regulating the body’s water-salt metabolism.

As it is. Absolutely all varieties of zucchini are good. And they are useful in any form. Choose young vegetables with tender seeds.


What is useful. Mackerel fillets are a source of omega-3 fats that accelerate metabolism, improve heart function and, most importantly, “insure” against hormonal disorders in the diet. Unlike other fish rich in unsaturated fatty acids, such as trout and salmon, mackerel is more accessible, longer stored and does not cause allergies.

As it is. Boil mackerel in water diluted with a tablespoon of wine vinegar, or steam. Serve fish with vegetables.


What is useful. Oriental spice improves the absorption of sugar, reduces its amount in the blood. A harmful carbohydrate does not accumulate in the body, which means that new fat deposits do not form.

As it is. Add cinnamon to coffee and tea as a sweetener. The spice has a natural sweet taste and a very pleasant aroma. One teaspoon per day is enough to help the body overcome sucrose.

Despite the fact that with fat-burning products, losing weight is faster and more pleasant, you should not abuse them. Eating only zucchini and pineapple is a bad strategy: instead of a beautiful figure, you risk getting a lot of health problems. Together with a nutritionist or personal trainer, create a balanced diet in which there is a place for both fat burners and foods rich in proteins, slow carbohydrates and vitamins. And do not forget to drink enough water – without it, even the most perfect diet will not bring benefits. The right approach will help to achieve the desired effect many times faster.


27 Jun 2020


Alpha lipoid acid

Alpha lipoid acid is a powerful antioxidant in the human body. Many nutrients are fat soluble, which means that they feel comfortable in a greasy environment, while others are water soluble, that is, they normally exist in aqueous media. Alpha-lipoid acid has an interesting property: it can exist in both environments. The body naturally produces this amazing antioxidant, but maintaining a healthy diet with supplements will help the body metabolize. (more…)


20 Jun 2020

The best fat soluble and water soluble vitamins in food

The best fat soluble and water soluble vitamins in food

The fact that the human body needs carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water and mineral salts was known at the beginning of the 19th century . However, practice did not always confirm this theory. People who ate full-fledged food still got sick. And these diseases were obviously related to nutrition . Such examples can be seen while studying the life of travelers. For example, during the Vasco da Gama expedition to India, 100 out of 160 crew members died from scurvy . Later it was found that if the sailors ate a small amount of lemon juice, the disease could have been avoided. (more…)


17 Jun 2020


The role of vitamins and minerals in sports
General concepts about vitamins and minerals

Good nutrition is one of the best investments you can make in your good health and longevity. A healthy diet not only helps to achieve optimal health but also increases your ability to exercise physically and mentally. Choosing a healthy lifestyle, you will take an important step towards achieving and maintaining optimal health of your body, as well as reduce the risk of diseases associated with diet.



15 Jun 2020

Delicious meats – marbled meat. What is marbled beef and its price.

Delicious meats – marbled meat. What is marbled beef and what is its price.



31 May 2020

Sugar, their types and harm. Is sugar a sweet poison? Cane and refined sugar.

A sweet poison, white death, an invaluable source of energy, etc. – these are all different names for sugar. Sugar is one of the most popular foods. Why do we enjoy eating sweets and at the same time are so afraid of it? We will answer these questions in this article. (more…)


30 May 2020

Fish oil capsules. Which is better to choose. Benefit and harm. Why do we buy bullshit?

This article will talk about fish oil. Let’s see why fish oil is recommended to everyone as a complex supplement, including athletes? What is so special about it? (more…)


27 Mar 2020

Why do diets fail?

Diet is a great way to lose weight, as it seems to most of us. Indeed, recently the number of people in Europe and North America who adhere to one or another diet has increased among women by 70%, among men by 30%. However, not everything is so simple, many diets do not give results at all, others work, but after the first rapid improvement, the former weight returns or, worse, weight gain. So why diets fail?



18 Feb 2020

5 motivating reasons to start fitness

We all know from a young age that sport has a positive effect on the human body, but many people lack motivation for training. And few people know exactly what benefit it brings. Meanwhile, fitness helps not only to find a beautiful figure but also contains a whole set of exercises aimed at developing the hidden reserves of the human body. (more…)


15 Jan 2020


Overeating occurs in response to stress

When you are stressed, you cannot digest food normally, function normally, and your metabolism slows down. These phenomena cause stress hormones – cortisol, adrenaline, norepinephrine. They do not promote digestion, but mobilize the body and force it to keep the muscles in good shape. In response to stress, you begin to overeat – this is one way to calm down and get hormones of pleasure. (more…)


24 Nov 2019