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How to pump up elastic buttocks: learning to make a “gluteal bridge”

Squats are the first exercise that we remember when we are going to shape the buttocks. Although not only they are effective, but also the “gluteal bridge”. This is an ideal exercise, an exercise that will tighten your glutes without harming your thighs (usually there is a risk of pumping them) and knees (where there is minimal pressure). For greater effect, the exercise is performed with weight: dumbbells, a barbell or fitness rubber bands. At home, you can use water bottles or a bag of books.

The gluteal bridge: which muscles work

The gluteal bridge engages the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and minimus, as well as the core, thigh, and calf muscles. Regular exercise improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which helps prevent gynecological diseases. Exercise is high in calories and is ideal for those looking to shape their back and lose weight.

How to do the gluteal bridge correctly

  1. Glute bridge with two legs . We put our feet shoulder-width apart, socks in one line. We lie on our backs and make sure that our knees do not fall inward. Twist your pelvis up slightly to straighten your back. Next, raise your pelvis without bending your lower back or relaxing your abs. Fix at the top point and while inhaling, slowly lower the pelvis down. Key notes: watch your knees so that they do not go towards each other when lifting and lowering; don’t go very high; do not add unnecessary arch in the lower back. Your body should form one straight line from knee to shoulders. Do three sets of one minute each. To “finish off” the first exercise, remain in a static position at the top point and add movement with the knees outward (pulses) for 45 seconds. The pressure should be on the entire foot.
  2. Glute bridge on straight arms with leg movement. Standing on the entire right foot, the support falls on the hands: they are located slightly wider than the shoulders, the fingers are directed outward. From here we lift the pelvis up and raise the left leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Make sure that the lower leg of the left leg does not fall below the right knee. Pull the left leg forward in parallel with the floor, pull the toe towards ourselves. We take the left leg out, return and pull the knee towards us. At the same time, we always keep a static position, a tense press and a slightly twisted pelvis. Do three sets of 45 seconds.
  3. Gluteal bridge with straight arms. Stand on your entire right foot, the support falls on your hands: they are located slightly wider than the shoulders, the fingers are directed outward. From here we lift the pelvis up and raise the left leg at an angle of 90 degrees. Make sure that the left shin does not fall below the right knee. Lowering the pelvis down, we hold the leg in weight. We take a breath, lightly touch the floor and, when going up, a short pause. Make sure that the shoulders are down. We press the floor with our hands and do not raise our shoulders to the ears. Do three sets of 45 seconds.
  4. Glute bridge from the floor on one leg in short range . Lie on your back. The right leg is bent at the knee. The whole foot is on the floor, the shoulders are straightened. Tighten the pelvis a little, try to immerse the lower back into the floor. The press is tense, the left leg is perpendicular to the floor and rises up. We push with our right foot off the floor and raise our pelvis not very high. Next, we work in a short amplitude. Do three sets of one minute each.

21 Dec 2021

Soft drinks that will warm you in cold autumn: 7 recipes

The cold this year came earlier than we thought, but this is no reason to be sad. Let’s cheer up and keep warm with delicious soft drinks.

We have prepared for you 7 warming recipes at once that will make your autumn bright and tasty.



20 Dec 2021

Increased intracranial pressure: causes, symptoms, treatment

intracranial pressure is the pressure inside the skull, namely in the sinuses of the dura mater and the ventricles of the brain.

Measure this pressure in mm Hg. Art., and normally it is from 7 to 15 mm. If it is higher, this is a reason to be wary, and if the pressure exceeds 25 mm Hg. Art., it can be dangerous for the brain. If the value is more than 35 mm Hg. Art. severe and irreversible changes in the brain are possible – such situations are considered critical.



16 Dec 2021


Aerobic exercise burns fat
True, fat does not start burning immediately, but only when glycogen stores are depleted. The first 20 minutes of training, fat almost does not burn, and only after 40 minutes of training, fat becomes the main source of energy!

Aerobic exercise burns a lot of calories

As a result, if you follow a diet, you can lose weight. What’s the catch? It would seem that you run 40 minutes a week and lose weight. But the fact is that the body very quickly gets used to aerobic exercise. After 2 weeks, you will be spending much less calories on a half-hour run than in the beginning.

Losing weight using only aerobic exercise is extremely difficult.

If during the first month, subject to regular training and adherence to a diet, you can lose 2-3 kg, then the process will slow down.

