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7 reasons to go to fitness tomorrow

The widespread demand for fitness cannot be called accidental. It effectively helps to increase the vitality of people who face many problems and stresses on a daily basis. Drowsiness, fatigue, lack of attention from others, excess weight – all this recedes when a person finally starts classes and goes to a fitness club.


  1. Physical recovery. Fitness is ideal in the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and osteoporosis, in the normalization of blood pressure. It enhances blood circulation, and therefore removes toxins, and rejuvenates the body. Muscles are strengthened, posture is improved.
  2. Emotional recovery. Fitness promotes the release of endorphins and thus relieves stress, reduces irritability.
  3. Weight control. Urban life often involves sedentary behavior. Exercise is the best way to burn stored calories.
  4. Sound and healthy sleep. Fitness encourages you to fall asleep faster and is good for your sleep. You will stop suffering from insomnia, and awakening will no longer be difficult and painful.
  5. The rise of energy. Besides the fact that exercise simply increases endurance, it also optimizes cardiac and pulmonary activity. This provides the entire body with oxygen and significantly increases the tone.
  6. Intellect stimulation. Exercise increases the level of serotonin, which is responsible for quick and clear thinking.
  7. Socialization. A fitness club is a community of like-minded people. Joint activities expand the circle of friends and motivate you not to quit what you started.

31 Oct 2021

5 topical issues of adolescent training

At present, the task of attracting adolescents to a healthy and active lifestyle is urgent. It is known that the lack of physical activity affects the general state of health. Those. adolescents who lead a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to fatigue, sudden mood swings, and the development of various diseases.

More and more adolescent clients began to come to fitness clubs. At the same time, the diversity of their needs in sports and fitness is noted. Naturally, fitness clubs and health centers do not disregard this and offer a wide range of services. New sports clubs and sections are opening. It should be noted that adolescence is favorable for learning a variety of motor skills and abilities.

We propose to consider which areas are most popular among adolescents:

  1. Classes in the gym (minus that many do not use the help of a personal trainer)
  2. Eastern martial arts (Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, etc.);
  3. Dance directions (Hip-Hop, Jazz-Funk, Vogue, House, etc.)
  4. Cross-stitching
  5. Stretching (stretching)
  6. Fitness directions ( step aerobics, group strength formats, yoga, etc.)
  7. Acrobatics

However, with such an extensive choice of directions, coaches do not always manage to maintain a teenager’s interest in training and keep him in his classes for a long time.

Let’s see why this is happening. Let us single out five urgent problems that we may encounter in working with adolescents.

1. Interaction with a new person.

Not all adolescent clients make contact with a new person easily. It depends on a large number of factors (experience, upbringing, fears, etc.). The competence of the trainer is very important here. When establishing contact, it is important for the trainer to show their activity, build trusting relationships with the group, establish contact among the participants (relationships in the group between the practitioners play an important role).

It is worth noting that a trusting relationship does not mean that teenagers should tell you “you” or go to a cafe with you to drink coffee. This means that they should feel your support, trust you. Very often, parents behave strictly with their children; not all families have trust and understanding. That is why the coach is the person who can give the missing emotions.

To create a contact, always start the lesson with the introductory part, where you need to discuss what will happen in the lesson, stipulate the wishes of the teenagers, pay attention to their answers (remember the key points that can be used in interaction).

2. Difficult teenager.

You may have a “difficult teenager” in class who constantly tries to stand out from the crowd and interferes with the training process. At the same time, such a ringleader can affect the rest of the practitioners, then to bring down the entire training process. Here it is important to understand why this is happening and how to cope with it (to cope with it, not to fight it).

Let’s discuss the main 4 points that can be the reason for the complex behavior of a teenager:

  1. The desire to stand out from the crowd, i.e. get noticed. Reasons: the teenager does not have enough attention from peers, from loved ones, he often hears negative reviews in his address, perhaps he is an outcast in another company.
  2. Bad relations with colleagues in this group (but here, most likely, this teenager will simply stop going to your group).
  3. Attempts to prove to the coach that he is not interested and does not need this (usually occurs when parents are forced to sign up for a training session).
  4. There is no readiness to change the usual way of life (the coach causes protest and rejection in the adolescent because he talks about improving health, appearance, nutritional rules, etc.).

