Monthly Archives: February 2020

Water and weight loss. Dehydration

The body’s need for water takes second place after the need for oxygen!

Water regulates temperature and body weight, carries nutrients to cells, removes decay products from the body and performs many different functions. Almost all life processes in the body occur with the participation of water. (more…)


25 Feb 2020

Chocolate-holik – get your chocolate!

Many adults suffer from various addictions in nutrition, some of these addictions adversely affect our health, some more, others less. (more…)


20 Feb 2020

Why do diets fail?

Diet is a great way to lose weight, as it seems to most of us. Indeed, recently the number of people in Europe and North America who adhere to one or another diet has increased among women by 70%, among men by 30%. However, not everything is so simple, many diets do not give results at all, others work, but after the first rapid improvement, the former weight returns or, worse, weight gain. So why diets fail?



18 Feb 2020

The whole truth about gainers

What is a gainer? What are the gainers? Who should drink, when to drink, and is it worth it to drink a gainer? You will find the answers to all these questions in this article.



15 Feb 2020

Healthy digestive system

Every day we wash our faces, but people rarely think about whether to cleanse the intestines. Our digestive tract is like a sewer in a house, while the small intestine is a sewer pipe, and the colon is a sump. When fats and waste are drained daily into the sewer, the pipes become clogged. The sump should be periodically cleaned.



10 Feb 2020

10 Useful Tips for a Flatter Belly

Take time to sit down and eat properly.  If you eat food on the go and in a hurry, then, as a rule, you swallow air at the same time, and this can lead to bloating. (more…)


05 Feb 2020

Pamping: pump up your muscles fast

The fashionable word pumping is a type of training and the use of weights, dumbbells and other weights. Rather, it is the effect of training, when the muscles seem to be “pumped up.” How does this work?




01 Feb 2020