If we talk about “purely” aerobic training, then they contribute not only to the burning of fat, but also the loss of muscle mass, which is highly undesirable. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. It’s important not to overdo it with aerobic exercise! Excessive aerobic exercise is perceived by the body as a shock, triggering a hormonal response that leads to muscle breakdown. More specifically, the level of cortisol, which causes muscle breakdown, rises and the level of testosterone, which is responsible for muscle growth, decreases.

At the same time, the health benefits of moderate aerobic exercise are clear:
  • Increase the overall endurance of the body
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Increase hemoglobin levels
  • Improves the condition of the central nervous system
  • Increase immunity
  • Help cleanse the body of toxins
  • Helps cleanse the skin


10 Dec 2021

Slim and not starve: 5 tips for those who decided to lose weight by the summer

Traffic collapse is the definition used by news agencies when a city gets stuck in traffic jams. With the beginning of spring, the same collapse can be observed not only on the roads, but also in fitness clubs. After all, as soon as the warm spring sun appeared, people actively begin to take care of themselves, so that urgently, three months before summer, they finally get into shape, which they will proudly demonstrate on the coasts of the Red or Mediterranean Seas, if the budget allows. (more…)


07 Dec 2021

Cheap and effective: how to exercise on vacation

For those who, in one way or another, are accustomed to exercising regularly, skipping their favorite activities, at least for a week, becomes a strong and unpleasant test. And it’s good if we are talking about, say, joggers, because you can afford a light jog almost anywhere in the world, especially when it comes to resorts. But for those who like to work out in the gym, it is always much more difficult to find a suitable place for training. So what if you really want to study, but there is simply nowhere? One of the practical and affordable ways to avoid skipping workouts is the popular and highly effective TRX loops. Of course, in terms of the level of load, they cannot be compared with the gym and work with great weights, but they will more than help to keep yourself in shape during the vacation, and even work on the relief of the loop. 

This year I went to Montenegro, a country with large mountains, endless serpentine roads, excellent sea, delicious food and an almost complete lack of fitness, at least after passing the territory not only of our resort town, but also of the nearby resorts, I never found at least one more or less normal fitness club. Now there are no barbells, then dumbbells, then a horizontal bench. I calculated that in order to assemble a normal gym, it was necessary to combine seven such “unfinished” gyms.

For me, training is not just a part of life, it’s my job, and I didn’t want to miss classes. Therefore, assuming that difficulties may arise with the fitness club, I took with me the so-called trx loops so as not to lose shape during the absence of regular workouts in the gym, and even with the infinite all-inclusive program.

The loops themselves are two slings that can be adjusted in height, with two handles, one hard, the other soft. Both handles can be used in certain exercises. The only requirement for using trx is a crossbar, tall wood, horizontal bar or hook in the ceiling so that the hinges can be fixed for proper use. Ideally, it is two, two and a half meters high. A feature of working with loops is that you, in fact, do not have a stable position of the body, arms, legs, and while performing this or that exercise, you need to make maximum efforts to maintain the correct range of motion in a particular exercise. Which, in turn, significantly increases the quality of working out the muscles, because you are as concentrated as possible, and your muscles contract as much as possible, plus small stabilizing muscles are included in the work, which significantly increases the quality of the training as a whole. But you need to understand that it is precisely because of instability in many exercises that the risk of injury also increases, therefore, before you start training with loops on your own, be sure to work with a specialist working in the direction of “functional training”

1. Push-ups. An excellent exercise that qualitatively works out the pectoralis major muscles, the muscles of the shoulder girdle, triceps, and also, due to the position of the body, your rectus abdominis muscle and back muscles are additionally involved in the work, which you will inevitably have to strain in order to maintain an even body position. You need to understand that the shorter the loops, the easier it is to perform the exercise. This applies to any movement with loops.

2. Hack squats. This is a variant of squats, when a right angle is formed at the lowest point of the exercise between the lower leg and thigh, it is in this position that the gluteus maximus muscles and the muscles of the back of the thigh are worked out as much as possible.

3. Frontal pull-ups. An excellent exercise for developing the back muscles, especially the lats, trapezius and rhomboid muscles, I will also work here the muscles of the arms, in particular, the biceps, and the muscles of the core, which should keep the body straight.

4. Flexion of the arms. Difficult exercise for the high-quality study of biceps, especially men who like to show off their “banks” will appreciate it. In this exercise, it is important to ensure that the body and legs are in one straight line, and the arms are motionless, the movement takes place strictly in the elbow joint.

5. Pulling the legs up to the stomach. One of the most difficult exercises that perfectly work out the rectus and oblique muscles of the abdomen, and also, in statics, I work hard on the pectoral muscles and muscles of the arms.



