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Having made the decision to lose weight, a person thinks little about the nuances of his own weight loss. Of course, there are certain undeniable principles to help you lose weight. However, it is still worth figuring out which tricks will bring you closer to your intended goal faster. And one of these tricks is to take into account your gender when choosing certain foods since male and female nutrition is different.

Unfortunately for the beautiful half of humanity, the male body is physiologically designed so that it is easier for him to burn fat than the female. This is due to the fact that the structure of the female fat cell is larger than the male – as a result, women lose weight much more slowly than men, and gain very quickly. In addition, a woman’s body contains more fat-forming enzymes that store fat.

The reproductive function of the female body is another “weighting agent” on losing weight. The sex hormone estrogen affects the activity of fat formation in a woman’s body. That is why a woman is gaining weight during maturation, pregnancy, and taking hormonal drugs. This is a prerequisite for women’s health.



Regulate our diet and visit the fitness club more often, because, as a rule, a man burns more calories during the day than a woman. Another aspect is the attitude towards food. The man eats to eat. Most often it is protein (meat), which serves as a building material for muscles, which, by the way, are more in men. The woman, on the other hand, pays more attention to carbohydrates – cereals, vegetable salads, etc. Moreover, we are all familiar with the situation when a woman seizes stress with sweet buns or ice cream.


By fundamentally changing your attitude to food – eating to live, not living to eat – you will be able to defeat endless hunger. Distract yourself with something, choose something to your liking: visit a beauty salon (do you really want your new hairstyle to fade against the background of fat folds?) Or go to a dance (liberation and love for your own body is another condition for successful weight loss).


29 Sep 2020


Many athletes go to the gym with the goal of gaining muscle mass. So that exhausting workouts are not in vain, the daily diet should include a fairly large amount of protein and carbohydrates. The modern rhythm of life does not always allow you to adhere to this plan. And here a gainer comes to the rescue.

Gainer – sports nutrition with a high carbohydrate content. Their complex combination with proteins contributes to the gain of muscle mass and accelerates recovery after training.


The most common version of the gainer contains carbohydrates and proteins in a 3: 1 ratio, but there are other options: 1: 1, 2: 1 and 4: 1.

The higher the number of proteins in the composition of the gainer and the lower the number of carbohydrates, the closer it is in its properties to protein. When using such a gainer, the risk of “getting fat” is much lower than in the classic versions of the mixture.

Also for assimilation of the product, the gainer contains digestive enzymes and a small number of unsaturated fats.


A gainer is an indispensable supplement for thin people when gaining muscle mass. Ectomorph athletes will be able to quickly gain the desired weight and get in shape with it. The gainer will help football players, basketball players, and track and field athletes overcome prolonged aerobic loads. Also, a protein-carbohydrate mixture is useful for thin girls, whose goal is more appetizing forms.

Correct regular consumption of protein-carbohydrate mixtures quickly provides athletes with the required amount of energy and has a positive effect on weight gain.

Keep in mind, however, that high carbohydrate intake can lead to unwanted weight gain. The fact is that carbohydrates are deposited in fat much faster than proteins. Therefore, it is important to immediately decide for what purpose you are going to take a gainer. If the goal of your trips to the gym is to lose weight, then it is better to pay attention to sports nutrition for weight loss.

Table of the average daily intake of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight (grams).

slimming maintaining weight weight gain
The man 2-3 3-4 4-5
Woman 2-2.5 3-3.5 3.5-14.5


Most often, beginners wonder how many grams of a gainer to drink per day and when. It is best to consume the shake immediately after training. In the first half-hour after exercise, a “protein-carbohydrate window” opens – a period of time when the body is in dire need of rapid saturation with nutrients. Taking a protein-carbohydrate mixture after workouts protect muscles from catabolism and restore strength.

