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How to return a beautiful belly with diastasis

Prolonged cough, regular constipation, pregnancy, rapid weight gain, dramatic weight loss – what do these completely different conditions have in common?

What unites them is that all of them can cause diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles.  

What is this disease, what is its danger? How to determine if there is diastasis and if so, what stage of the disease? And when do you need to urgently make an appointment with a doctor, and when can you correct the situation on your own, with the help of special exercises to train the muscles of the pelvic floor? 

Diastasis – briefly about the essence of the problem and risk groups

Diastasis of the anterior abdominal muscles (ADM) is a divergence of the connective tissue in the front of the abdomen – the white line. The process is similar to a seam on a garment – when it diverges, the pieces do not fit together. When the collagen stretches, the same thing happens with the white line – it diverges. 

The development of abdominal diastasis is associated with the peculiarities of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus in the abdomen. On the right and left sides of the navel are two vertical muscles. Between themselves, they are connected by a white line – a strip of tendon tissue. The white color is due to the absence of muscle fibers and a large amount of strong collagen protein.

Under the influence of various factors, the connective tissue is stretched and thinned, and the tendon strip is not able to keep the vertical muscles in the correct position, due to which the distance between them increases. 

Normally, the width of the white line is 0.5-2.2 cm. If the distance between the left and right rectus muscles is greater, this is classified as diastasis. 

PDM is submissive to all ages and both sexes. In women, the risk of developing diastasis is associated mainly with pregnancy and childbirth. In men, DPM develops with sharp fluctuations in weight due to a decrease in the elasticity of muscle tissues. Another cause of rectus diastasis in men is excessive stress during exercises to strengthen the anterior abdominal wall, which causes increased pressure in the abdominal region. In addition to the above reasons, diastasis can be the result of dysplasia – a congenital weakness of the connective tissue. 

What is dangerous diastasis

DPM is not a fatal disease, but its consequences can be extremely unpleasant – from urinary incontinence and back pain to discomfort during sexual activity. 

Of particular concern are cases when a hernia of the abdomen joins the diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles and there is a risk of infringement and necrosis of the intestine or adipose tissue. This condition requires emergency surgery. And if a small part of the intestine comes out between the stretched fibers of the white line, the removal of the strangulated area entails lifelong problems. 

How to determine if there is diastasis

In order to palpate to determine whether the distance between the two sections of the rectus abdominis has increased, lie on your back and bend your knees. Tightening the press, raise your head and evaluate the distance of the divergence of the connective tissue. Usually, with diastasis of the abdomen, the fingers seem to “fall through” into the hollow between the rectus muscles.

Diastasis of the 2nd and 3rd stages is a reason to consult a doctor. Given the progressive nature of the disease, one should not hope that it will disappear on its own. For those who have the 1st stage of diastasis of the rectus abdominis muscles, it is enough to follow the simple recommendations of specialists: 

  • stabilize weight;
  • eat rationally;
  • observe the water regime;
  • strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor with special exercises.

The best and safest exercises for diastasis

Vacuum or abdominal retraction

Inhale deeply (try to bring the anterior abdominal wall as close to the spine as possible), hold your breath for 30 seconds. Take a few short breaths and return to the starting position. Perform first lying down, a few days later – from a position on all fours, and only then – standing. 

One of the simplest and most effective pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the abdominals and improve the recovery of deformed tissues.

Glute Bridge

It is performed from a supine position, legs hip-width apart, rest their feet on the floor. Raise the pelvis, squeeze the buttocks at the top, lower the pelvis. Exercise for training the muscles of the pelvic floor is performed at a calm, measured pace, without jerks and sudden movements. It tones the pelvic and gluteal muscles.


Standing on all fours, lean on the palms of outstretched hands. Exhale, pulling in the stomach so that it approaches the spinal column while tilting the head and rounding the back. Inhale as you continue to draw in your belly. 

Exercise is not only effective for diastasis of the abdomen, but also improves posture, tones the abdominal muscles.

Effective workouts to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor

Like any other muscle tissue, the pelvic floor muscles respond well to proper physical activity. But if you perform exercises with diastasis haphazardly, the effect of such exercises will, at best, be barely noticeable. You need a training program specifically designed for a specific task.


