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Salad for a healthy body

Salad for a healthy body

Bases for mixed salads
With its many varieties, lettuce is omnipresent on our tables. There are several varieties, with different flavor and texture characteristics. Rich in nutrients and taste, green salads are available all year round and allow you to stock up on fiber, vitamins and minerals, while remaining very low in calories. Here is a short guide to help you choose and use different types of lettuce. (more…)


27 Sep 2023

Where to start regular training if you are a complete zero – exercises for self-training

Training at home is convenient and profitable!

It’s convenient to train at home. To exercise, you don’t need to travel or go somewhere, adjust your activities to your training schedule, buy expensive sportswear and special equipment – to get started, a pair of dumbbells, a mat and an ordinary chair are enough. (more…)


27 Sep 2023

Omega-3 deficiency – causes, symptoms and remedies

Omega-3s aren’t just a nutritional buzzword, they’re incredibly important fatty acids that impact our physical and mental health. They are an essential part of our diet, but many of us seem to be missing out on this important factor. (more…)


24 Sep 2023

Lose Your Love Handles in This 10-Minute Workout

love-handlesLove handles, like most types of abdominal fat, can be quite challenging to get rid of, and for many may hold even after you’ve lost weight elsewhere in your body. But, contrary to popular belief, targeting your abs with crunches or even targeted exercises for your obliques (the muscles under your love handles) will not specifically reduce fat in your problem areas.

The key to doing this is a more comprehensive approach that involves both dietary changes and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which I’ll describe shortly…


21 Sep 2023

Ashwagandha I What is it? I 8 useful properties

AShwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, has long been used as a medicinal herb in traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. 1 Ashwagandha root and leaf powder has long been used in India to boost energy, relieve stress, and boost immunity. Today, we know that this herb can provide potential health benefits by improving performance and overall well-being. Today, you can find on sale preparations with ashwagandha, which have gained popularity among those who lead a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s take a closer look at the beneficial properties of this plant. (more…)


10 Mar 2023

Vitamin smoothies to strengthen immunity: 5 healthy recipes

All the benefits of fruits and vegetables in one glass!

Smoothies are the easiest way to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Indeed, in one glass you can fit a whole plate of vitamin-rich foods. (more…)


11 Nov 2022

9 spices for weight loss

The main work in the body is performed by metabolic processes. It is on these processes that the well-being of a person and the functioning of all systems and organs depend. (more…)


31 Oct 2022

Keto diet or fats for weight loss

The ketone diet or keto diet is a method of eating with a complete rejection of carbohydrate foods, but with the highest possible consumption of fats. This is the most popular diet at the moment in the world. With its help, you can easily lose extra pounds without bothering to count kilocalories.



24 Oct 2022

TOP 5 products with the highest content of hyaluronic acid

Experienced vendors sprinkle fruits and vegetables with water to make the moist sides of apples or cucumbers look juicy and appetizing. Hyaluronic acid is just as essential to maintaining a fresh face as moisture is to an attractive looking fruit.



08 Oct 2022

How to stop being nervous and seize stress with sweets

Stress-eating cakes and sweet tea, and then tormented by guilt? Do not rush to blame yourself, just know that in a stressful state, your body produces ghrelin. This hormone increases appetite and cravings for tasty and sweet but unhealthy foods. Understanding the reason for overeating, it will be easier for you to control yourself.



04 Oct 2022