In this situation, the coach will have a difficult time. It will be necessary to find interest for a difficult teenager, i.e. internal motivation, and only a competent coach can handle this. A coach’s mistake is to be provocative, react emotionally and show that such behavior throws you out of balance. Knowledge of psychology will always help in working with difficult clients. We recommend the “Psychologist” course, where you will learn all the nuances of this profession and be able to apply the knowledge gained in practice with your teenage clients.

3. Non-acceptance of oneself.

Complexes, fears, doubts, underestimations, or overestimations are some of the leading problems of a teenager. And the hormones in the blood are to blame, and not the character of the teenager.

Whoever has teenage children has probably noticed frequent mood swings in their children. He had just laughed, and five minutes later he was no longer in the mood, i.e. A teenager for no apparent reason may become irritable, aggressive, cheerful, active, talkative, or taciturn. But a teenager really does not understand what is happening to him, sometimes children even say that they are afraid of the fact that there is no understanding of the reason for such behavior.

If parents, in view of their employment and incompetence in physiology, may not understand the essence of the problem, then the coach must know the peculiarities of physiology and psychology to work with their students, because they leave the teenager alone with themselves (meaning, lack of interests, hobbies, goals, support) not categorically.

4. Health problems.

We meet teenagers with disabilities in our workouts. Therefore, the trainer must necessarily have the appropriate knowledge to work with such clients. Current courses for study:

  • Human Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics;
  • “Sports medicine and fitness testing” ;
  • “Remedial physical culture” ;
  • Health Fitness ;
  • “Human pathology. Course for trainers “ ;

Among the main health problems in adolescents, it should be noted:

  1. scoliosis;
  2. flat feet;
  3. obesity;
  4. chronic diseases: gastroduodenitis, pyelonephritis, allergic reactions, asthma, neurology;
  5. exacerbation of chronic diseases that adolescents suffer from since childhood;
  6. insufficient nutrition, which often leads to anemia, imbalance of micro and macronutrients;
  7. psychosomatic diseases are noted (complaints of abdominal pain, headache, fever).
    * It is worth noting here that such a reaction of the body is very often associated with a difficult relationship with a teacher, coach, parents or classmates, with a rejection of a certain situation. If you have a suspicion of psychosomatics in one of the group members, then you cannot turn a blind eye to this. It is worth talking alone with a teenager, finding an approach. If necessary, discuss all your concerns with your parents.
  8. problems with the heart and blood vessels (mainly due to the restructuring of the nervous and endocrine systems). Puberty provokes the onset of cardiovascular disease.
    * Adolescents often complain of pain in the region of the heart. This can happen because, during this period, the heart rapidly increases in size, and the diameters of large vessels remain rather narrow. This puts additional stress on the heart.

 5. Lots of challenges and inconsistency.

The teenage period is associated with leaving school, preparing for exams, and this is a huge stress. At the same time, adolescents often have not one but several hobbies. At the same time, I also want to take a walk with friends. Against the background of fatigue and a large number of demands, there may be a reluctance to practice or a complete refusal from the training process. This is due precisely to fatigue and the inability to distribute the load and rest at this stage. Advice and guidance from the outside will not help here, only clear external support and internal motivation to achieve the training goal (value).


30 Oct 2021

What to do if hair falls out. This problem is especially urgent in autumn.

To keep your hair in good condition, it is important not only to properly care for it, but also to maintain health from the inside. Often people start to deal with hair when they have already lost in volume, become dull or brittle. But if you follow the diet and vitamins so that the body has enough of the necessary substances, problems can be avoided. IHerb expert Maria Osipova tells which vitamins and trace elements have a particularly positive effect on hair health. (more…)


24 Oct 2021

Lack of testosterone is bad for your health. How to determine and increase its level in the body

Testosterone: functions in the body

Testosterone is the main sex hormone produced by the sex glands: the testes in men, the ovaries in women, and the adrenal



20 Oct 2021

Foods that can be eaten at night without harm to the figure

If closer to the night you have a feeling of hunger, you should not endure and torment your body. However, do not rush to make sandwiches or reheat the cutlet left over from lunch – these products will not only disrupt your diet, but also provide a heaviness in the stomach or other unpleasant phenomena.

