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Yoga pose for slender arms and strengthening the spine. Mastering chaturanga

If you think there is no exercise harder than doing extra weights, try chaturanga. Working with your own weight seems to be the simplest, but in fact, not all trained athletes can stand in this position even for a minute



31 Aug 2021

Exercise: parachute jogging. A workout for those who like to challenge themselves

The fitness industry is booming. Yesterday’s Swedish walls in gymnasiums are being transformed into modern gyms with a large number of exercise equipment and improvised equipment for every taste and request. This also applies to running, which we will talk about today.

To keep your body from getting used to training, you need to try different types of cardio and strength training. Morally it helps to find something to do for the soul, physically – to feel and track progress. Professionals are also in constant search: they update training programs, add new exercises. Today the sports world can provide athletes with simulators that allow them to plunge into a new reality and experience unique emotions. For example, the parachute running mode on treadmills,

Parachute jogging: what gives

Parachute work is a common type of training in our time. It is often used by athletes of the average and high level of training and is actively used in SPF (special physical training), where explosive work is required. Some of the key benefits of a parachute are:

  • development of strength and endurance;
  • improved coordination.

Outdoor athletes can purchase a dedicated jogging parachute. If you like working out in a fitness studio, check with the staff about a special belt, an alternative to a parachute, which is attached to a treadmill. In addition, many clubs are increasingly incorporating this type of exercise into their group training program.

The parachute mode alternates with the athlete’s main training program. It is well suited for varying workouts and achieving better results. Do not despair if you are new to the sport, as the parachute is suitable for all fitness levels with the correct dosage of equipment. The equipment does not create strong pressure on the work of the leg joints: everyone can use it.

The parachute develops strength well, especially for those who train to develop fast muscle fibers. The parachute is ideal for sprinters and those who work long distances: primarily the work is aimed at endurance.

The program has different weight formats and the size of the parachute itself. The load of the parachute is based on the weight of the athlete. You need to be careful when working with a parachute, as with other simulators. Running also develops coordination – one awkward movement during acceleration can lead to injuries and a fall. Regardless of what kind of work is in front of the athlete, during the parachute, the calf muscles, biceps, and quadriceps of the thigh, as well as the muscles of the core, are actively working.

Increasing the load works in several ways. The easiest is to work at an increased speed. A more interesting option is running against the wind. The optimal load is usually set by the coach, analyzing the training of the athlete. But you always have to start with small goals. For example, from short distances of 30 meters and by the end of the workout, smoothly walk up to 100 meters. Again, it all depends on the training program that the coach schedules. If you train on your own, focus on gradual progress, do not try to cover long distances or reach the fastest speed.

  • 2 interval segments of 30 or 50 meters (depending on the level of training) with a minute of rest between them;
  • Stretch after two intervals to get some rest;
  • This is followed by four interval segments of 30 or 50 meters, between which you can rest for a minute;
  • After two intervals, rest again by stretching;
  • Further increase: two interval segments of 70 or 100 meters, between which rest for a minute;
  • Stretching;
  • Repetition: two intervals of 70 or 100 meters with a minute of rest between them;
  • At the end, take a parachute lift and run another 30 meters at acceleration;
  • Final stretch.

28 Aug 2021

Why does the neck hurt after exercises on the press: we analyze common mistakes

Lovers of shaking the press at least once encountered a feeling of a tense neck during exercise. This is to be expected: a minimal violation of the execution technique or distraction affects the entire process, including the muscles of the neck. We will tell you why this happens and how to avoid mistakes during training.

Why does the neck hurt during abdominal exercises

The spine is an integral structure: during the lifting of the trunk, the spine and muscles work synchronously, and only the neck is involved separately. And therefore, she can get sick at once for several reasons. For example, many abdominal exercises are performed while lying on your back with your head elevated. This is called curling. The most common mistake is when, during exercise, the athlete does not strain the abdominal part of the body, but rises at the expense of the upper body. It turns out that it is not the press that is straining, but the neck, although it should be the other way around due to the contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Also among the reasons are weak abdominal muscles and improper execution technique. Due to the lack of strong abdominal muscles, tension goes to the muscles of the neck, which are trying to hold the head. It is a matter of time and steady training: for this you do sports and strengthen your core. Concentration is also important: during each exercise, direct the focus of attention specifically to the stomach and control so that it does not relax and remains tense.

If you think your technique is struggling or are recently practicing, take a personal lesson with a trainer or ask questions after the group session. It’s better to understand the basic principles of exercise and understand how specific muscles work. This will help you train more efficiently and achieve the desired result faster.

