What is cardio training?

Already by the name, you can understand which organ is directed to the physical load that a person receives during such physical exercises. Cardio means heart, so cardio training must somehow affect the heart. Any physical activity contributes to the strengthening of the heart muscle, if they are given in reasonable amounts. But on what basis were some of them singled out in a separate group? (more…)


02 Dec 2022

Exercises for the knee joints

In this article, we tell you what effect gymnastics has on the knee joints, how to carry it out and under what conditions. At the end of the material you will find a useful poster.



30 Nov 2022

Exercises for the muscles of the lower back

The lower back is a vulnerable spot, especially with a sedentary lifestyle. A muscular corset will help maintain both an even posture and good health. It is not necessary to visit the gym or yoga instructors: exercises for the muscles of the lower back can be done at home.



24 Nov 2022

Top most effective exercises for elastic buttocks at home

Tight and elastic buttocks are not just beautiful and fashionable. The general physical condition of a person, his endurance, posture, and strength depend on the gluteal muscles. Therefore, it is so important to always keep them in good shape.



14 Nov 2022

Hatha yoga: why it is popular and how it is useful

What is hatha yoga

Hatha is a general term for any type of yoga in which physical postures are practiced. Most of the types of yoga taught in yoga studios actually come from hatha yoga. Studios often use the term to describe their beginner classes, which are slower paced and focused on teaching the basics. Hatha yoga poses for beginners are often aimed at developing flexibility, working with breathing, and maintaining balance. (more…)


07 Nov 2022

5 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should Know!

Myth #1. Strength training will make you muscular and masculine.

No wonder this is the most popular myth among ladies. Regular strength training will not make you muscular. Why? The explanation is simple. Women cannot synthesize enough testosterone (one of the main anabolic hormones) naturally like men. In this regard, it is impossible for women to gain significant muscle mass simply by lifting heavy objects.

When you think of strength training, the image of a female bodybuilder probably comes to mind. Most of these women use anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) as well as other supplements to develop a similar physique. Plus, you’ll need to spend hours in the gym lifting weights to achieve these results, and let’s not forget that most female bodybuilders are genetically predisposed to bulking up!

Female bodybuilders don’t look like this by chance. It takes a huge amount of effort, backed up by synthetic testosterone and the right genetics. If you are just training without steroids, you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, this way you will get rid of cellulite and get a toned figure, like fitness models from magazines. (more…)


16 Oct 2022

Top 8 Best Home Workouts

Interesting exercises of your choice. Here are a few suggestions that can safely be called “the first league of home exercises.” They require a minimum amount of equipment and you will make any of them, both in the beginner and advanced versions of yourself. (more…)


13 Oct 2022

Popular diets for weight loss – which is more, harm or benefit?

New diets for weight loss – like trends in fashion, appear with the same enviable regularity. And each diet has adherents who enthusiastically tell how they lost 10 or more kilograms in a couple of weeks. But volunteer-experimenters are silent about the safety of diets and the benefits for the body.



28 Sep 2022

Why do muscles stop hurting after training

The expression “No pain, no gain” is familiar to many. Translated from English, it means – no pain, no result. This is how amateur athletes react to the absence of muscle pain the day after training. There is muscle pain – it means that you did well. Muscles do not hurt, therefore, the training was ineffective. Is it so?



15 Sep 2022

Common squat mistakes that can lead to injury

Almost no workout is complete without squats. Unfortunately, beginner athletes often make mistakes when doing this exercise: some do not feel that the buttocks are working during squats, others are afraid to hurt their knees, and still others do not understand how to get the most out of doing a squat without additional weight.  (more…)


05 Sep 2022