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How Exercise Influences Hunger and Weight Loss

hqdefault (1)A common assumption about exercise is that it will motivate you to eat more. But recent research turns this assumption on its head by showing that 45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise in the morning may actually reduce your food cravings.

The study included 18 women of normal-weight, and 17 who were clinically obese. Their neural activity in response to images…


27 Jul 2017

Antibiotic Resistance Ups Salmonella Hospitalizations: CDC

chickenBecause of antibiotic resistance, 42 percent of patients stricken with salmonella tied to a California chicken farm have required hospitalization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday.

The outbreak’s investigation, which has been hampered by the U.S. government shutdown, got a boost Wednesday with the announcement that 30 furloughed CDC employees were being called back to work…


19 Jul 2017

Benefits Of Zucchini

a04121154For many people, summertime is simply incomplete without serving a delicious array of scrumptious green vegetables. But here’s an idea: why not take a break from the usual leafy green salads, and dig into a plateful of succulent zucchini instead?

A member of the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae), zucchini is an easy-to-grow summer squash native to Central America and Mexico. It was brought to the United States


16 Jul 2017

Benefits of Yams

downloadWhile yams appear very similar to sweet potatoes, they’re quite different. In fact, they’re not even related. Yams belong to the Dioscoreae or morning glory family, while sweet potatoes are from the genus Convolvulaceae. Yams (from the African word “nyami,” meaning “to eat”) have only one embryonic seed leaf, while sweet potatoes have two.

Yams are grown throughout Africa, but Nigeria is the world’s most prolific producer, exporting to 70% of the world market…


15 Jul 2017

6 Weird Ways Your Environment Affects How Much You Eat

6-weird-ways-your-environment-affects-how-much-you-eat-articleIf you’re trying to resist the mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and bacon at the buffet, you might want to try filling your plate with fruits and vegetables first, a new study suggests.

Researchers at Cornell University found that when people ate healthy foods first at a buffet, they consumed fewer high-calorie foods later on in the meal…


11 Jul 2017