28 Feb 2022

Pain during menstruation. What to do?

Pain is one of the common symptoms that accompany menstruation. It is so common that many consider its appearance inevitable and dutifully endure discomfort without seeking medical help, even if it prevents them from working normally, spending time with friends, or doing what they love.

Why can menstruation be painful?

When should you go to the doctor?

The results of a study published by scientists from the Netherlands in 2019 indicate that pain is the most common symptom of menstruation. About 85% of women faced it, and every third, due to discomfort during menstruation, was forced to miss work or give up some usual activities. At the same time, only every second admitted the real reasons for her act, mentioning menstruation, while others came up with some other, “more valid” reason.

This behavior of women is associated with the stigmatization of menstruation – talking about the process itself and the discomfort associated with it is indecent, uncomfortable, and even ashamed for some.

Pain during menstruation can be very strong: to assess the intensity of pain, doctors came up with a special scale, according to which 0 means no pain at all, and 4 means very severe pain.

Describing the pain experienced by women is quite difficult. In one of the publications that became the subject of active discussion, a male doctor mentioned that “this pain is almost the same as that experienced by patients with a heart attack.” Such a comparison caused a lot of comments and discussions in social networks and on the pages of various media: for example, gynecologist Jen Gunter wrote that in most cases, menstruation is much more painful than the sensations of a heart attack, and besides, she recalled that up to 40% of women and completely suffer a heart attack asymptomatically.

Pain during menstruation – dysmenorrhea – may be associated with the peculiarities of physiology, the specific structure and location of the pelvic organs. However, they can often be caused by inflammatory diseases affecting the reproductive or urinary system, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Women’s educational program: the most important thing about menopause

There are completely different stages in a woman’s life, but for some reason very little is said about some. One of these is menopause and its early onset. Let’s drop all the stereotypes and figure out together what kind of period it is (spoiler: there’s nothing wrong with it!), How to recognize it, make it easier and fully enjoy life, regardless of age.

Understand and forgive

Previously, the word “menopause” was among those that did not want to be said out loud – this combination of letters caused incredible anxiety (“thank you” to public opinion). Women were very afraid of this period, since it was believed that with its arrival one could write oneself off from all accounts. But now there are means by which menopause can pass almost imperceptibly and easily. But in order to start doing something towards improvement, you need to recognize its onset – without fear, move on, without losing optimism, energy and female attractiveness.

The menopause in the life of any woman is completely natural. At this time, due to the weakening of the hormonal function of the ovaries, menstruation stops. It is customary to talk about the beginning of menopause if about a year has passed since the last meeting with the cycle.

Who is the elder?

Our hormones are responsible for menopause. Estrogen plays a key role in menopause. The monthly menstrual cycle directly depends on its quantity: from birth, the body contains about two million eggs, but over time their number decreases. Already with the onset of 30 years, the ovaries begin to produce a little less estrogen.

By the age of 40, the menstrual cycle already becomes longer or shorter, its intensity changes, and by about 50 years, the supply of eggs is exhausted, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and menopause begins. That is, on average, the onset of menopause occurs at the age of 50-52 years, but the figures fluctuate. There are premature menopause (up to 40 years), early (40-45 years), timely (46-54 years) and late (over 55 years). What is most unusual is that premature menopause occurs in 3-10% of cases, so it is important to be observed by a gynecologist at absolutely any age. 

Many factors influence when menopause occurs: from heredity and lifestyle to past diseases, the amount of stress and bad habits. The most important thing is to treat changes in the body with understanding and respect for your body.

Know in person

Contrary to popular belief, menopause does not come all of a sudden: often, symptoms can appear several years before the last period. You need to keep track of all the changes in order to take care of your health in time! If you notice any of the following, share your observations with your gynecologist. Together, you can find a smooth menopausal transition to maintain your well-being, natural beauty, sex drive, and mood.

  • Weight suddenly went up, fat deposits appeared on the waist, hips, forearms, and hunger is difficult to appease;
  • at night you began to feel hot flashes or sweat, almost like during a workout;
  • it became difficult to fall asleep quickly, and awakenings appeared in the middle of the night; 
  • irritability, frequent fatigue appeared;
  • menstruation became more scanty and irregular;
  • libido decreased, and there was discomfort and dryness of the vagina;
  • the condition of the skin, hair and nails deteriorated.