How to pump abs without straining your neck

  • keep your chin close to your chest and do not press your elbows to your ears: they should be spread wide, remaining in line;
  • do not press on your head with your palms: touch lightly;
  • press the lower back to the floor, do not bend;
  • direct the focus of attention to the press, constantly keep it in tension, feel each rise and fall precisely due to the abdominal muscles. Move your ribs forward towards the pelvis gradually, without jerking.

25 Aug 2021

Delicious high protein breakfasts: 7 quick recipes

Seven unusual recipes are enough for exactly one week – experiment!

Polly porridge with fruit
Ingredients: spelled, water, fruit, honey.

Soak the cereal in warm water and leave overnight. In the morning, pour boiling water over the finished spelled, salt. Simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes. Drain the liquid, transfer to a plate. Add sliced ​​fruit or chopped nuts. Stir, add honey, a teaspoon of ghee oil, or whatever.

Berry parfait
Ingredients: Greek yogurt, granola, berries, honey, or maple syrup.
Take a cup or tall container. Put the yogurt on the bottom of the dish, the next layer – berries and granola. Add a teaspoon of honey, syrup, or peanut butter.

Buckwheat porridge with chia
Ingredients: Chia seeds, hemp seeds, buckwheat, dried cranberries, vegetable or regular milk.

Boil buckwheat and transfer to a plate. Add the rest of the ingredients and cover with milk. You can also add almond petals or coconut flakes.

Scramble with goat cheese
Ingredients: eggs, goat cheese, butter, ground pepper, spinach, cherry.

Melt the butter in a skillet, sauté the spinach and cherry tomatoes. You can add pepper or jalapenos. Add eggs, salt and pepper. Cook the scramble, stirring constantly: it should be thick by the end. Remove pan from heat, add goat cheese, stir. Serve with toast.

Roll with egg and spinach
Ingredients: Eggs, spinach, whole grain pita bread or tortillas, cheese, olive oil.

Fry the spinach lightly in a little oil. Whisk the eggs and one white, add to the spinach when curdled. Add cheese. Season with salt and pepper, stir. When the omelet is ready, divide into tortillas in portions. Spread in small amounts to keep it from falling out. Cut the rolled rolls in half.

Quinoa porridge with turmeric
Ingredients: Quinoa, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Ghee, Chia Seeds.

Boil the quinoa in water or milk, add all the ingredients and stir. Top with a piece of ghee.

Chia pudding
Ingredients: Chia seeds, plant milk, honey, mango, nuts, or almond petals.

Pour milk over the chia, add honey and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight. When the pudding has set, garnish with cubes of mango or other fruit. Add chopped nuts.

Tofu Scramble
Ingredients: tofu, cherry, spinach, turmeric, salt.

Chop tofu, fry in a pan. Chop cherry and spinach, add to skillet. Salt, add spices to taste, two tablespoons of water. Stir until the tofu turns yellow. Throw in the tomatoes, cook until soft. Add spinach. Stir and leave under the lid for a minute. Serve with whole-grain bread.


19 Aug 2021

Effective exercise for slender legs: “chair” against the wall

Especially for those who do not have enough money or time to go to the gym, we have prepared “Stool”. Static exercise helps to work and feel the muscles of the legs, front of the thigh, buttocks, back of the thigh, back and abdominal muscles. No more excuses: you just need a minute at home, in the park, or even in the office. (more…)


08 Aug 2021

What can be an allergy in August and how to deal with it

Pollinosis is an allergic disease caused by plant pollen and manifests itself in the form of rhinitis, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and bronchial asthma. (more…)


06 Aug 2021

Steep stretching helps relieve muscle and improve your figure: what is MPF

Many people are familiar with the sensation of discomfort in the muscles. It seems to compress everything from the inside and does not allow the body to function normally. Just in case, it is better to keep a roller at home to get rid of all pain points. It will help you work out all trigger points, get rid of blocks and clamps, roll out and lengthen muscles that affect a toned body. 



04 Aug 2021

3 delicious snacks to your table: recipes of the day

Some healthy lifestyle opponents believe that healthy food is not as tasty as traditional recipes. This opinion is based on the fact that food without oil and roasting does not correspond to traditional taste. In fact, this is not the case. It is enough to know a few simple and quick recipes, to have a blender or an oven at home to prepare delicious dishes that are not inferior to restaurant positions. (more…)


01 Aug 2021