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The relevance of strength development

Strength has been revered in all ages by all people. The desire to become stronger for an ancient person was as natural as the need to run fast, walk, and throw projectiles. The cult of power arose already in the primitive era, as evidenced by ancient legends, myths and legends about the exploits of heroes, present in the culture of all peoples. They express admiration for people endowed with remarkable physical abilities.



31 Jul 2023

How to combine yoga and strength training

Combining yoga and strength training or not depends on what goal you set for yourself. The additional load of training to increase muscle mass will slow down recovery and adversely affect growth. If your goal is to keep your body in good shape, then yoga will perfectly complement your classes. (more…)


31 Jul 2023

Fitness workout for weight loss

you can attend effective weight loss workouts that will help you not only get rid of extra pounds and correct your figure but also improve your health. Before deciding on the choice of direction, it is necessary to study the nuances of each of them.



27 Jul 2023


I’ve been training for ten years now, and according to my observations, every second injury occurs due to the fact that there was no warm-up before training. Or was, but tyap-blunder.
Therefore, I am very glad that we met in this article! Today in the program: a little about the importance of a warm-up, what should be the right warm-up and a set of warm-up exercises that I do before each workout.



14 Jul 2023


Rapid weight loss is very harmful. Such weight loss can be justified when an athlete is preparing for a performance or a bride needs to fit into a wedding dress. In other cases, it is violence against the body. In addition, the weight is always returned with a large margin.
We tell you how to lose weight in a week and what will happen to your body after such extreme weight loss. And you already decide for yourself what suits you and what does not.



10 Jul 2023

Intermittent fasting wisely: 6 mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

Intermittent fasting is a fashionable nutrition system that allows you to get rid of extra pounds without serious restrictions. At the same time, you can not even reduce the total caloric content of the diet, the main thing is to eat according to the schedule. But you also need to be able to starve! We collect typical mistakes of beginners and suggest how they can be corrected.



04 Jul 2023

These four new types of protein may soon replace animal products – what do they taste like?

People refuse animal protein for various reasons: because of the state of health, religious beliefs, ethical considerations. Many are concerned that animal husbandry greatly affects the environment. However, proteins are necessary for a person to live normally, so scientists do not get tired of improving methods for the production of protein products – and they have achieved impressive results! We collected the most interesting discoveries – protein from the air, mushrooms, electricity …



01 Jul 2023