The doctor may prescribe a blood test for sex hormones, an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, and an examination of the endocrine glands. These studies help to find out whether the symptoms are caused by early menopause or malfunctions in the endocrine system.

Simple Solutions

To take menopause under control and alleviate its manifestations in the early stages, it is good to connect sports, special personal care and the use of natural remedies with plant extracts containing phytoestrogens. Of course, they will not be able to completely “cancel” the menopause, but they will significantly smooth out the sharp jumps in hormonal levels and help maintain good health, femininity and beauty.

Phytoestrogens are active substances of plant origin, a kind of non-hormonal plant analogs of female sex hormones. They alleviate menopausal symptoms, relieve emotional stress, improve sleep, restore the usual harmony, and have a pronounced anti-age effect. However, they do not have side effects and are safer than synthetic hormones.


27 Feb 2022

Nominees of the national project “Responsible Cosmetology”

The purpose of the competition is to select clinics that demonstrate the greatest commitment to the principles of responsible cosmetology for clinics.

The competition was held among aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinics located in the Russian Federation during June 2021, the results were summed up during July 2021.


 1. Premises of a medical institution:

• Availability of a medical license 

• Availability of the necessary OKVED codes

• Compliance with the Procedure for rendering assistance in the field of “cosmetology” 

• A streamlined workflow that reflects all the requirements of regulatory authorities

2. Specialists/doctors:

• Compliance of specialists with the requirements of the Professional standard of a cosmetologist 

• Possession of a valid certificate of a specialist in cosmetology

• Continuous improvement of professional skills

• Confirmed positive ratings of specialists in the professional and consumer communities

3. Preparations/devices:

• Purchase from official distributors

• Participation in the MDLP system

• Storage and use strictly in accordance with the regulations

• Approval for use by employees with proven training and practice skills

4. Patient Convenience Processes:

• The presence of an administrator and his active participation in working with patients

• Registration of the necessary package of documents

• Honest feedback from patients

5. Availability of information for patients:

• Availability of a website and current pages of the clinic in social networks

• Up-to-date information about services, methods, preparations, specialists

• Regular content updates

• Compliance of materials in social networks with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation

• Following the principles of openness and honesty

6. Patients:

• Reviews about the clinic and specialists

• Satisfaction with medical services

• Loyalty to the clinic

• Awareness about security and opportunities


• If you want to change the world, start with yourself. It is important for a doctor to constantly improve the level of his professional training. The patient should be aware of all the dangers and consequences of home cosmetology. The clinic is responsible for its patients – for their satisfaction and safety.

• Law and order are the guarantors of quality and safety. The state makes serious demands on aesthetic medicine clinics. Why is it important to know and follow them. How associations help aesthetic medicine.

• Doctor and patient – partnership and trust. Only a qualified specialist can provide a safe procedure. How to check the reliability of the drug. Why is it important to follow your doctor’s instructions?

• The patient has a right to know. Social networks disseminate implausible and unverifiable information – how a patient can understand the vast sea of ​​offers and choose the right and honest clinic. How not to fall for a scammer. What documents the patient can ask in the clinic. Why do you need to carefully read the contracts and informed consents?

• Beauty as the basis of health. Healthy people come to the clinic who want to improve their appearance and become a little happier. Responsibility for one’s health should be at the heart of the choice.


26 Feb 2022

About the benefits of yoga

Yoga is a system of physical and spiritual practices that has come to us from time immemorial. The first mentions of yoga are contained in treatises that are more than 5000 years old. In ancient times, yoga was practiced in order to achieve a state of spiritual awakening – samadhi. Nowadays, yoga is considered as a universal system that helps to develop flexibility, strengthen bones and muscles, and also solve some health problems. Why are more and more people choosing yoga and not some other health system? One sentence can answer this question like this: 

Unlike game and competitive sports, yoga is aimed solely at improving the body and spirit. A yogi (this is the name of a person who practices yoga) does not compare his achievements with the successes of other people, does not seek to set a record, does not set standards and limits for himself. He has his own path, and he follows this path at his own pace. Keep this in mind when you do the exercises. Focus solely on your feelings and do not look at others. In yoga, the main thing is regularity and the right state of mind. Everything comes with practice. Do not chase records, especially if you are just starting out. Over time, your body will improve, and complex asanas will become available to you. 