Give preference to light foods that will not harm your figure, even at a later time.

Top 10 foods you can eat at night

The first on the list of light foods that can satisfy hunger in the evening will be dairy products.

Kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt  – these products envelop the walls of the stomach, almost immediately satisfying hunger. Fermented milk products are quickly absorbed and do not overload it, but only on the condition that the portion does not exceed 250 g.

Steamed or steamed vegetables. Firstly, they are low-calorie, secondly, they perfectly satisfy hunger, and thirdly, when cooked, vegetable fiber is better and faster absorbed by the body, and also perfectly cleanses the intestines.

Eggs  – If your body is used to eating late, train yourself to keep a few boiled eggs in the refrigerator for such occasions. 1-2 boiled eggs, eaten at night, will not only satisfy hunger, but also speed up the metabolism, which will help speed up the process of losing weight.

Grapefruit  is the number 1 fruit for weight loss. Its bitter taste reduces appetite, and the beneficial properties of grapefruit speed up metabolism and eliminate toxins.

Avocados  – While avocados are a source of fat, you shouldn’t be afraid of them. An avocado eaten even at a later time will not leave fat deposits on the body, but it will perfectly satisfy hunger. A nice bonus is the magnesium contained in avocados, which helps in the fight against insomnia.

Baked apples are a very healthy snack. Fresh apples eaten at night can irritate the walls of the stomach and cause even greater appetite, but baked apples will help satisfy hunger and do not cause discomfort from the gastrointestinal tract. Baked apples can be prepared in advance with a filling of cottage cheese and nuts and get not only benefits, but also pleasure before bed.

Nuts: A handful of nuts are great for a late snack. They will help to dull hunger and provide the body with the necessary vitamins.

Low-fat porridge will be useful not only in the morning, but also in the evening – in reasonable quantities, of course. In the evening, we recommend cooking porridge in water or low-fat milk without added sugar or with a little honey.

Light cheese – quickly cope with the annoying feeling of hunger and soothe the appetite. You can eat a few pieces of cheese with warm tea – then the body will quickly be saturated and ready for sleep.

Banana  – If you choose from fruits, it is a banana that is the right option for an overnight snack. One banana will be enough to quickly satisfy your hunger. If you eat more, you risk feeling an unpleasant heaviness in your stomach at night.

Foods that should not be eaten at night

At night, the human body must rest and the stomach needs rest no less than the brain and all other organs. If you eat heavy foods at night, the stomach will do the same all night as it does during the day – to process what it has eaten. That is why it is recommended to refrain from late meals, and if you cannot avoid this, you should give preference to the above products.

And here is a list of foods that should not be consumed at night: they will put an end to your weight loss and disable the digestive tract.

  • Fast food
  • Pasta and bread
  • Sweet
  • Soups
  • Fatty and fried
  • Canned food
  • Bakery

18 Oct 2021

What to do if the pressure drops sharply

What pressure is considered normal in a person


  • normal pressure is 120/80, but the indicator depends on many individual factors, so doctors allow deviations in a certain range;
  • low (hypotension) – 90/60;
  • increased (hypertension) – higher than 140/90.

Causes of low blood pressure

  • low blood volume, often due to fasting or not drinking enough water;
  • heart disease;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • decreased hemoglobin levels;
  • anemia;
  • taking medications.

Signs of hypotension:

  • dizziness;
  • weakness, loss of strength, drowsiness;
  • aching pain in the back of the head;
  • weak heartbeat;
  • pale cold skin;
  • nausea and vomiting.

Prevention of low blood pressure:

  • drink more water;
  • training, physical activity;
  • exclusion of a sedentary lifestyle;
  • quitting alcohol or reducing consumption to a minimum;
  • do not jump off the floor, chair, bed: do it calmly;
  • do not sit cross-legged.