06 Dec 2021


The perfect abs is the dream of many, regardless of gender, age and attitude to fitness. A toned belly in modern society is one of the main indicators of beauty and health. But how to pump up the abs in order to achieve embossed cubes?



04 Dec 2021

More fun together! What types of group activities are there in gyms

The larger the fitness club, the more diverse the choice of directions for group programs in it. Often in different clubs, especially online, the same lessons are called differently, although this does not change the essence of the lessons. And sometimes it is difficult for a beginner to understand this variety. To decide where to go, you must first understand what classes of lessons are in general.

To put it simply, group classes are divided into: aerobic, strength, mixed, dance and low-impact. Each direction has its own specifics, which must be taken into account if you want to achieve some specific results, and not just maintain the general tone of the body.

Aerobic lessons

These are dynamic activities accompanied by music. As a rule, this includes a number of basic movements that are combined into ligaments, but this largely depends on the specific class. More often women attend such lessons, but men do not bypass aerobics either. Such activities have several advantages at once:

  • motivate better, because you train in a group and always with a coach;
  • it is much more fun and more interesting than training on cardiovascular equipment;
  • coordination of movements develops better;
  • it is an effective way to fight obesity.

It is important to understand that if you are a beginner, then you need to start with the lessons for beginners. It was not for nothing that I immediately said that in different networks the same lessons can be called differently: there are a large number of aerobics options – from simple movements on the floor to step aerobics, as well as lessons with elements of percussion technique (for example, tai-bo ) or advanced activities, such as cycling (imitation of a bicycle race on special simulators).

Therefore, before signing up for a lesson (even if the name seems familiar to you), be sure to consult with the manager or fitness consultant of the club. Find out which set of exercises is included in the lesson and find out if it is right for you.

Strength lessons

Aimed at developing muscles, increasing their size, as well as training endurance and strength, the lessons are held both with special equipment (barbells, dumbbells, twine), and with the weight of your own body. You need to understand that in strength lessons, the technique for performing each exercise is very important, because additional burdening can cause serious injury if you move inaccurately. Therefore, if you are a beginner, then choose lessons for beginners.

It is also important to understand that strength classes do not completely replace training directly in the gym. In group lessons, as a rule, they work with small weights, but with frequent repetitions (20 or more in one approach), and this mode of work will not lead to a serious increase in muscle mass. Which, in fact, is good only for girls who do not need large muscle mass. But for men who would like to see more muscle on themselves, this lesson will not work.

Mixed workouts

These activities combine cardiovascular training, full body muscle training with additional equipment, and increased calorie expenditure. One of the most popular types of such lessons is “functional training”, when exercises are performed in which a large number of muscles are simultaneously involved in the work.

In other words, you work not only the main muscle that the exercise is aimed at, but also the so-called stabilizing muscles, which in total increases the effectiveness of the workout. These activities include: circuit training, interval training, and TRX loops, and for the most advanced, cross-fit, popular all over the world.

Dance classes

Classes that help not only to lose weight and develop coordination, but also allow a person to train with pleasure, and you can also learn something new from them. By the way, it is not uncommon for visitors to a fitness club to become good dancers! But here, too, you need to understand that the lessons are different – for people with different backgrounds. As a rule, if a client wants to start exercising at a more serious level, he goes to special dance schools, because fitness clubs are still more focused on training to maintain health.

Low impact workouts

These are classes where there are no sharp, intense movements and shock load on the joints and spine. Such trainings are attended by completely different categories of people, especially since some of the areas are not only training, but also a certain philosophy. This can include, for example, yoga classes. Pilates is suitable for people who have problems with the spine, coordination, in addition, these exercises will also appeal to those who like calm movements and static load.

Also, low-impact lessons include stretching exercises – stretching. And articular gymnastics is ideal for older people, because it is with age that joint mobility is impaired.



03 Dec 2021

Cheating, pumping, etc: the basics of fitness slang for beginners

The most budgetary fitness club or premium establishment with state-of-the-art equipment; a giant sports complex or a small basement “rocking chair” – it doesn’t matter where you go to practice. There will definitely be good old barbells and dumbbells, which are also called “free weights”. And this is not surprising, because it has been proven that the most effective workouts (especially for those who want to gain muscle mass) are working with free weights. (more…)


01 Dec 2021


Yoga therapy belongs to alternative medicine. With the help of it, you can correct a certain disease, as well as excess weight. Today we will consider only a small, but no less important part of the techniques:
1. Cleansing breathing technique “Kapalabhati”
2. Dynamic complex Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation
3. Regime of the day
4. Nutrition



01 Dec 2021