Yoga is the path to a perfect mind

In addition to physical exercises, yoga includes work with consciousness. Many people believe that philosophy and mental training have nothing to do with physiology. 

In fact, when the mind becomes harmonious and orderly, all body systems begin to work correctly and in harmony. Moreover, the external life of a person also changes, he becomes healthy in all respects. After all, what is health? Here is the definition of this word given by WHO – World Health Organization: 

Yoga gives not only bodily harmony, flexibility, and freedom of movement. In the yoga system, there are a huge number of methods that allow you to gain complete control over your mental and spiritual state. In addition, yoga helps to solve problems related to the social life of a person. Work, personal life, relationships with friends and colleagues – all this comes into harmony as a person acquires a healthy outlook on things. 

Yoga for a better quality of life

Many people who start practicing yoga seriously and thoughtfully soon notice that all aspects of their lives are changing for the better. Work begins to bring satisfaction, money and free time appear, relationships with people improve. And it is no coincidence. 

Yoga not only solves health problems but also relieves pain and gives energy. It helps clear the mind of all negative thoughts, anxieties, and fears. A person begins to feel good not only physically, but also mentally. He is calm, always positive, and friendly. He understands the causes and consequences of his own and other people’s actions, and therefore always makes the most rational and healthy choice. He is aware of the nature of his desires and sets himself the goals that he really needs for personal growth and fulfilling life. He refuses the delusions and stereotypes that control people and makes his own choice. As you know, like attracts like – and the social circle of such a person includes people who are just as well aware of themselves. Thus, yoga helps a person to create his own world, in which everything is positive, prosperous, and harmonious. 

Of course, this does not happen immediately. But you can take the first step on this path today by starting yoga. 

How yoga helps you achieve your goals

In life, people face a lot of difficulties. Sometimes even the simplest things require a lot of time and effort. Only a few are able to set the right goals and achieve them in the most effective and economical way. And it’s not about special intellectual abilities or a happy coincidence. The secret is in the full concentration of attention on the task at hand. This is something that is inaccessible to most people due to the fact that they have never been taught this. 

Yoga can help solve this problem. Yogic practices were originally aimed at ensuring that a person striving for spiritual perfection could concentrate his attention. For centuries, special postures and exercises have been perfected, which helped to purify the mind, helped to gather thoughts together. All asanas are designed to ensure that a person focuses his attention exclusively on what his body is doing. A person is removed from life’s problems and stresses. Anxious thoughts about the future go away, and a person begins to live in the current moment, is here and now. 

Any yogic practice not only energizes the body, but also “refreshes” feelings and thoughts. A person with a clear mind finds new ways to solve problems, it is easier for him to focus on what he is doing. When you start practicing yoga, you will soon notice that not only your body, but also your current affairs are returning to normal. All this is the result of the practice of concentration.


19 Feb 2022

How to start building a healthy lifestyle?

Are you on your way to a healthy lifestyle but don’t know where to start? Then you are right to us! In our blog we will tell you how to create a healthy lifestyle. We will definitely analyze how to eat right, when and how much to exercise, what determines the success of losing weight, and what other principles underlie a healthy lifestyle.

Including healthy foods in your diet

One of the main factors in the formation of a healthy lifestyle is the choice of healthy products. Knowing a little more about foods than just the name on the label, looking at their composition, energy value and macronutrient content, we can understand what benefits they bring to our body.

We recommend adding fish to your diet. There is no doubt that it is very healthy, loaded with important nutrients such as protein, vitamin D, and may even help promote brain health! 

3 reasons why you should add fish to your diet:

  1. Eating oily fish may reduce your risk of heart disease , help fight inflammation, and improve brain function because it’s high in “good” fats like omega-3s.
  2. Fish is an excellent source of protein, essential for building and repairing body tissues, including skin, hair, nails, and muscles.
  3. Whitefish and shellfish, in particular, are lower in fat than other animal protein sources, making them an ideal choice if you’re on a weight loss diet. And besides, fish is digested 1.5 – 2 times faster than meat.
  4. Which fish to choose and how to cook?

