Monthly Archives: September 2022

Six of the coolest fall recipes to boost immunity and mood

How to prepare your body’s immune system for the flu season and acute respiratory infections? How not to become a victim of insidious colds? Catch healthy recipes that raise both immunity and mood in the fall. Let’s fight the viruses, and at the same time the autumn blues!



29 Sep 2022

Popular diets for weight loss – which is more, harm or benefit?

New diets for weight loss – like trends in fashion, appear with the same enviable regularity. And each diet has adherents who enthusiastically tell how they lost 10 or more kilograms in a couple of weeks. But volunteer-experimenters are silent about the safety of diets and the benefits for the body.



28 Sep 2022

Dark chocolate without harm to the figure

This exquisite, rich taste of chocolate is unique. He wants it again and again. But you limit yourself in it so as not to spoil the figure, don’t you? Not worth it.



22 Sep 2022

Why do muscles stop hurting after training

The expression “No pain, no gain” is familiar to many. Translated from English, it means – no pain, no result. This is how amateur athletes react to the absence of muscle pain the day after training. There is muscle pain – it means that you did well. Muscles do not hurt, therefore, the training was ineffective. Is it so?



15 Sep 2022

How to stick to a healthy eating plan and avoid relapse

How often, after a working day, do you open the refrigerator and painfully think about what to cook for dinner? Or do you sweep away the first thing that catches your eye from the shelves of the supermarket, forgetting about the necessary? In the end, you end up paying a lot.

10 Sep 2022

Common squat mistakes that can lead to injury

Almost no workout is complete without squats. Unfortunately, beginner athletes often make mistakes when doing this exercise: some do not feel that the buttocks are working during squats, others are afraid to hurt their knees, and still others do not understand how to get the most out of doing a squat without additional weight.  (more…)


05 Sep 2022

Simple exercises to help get rid of back pain and strengthen the spine

Due to a sedentary lifestyle, many develop aching back pain, which can later lead to a curvature of the spine. As a preventive measure, to avoid such problems, you can perform a simple set of exercises for the back two to three times a week. (more…)


03 Sep 2022