Rapidly increase blood pressure: ways

There is no pill or medicine that can instantly increase blood pressure. Treatment is individually tailored to the cause of the hypotension. If necessary, it is better to increase the pressure in the first half of the day and dosed, otherwise, it can lead to insomnia, tachycardia, increased nervous excitability.

  • drink a strong cup of coffee;
  • Lie on a hard surface and raise your legs to allow blood flow to your brain and heart.
  • brew tincture of ginseng, lemongrass, Eleutherococcus extract;
  • eat something salty: feta cheese, pickled vegetables, cucumbers, or fish;
  • you can also eat a few pieces of dark chocolate;
  • drink water;
  • put on compression stockings
  • use a wrist expander and do the exercise for 15-20 seconds on each hand.

16 Oct 2021

How to determine if you have a dangerous magnesium deficiency and what products to fill it with

Magnesium: what is it responsible for in the body

Magnesium is an essential trace mineral that participates in over 300 biochemical reactions. (more…)


14 Oct 2021

How to do push-ups to get beautiful and toned arms: exercises

Push-ups are one of the main exercises among a group or personal programs in the gym. And at the same time one of the simplest. But many people forget that the body gets used to performing the same actions, which does not bring results if you do not change and increase the load.

Push-ups: what they give for health

During push-ups, functional strength increases through the activation of all muscles in the body. When you lower your body to the floor with your hands, you feel the tension envelop all the muscles in the body. At this time, the last thing you think about is how much muscle is currently being used. However, this is one of the main benefits of push-ups. When you exercise, every major muscle in your body is called upon to participate in this movement. Major muscle groups like biceps, triceps, anterior deltoids and lower body muscle groups are activated to support the body and stabilize movement. These movements use the strength of many muscle groups, and push-ups are classified as multidirectional exercise. With its help, the muscles of the whole body are trained.

Push-ups from the floor: technique

Push-ups should be performed in three sets of fifteen repetitions, on average, three times a week. Once the body gives a sign that you can easily get that many repetitions, you can increase the number.

The classic push-up from the floor is performed from the starting position, lying down, after which you should lower yourself slowly and in a controlled manner, bending your arms at the elbow joint. The arms are at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the body. Lower yourself until your chest touches the floor and return to the starting position just as slowly and in a controlled manner. If the exercise is difficult, it should be performed from a position with the knees resting on the floor, keeping all the above requirements. When performed correctly, the exercise turns on the pectoralis major and minor, as well as the triceps and core muscles, which are in good shape.

What are the most effective push-ups

1. Push-ups from the floor with a dumbbell . Push-ups are alternated with classic repetitions and a dumbbell pull to the belt. Place the dumbbells along your body under your shoulders. Grasp them and take a lying position. A natural deflection should form in the lower back, keep your back straight. Bend your elbows and touch the floor with your chest. As you exhale, push up from the floor. Body weight on arms. Perform a dumbbell row to the waist with one hand and return to the starting position. After the next push-up, perform a deadlift with the other hand.

2. Push-ups plus the climber . Perform classic push-ups: take a lying position and place your arms along the body under the shoulders. A natural deflection should form in the lower back, keep your back straight. Bend your elbows and touch the floor with your chest. As you exhale, push up from the floor. Body weight on arms. After doing push-ups, move the knees of the left and right legs forward alternately and again perform push-ups. Part of the climber can be done at a slow or fast pace.

3. Push-ups based on fitball. A type of push-up, when one hand is on the ball and the other on the floor. Alternately, on each push-up, we change the position of the hands relative to the support. This exercise also trains the stabilizing muscles.

4. Push-ups from the floor with cotton. This option requires good physical fitness. It is best for beginners to refrain from doing it until the body is ready. Classic movements should be performed: plank position, support on hands. A natural deflection should form in the lower back, keep your back straight. Bend your elbows and touch the floor with your chest. As you exhale, push up from the floor. Bodyweight on arms. After that, take a sharp break and clap with your hands. Then again push-ups.


04 Oct 2021