    Salmon, silver carp, whitefish, halibut, sturgeon, and others are considered the fattest, and therefore one of the most useful and delicious varieties of fish.
    There are so many options that by changing the variety and method of preparation, you can significantly diversify your diet, which is important for the body. 

    Many refuse to eat fish, believing that it is very difficult to cook. But this is a common myth! There are many recipes, not only tasty and healthy but also quick to prepare. For example, with our recipes from the nutrition section, you can cook flounder or salmon in a honey and soy marinade in just 15 minutes. 

  5. We hope that we convinced you, and today for dinner you will cook fish according to one of our recipes. And this will be your first step in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.


17 Feb 2022

Ten quick and healthy breakfasts that will not get better

What do you do when you don’t have time to cook breakfast in the morning? Or you don’t feel like eating at all, and even the common truth that you have to eat breakfast yourself and give dinner to the enemy doesn’t inspire you?!
There are many reasons to skip your morning meal. But the result is the same – instead of preparing and eating a quick and tasty breakfast from simple products, you again leave the house with an empty stomach. Meanwhile, nutritionists-nutritionists categorically declare that breakfast is a must.


Why breakfast is so important

Breakfast prepares your body for the day ahead. What you ate in the morning, such will be the return.
From a cup of coffee with a croissant, you will get an instant boost of energy. But after an hour you will feel hungry – simple carbohydrates quickly saturate with energy, but just as quickly and end their action.

Do not eat anything – even sadder. In the stomach, discomfort and even cramps may occur due to hydrochloric acid, which contains gastric juice.
Acid breaks down food, and if there is nothing to break down, it can damage the walls of the stomach. Lack of food disrupts intestinal motility – this provokes such troubles as bloating, dysbacteriosis and constipation.

The best option is a healthy, proper breakfast according to simple and tasty recipes. Your body will receive proteins, slow carbohydrates, healthy fats – in a word, everything it needs for normal life.

Proper breakfast – what is it

  • The morning meal should be nutritious so that the body receives the energy necessary for activity, at least 20-25% of the daily calorie intake.

  • Breakfast should be hearty, but not too dense, otherwise, instead of cheerfulness, you can get weakness and lethargy. The recommended amount of food is 300 ml of the main dish and 200 ml of a drink.

  • In different versions of quick breakfasts for every day, the following must be present:

    • proteins are the main builders of our cells;

    • slow carbohydrates – energy providers;

    • healthy fats – fuel for the brain, sources of energy, synthesizers of essential acids in the body.

    We’ve put together ten easy and delicious breakfast recipe ideas for you. Their preparation will take no more than 10-15 minutes, and you can prepare some dishes in the evening.

  • 0 best breakfasts

    Microwave oatmeal with banana


    • ½ cup oatmeal;
    • 1 banana;
    • 1 egg;
    • 1 tsp sugar.


    Mash the banana with a fork, combine with the egg and oatmeal. Add sugar, mix everything. Put in the microwave for a couple of minutes – a simple delicious breakfast is ready.

  • Sandwich with avocado, beans and tomato

    If you cannot imagine your breakfast without a sandwich, you can not change the habit. But instead of white bread with sausage and butter, try our version. Fast, tasty, most importantly, healthy.


    • 1 slice of whole-grain bread;
    • half an avocado;
    • 2-3 cherry tomatoes;
    • 1 st. l. beans (boiled or canned); 
    • greenery;
    • salt, ground black pepper – to taste.


    Dry the bread in a pan. Mash avocado with a fork spread on a slice of dried bread. Decorate the sandwich with cherry halves and beans, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and chopped herbs.

  • Crispy omelet

    One of the most popular easy and quick breakfast recipes.


    • 1 egg;
    • 1 tbsp milk;
    • 50 g of hard cheese;
    • salt, ground black pepper to taste.


    Prepare a mixture of eggs with milk, pepper and salt. Grate the cheese and cover the bottom of the cold skillet with it. Put on medium heat. As soon as the cheese starts to melt, pour over the egg-milk mixture and hold it under a closed lid for 2-3 minutes. Fold a cheese omelet in half and enjoy your breakfast. 