To grow muscle mass, you need 4-5 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of body weight per day. To find out how many carbohydrates are in one serving of a gainer, just look at the product packaging. Typically one serving is about 40 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbohydrates. However, the proportions in mixtures from different manufacturers may vary. Most importantly, do not forget that you already get the lion’s share of carbohydrates during meals.

For people who are prone to overweight, it is enough to take a gainer once a day or even replace it with protein. But for athletes who are prone to thinness, it is recommended to use the supplement at least 2 times a day. For example, before and after training.

Athletes with a fast metabolism can take it at night for more effectiveness. On rest days, it is recommended that you limit yourself to one intake of a protein-carbohydrate mixture or refuse it altogether.


Just mix the gainer with water, milk or juice in a shaker. The amount of liquid added is at your discretion. Just do not dilute the gainer in boiling water under any circumstances! Protein denatures in hot water and loses its properties.


The gainer goes well with amino acids, creatine, protein and vitamin-mineral complexes. The most common combination is creatine and BCAAs.


First of all, creatine is produced in our body from protein amino acids. The rest of the creatine comes from food. The problem is that even foods with a high content of creatine are too little for the human body. Even for people with low levels of physical activity, this amount may not be enough.

The value of creatine is that it speeds up energy metabolism in muscle cells. The standard dosage per day is approximately 5 grams. You need to consume a portion at one time, so the most convenient way to combine a gainer with creatine is to mix them in one cocktail. It is better to drink such a cocktail immediately after training.


BCAAs are a complex of amino acids that are not synthesized by the human body. These elements increase endurance and are simply indispensable for building muscle tissue. In addition, amino acids slightly increase testosterone levels and have a positive effect on blood sugar.

It is also recommended to take BCAA amino acids after training, 15-20 minutes after using the gainer.


Eating high-calorie gainers without physical activity will only lead to one thing – excess weight. It is unlikely that such a result will bring positive emotions.


20 Sep 2020


Is physical activity allowed during pregnancy? Of course. Moreover, they are useful, but with a number of reasonable precautions. For expectant mothers of all skill levels, walks in the fresh air, swimming in the pool and exercises with fitball will be useful. (more…)


18 Sep 2020


What can you not do without if you are firmly on the path of a healthy lifestyle? Fitness trainers and nutritionists from all over the world are in solidarity with each other – first of all, you need to understand what a food diary is and how to keep it correctly. Let’s see why balanced nutrition is so important for women, why you need to make a menu every day and how it will affect the achievement of your goals – for example, weight loss.


The concept of “proper balanced nutrition” means the totality of food that makes up the daily diet and ensures that the body receives the optimal amount of nutrients.

A nutritious and healthy diet is based on 2 key factors:

  • Regularity of food intake.
  • Control over the intake of the desired ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

It is important to understand exactly which nutrients contribute to the total calorie content of the daily diet. The amount of carbohydrates and proteins must exceed the intake of fats.

You can keep a rational nutrition diary both independently and with the help of a personal trainer or nutritionist.

The second option is more preferable – a specialist will analyze your physiology, take into account your goals, medical indications and your personal eating habits. As a result, you will receive an individual menu with recommendations on how it can be further developed and adjusted. After that, you can keep a diary yourself, as you will understand how many calories your body needs and what the balance of nutrients in the daily diet should be.

Balanced diet for women, 1 day

The goal is to reduce weight and subcutaneous fat while preserving muscle tissue.

Time Name Weight (gr) Calories Protein Carbohydrates Fats
9:00 Oatmeal porridge 280 289 8 57 five
Kiwi 85 41 1 nine 1
11:00 Natural yogurt 2% one hundred 60 4 6 2
14:00 Steamed omelet one hundred 184 ten 2 five
Broccoli one hundred 28 3 five 0
17:00 Soup (vegetable) 150 65 3 nine 3
Chicken fillet one hundred 113 24 five 2
21:00 Low-fat cottage cheese 0.5% 150 90 27 3 1
Daily amount of calories 1065 869 79 96 29
Grams per 1 kg of body weight     1.3 1.6 0.5
Percentage     36% 44% thirty%***


*** *** It is important that the amount of animal fat is not excessive. However, in this example, a steamed omelet provides the body’s daily lipid requirements. The rest of the fatty component (except for a small amount in chicken fillet) is vegetable fats. If you increase their daily intake, there will be no harm to the body.


