Monthly Archives: April 2020

Saturated or unhealthy fats in foods. Does the body need saturated fatty acids?

In this article, we will find out why our bodies cannot function correctly without fats. Also, talk about saturated and unsaturated acids? And what is their difference? However, we will dwell on saturated fats in more detail. First, let’s talk about the structure. (more…)


29 Apr 2020

Chocolate addiction? Calorie Chocolate

Chocolate Many adults suffer from various addictions in nutrition, some of these addictions adversely affect our health, some more, others less. (more…)


25 Apr 2020

How much protein a person needs. Daily protein intake in grams

In this article, we will talk about different daily protein intake for men and women, as well as for athletes. Where did these norms come from, and what are they now in connection with recent research. (more…)


18 Apr 2020

How to eat right at the right time

“Eating right is not only choosing the right food, it’s eating right at the right time.”

In this article, we will give some tips on how to help our body always be “seasoned” with the right food. (more…)


10 Apr 2020

Antioxidants and their benefits. Sources of Antioxidants

What are free radicals?

These are by-products of respiration and metabolic processes. These are unstable complexes that cause a chain oxidation reaction that damages the cells and tissues of our body in the form of diseases and premature aging. (more…)


07 Apr 2020

Glycemic index of products. GI table. High and low glycemic index

In the 21st century, people are increasingly confronted with the concept of “glycemic index” , or GI. Sometimes it seems so often that I have the impression that most people really understand what the term means. (more…)


04 Apr 2020