  • salmon toast


    • 100-150 g salmon;
    • 1 slice of whole grain bread;
    • ½ cucumber;
    • 5-10 g cheese (preferably with blue mold, but any soft variety will do).


    Spread a dried slice of bread with cheese, put 2-3 thinly sliced ​​salmon strips on top. Garnish the sandwich with a sliced ​​cucumber.

  • Buckwheat porridge with yogurt, nuts and dried fruits


    • 4 tbsp. l. buckwheat;
    • 15-20 g of dried apricots, prunes, walnuts;
    • 180 g drinking yoghurt, no fillers.


    In the evening, boil buckwheat until half cooked and fill it with yogurt. In the morning, add nuts, dried fruits and start a delicious and healthy breakfast. Seeds, fruits and berries diversify the recipe.

  • Tender zucchini pancakes with oatmeal


    • ½ cup oatmeal;
    • 1 zucchini;
    • 1 egg
    • ½ onion;
    • 1-2 tbsp. l. flour;
    • Dill;
    • salt.


    Pour boiling water over oatmeal and leave for 10 minutes – until swelling. Coarsely grate the zucchini, drain the liquid. Mix all the ingredients, put in a pan and fry on both sides. The most delicious pancakes are hot, piping hot. Bon Appetit!

  • Fried eggs with tomatoes and sweet peppers


    • 2 eggs;
    • 1 bell pepper;
    • 1 tomato;
    • greenery;
    • salt to taste.


    Wash the pepper, remove the seeds and cut into cubes. Put in a frying pan with vegetable oil and start frying. After 2-3 minutes, add the diced tomato to the pan and hold over medium heat for another 3-4 minutes. Push the vegetables aside with a wooden spatula and beat the eggs into the hole. Salt, cover with a lid and cook the dish over low heat until the desired doneness of the yolk. Decorate the scrambled eggs with herbs and serve.

  • Oatmeal with cheese and flax seeds


    • 1 glass of oatmeal;
    • 80 g of hard cheese;
    • 2 glasses of water;
    • ½ tsp flax seeds.


    In order for porridge to be as healthy as possible, do not use oatmeal. The best option is rolled oatmeal. Rinse the cereal and fill it with water in a ratio of 1:2. Bring to a boil, salt and reduce heat. After 15-20 minutes, the porridge is ready. Add grated cheese, stir and let it brew for 5-10 minutes. To make the dish even healthier, add half a teaspoon of ground flax seeds to the porridge. 

    Agree that this is a very easy recipe for breakfast. 

Orange carrot smoothie with apple


  • 1 green apple;
  • 1 orange;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 glass of orange juice;
  • 1 tsp honey;
  • ginger root.


Carrot, orange and apple cut into pieces and grind in a blender. Finely grated peeled ginger root. Combine the ingredients, add honey and orange juice, beat with a blender until smooth.


07 Feb 2022

Why are protein shakes useful and what is it?

We are sure you have heard about protein shakes more than once. But do you know what this “fruit” is and what it is eaten with? What is the protein for, what properties does it have and what benefits, and perhaps harm, does it bring?



05 Feb 2022

Why is it important to eat a variety of foods?

Food should be varied.

  1. Comfortable doesn’t mean correct.
    Eating the same thing day after day is very convenient. However, it is important to know that for a long active and healthy life, our body needs a wide variety of nutrients and trace elements.
  2. Physiological need for a varied diet.
    The main recommendation of the World Health Organization: “Eat a variety of foods.” A wide variety of foods increases the likelihood that you will get enough of all the nutrients you need. According to a recent study conducted in Finland, children from a monotonous diet increase the risk of developing allergies and asthma.
  3. Psychological need for a varied diet.
    In addition to the physiological need for a variety of foods, there is a psychological need. Firstly, with a varied diet, a person does not get tired of eating the same thing. Secondly, the reduction of dietary restrictions leads to a reduction in episodes of uncontrollable overeating.
  4. Five main food groups.
    It is important to eat foods from all five major food groups.

    • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts;
    • Fruit;
    • Vegetables and legumes;
    • Bread, cereals, rice, pasta;
    • Dairy and sour-milk products, cheeses.

03 Feb 2022