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Top 5 Home Workout Items

After the end of the pandemic, home workouts have become commonplace for many. There are many apps and websites that will help you organize your own classes at home. But what about sports equipment?



24 Mar 2023

Exercises to strengthen the lower back

You live your wonderful life like this, and after an unsuccessfully taken package or a sharp tilt, SHE 一 pain in the lower back occurs. All homemade ointments, tinctures, a belt made of dog hair and a grandmother’s warm shawl are used. Who is to blame and what to do – read in this article.



20 Mar 2023

Proper lean nutrition and fitness in fasting

The most important thing about fasting nutrition and fitness in fasting
From March 6 to April 24 – the time of Great Lent 2023. How to fast and is it possible to train in fasting? (more…)


18 Mar 2023

How to lose weight in the face and cheeks

Chiseled cheekbones, sharp chin and jaw angle… Here she is – the dream of every woman who looks in the mirror in the morning. It happens that she herself seems to be slim, but her face is swollen, her cheeks are round, and her cheekbones were last observed in the senior class. Who is to blame and what to do – read the article.



16 Mar 2023

What is psyllium? I 5 useful properties

Although psyllium husk is not the first choice for performance and health goals, this soluble fiber has a range of health benefits. Whatever your sporting goals, these properties may surprise you. Whether you’re looking to shed body fat, cure metabolic diseases, or simply improve your overall well-being, then our five-point guide to using psyllium husk powder is for you!



13 Mar 2023

Ashwagandha I What is it? I 8 useful properties

AShwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, has long been used as a medicinal herb in traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. 1 Ashwagandha root and leaf powder has long been used in India to boost energy, relieve stress, and boost immunity. Today, we know that this herb can provide potential health benefits by improving performance and overall well-being. Today, you can find on sale preparations with ashwagandha, which have gained popularity among those who lead a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s take a closer look at the beneficial properties of this plant. (more…)


10 Mar 2023

Proper lean nutrition and fitness in fasting

Let’s say right away that our recommendations for training and nutrition in Great Lent 2022 are designed for the laity – this is how the church calls those who “live in the world,” that is, they are not part of the clergy and monasticism.



06 Mar 2023