Remember that each of us is unique. Therefore, do not neglect contacting a specialist. He will tell you how to properly balance your diet, and you will achieve your goals much faster.

Losing weight is a question that is not solved in one day. Fanaticism and ill-considered diets in the long term can lead to problems in various body systems. Adapting to a balanced diet is gradual, so take your time and be systemic. Then you are guaranteed to get a stable and long-term result.


14 Sep 2020


Few women smile when they hear the word diet. Most of them frown, remembering what torment they had to endure and how many nerves to fray. However, hunger, fatigue and constant thoughts about food are not at all companions to weight loss. Losing extra pounds should not be accompanied by discomfort. Pay attention to the body’s warning signs and see if the diet is working. Give up the wrong diet now – in the future you will not be excruciatingly hurt for the lost days and ruined health.


If it’s hard to focus on everything except thinking about food, then the body is starving. Regular malnutrition slows down the metabolism, on which the loss of extra centimeters directly depends. Increase your daily calorie intake, otherwise, weight loss will result in a dramatic weight gain.



Complete loss of appetite is also a wake-up call. Constant suppression of hunger and eating exclusively low-calorie foods leads to a malfunction of hormones. Even a seemingly gentle diet can disrupt the balance between leptin and ghrelin (the hormones of satiety and hunger). To restore balance, review your diet, and include high-calorie foods.


Headaches and dizziness should not accompany your diet. Feeling unwell is the result of a lack of nutrients. If you feel unwell, urgently dilute the diet with more high-calorie and vitamin-rich foods.


The body requires more coffee, getting to the gym becomes lazy, and exercising is generally unbearable. These are all the result of a deficiency in protein and vitamins D and B12. Usually, the problem is solved by adding meat products to the diet.



You are tormented by unreasonable anxiety and fears, small everyday stresses are unsettling, you often break into friends and colleagues, forget what you wanted to do … Serious problems with the emotional sphere are caused by a lack of vitamins, proteins and fats, which are also necessary to maintain normal health. Include in your diet foods rich in nutrients your body needs.


Digestive problems, including food allergies, signal that it’s time to stop dieting – it’s not right for you. Stomach disorders, changes in stools and various pains occur due to an unbalanced diet. See a specialist for a personalized diet.


Prolonged restriction of the body’s calories leads to a slowdown in metabolism. The disturbed metabolism begins to prepare for hunger strikes and stores everything that it can get in the form of fatty deposits on the waist, hips and other parts of the body. To get your metabolism in order, allow yourself to break your diet a little for a couple of weeks.



Your sleep should not be hindered by hunger and stomach rumblings. Forget the “drink 2 glasses of water and fall asleep before the stomach gets deceived” method and reconsider your diet. Most likely, the body lacks nutrients and needs to be replenished.



The diet doesn’t work or works very poorly if your nails begin to break, your hair dulls, and you have skin problems. Tired, dry skin signals a lack of calories, and a change in complexion signals a lack of nutrients.




Among dieters, cold hands are one of the most common complaints. In response to it, any specialist will advise you to revise the diet and enrich it with foods containing fats. As insidious as this nutrient is, our body needs it in a reasonable amount.

When in doubt whether your diet is working or not, seek professional advice. He will help to adjust the diet and get rid of the health problems that have arisen. Do not forget also that losing weight only by changing your diet is ineffective, so be sure to sign up for a gym.


10 Sep 2020


Quick snacks, fast food and an unbalanced diet ruin your figure. The body suffers from poor dietary habits and stores fat to conserve energy. This is how excess weight appears. Today we will tell you how to eat in order to lose weight. (more…)


07 Sep 2020