Top 5 Home Workout Items

After the end of the pandemic, home workouts have become commonplace for many. There are many apps and websites that will help you organize your own classes at home. But what about sports equipment?



24 Mar 2023

Exercises to strengthen the lower back

You live your wonderful life like this, and after an unsuccessfully taken package or a sharp tilt, SHE 一 pain in the lower back occurs. All homemade ointments, tinctures, a belt made of dog hair and a grandmother’s warm shawl are used. Who is to blame and what to do – read in this article.



20 Mar 2023

Which sport is right for your child?

Before you decide which sport is ideal for your child, you should at least study a little about the most popular sports sections that young parents prefer. (more…)


28 Feb 2023

Strength Training with Weights

Power training

Weight training is very helpful. The results of the research have revealed that the full benefits and effectiveness of strength training can be felt by doing it just a couple of times a week, setting the duration of classes to 15 to 20 minutes. (more…)


27 Feb 2023

Cardio workout at home

All about cardio

Cardio training is understood as a physical load exerted on the entire CCC (cardiovascular system) by methodically performing the same exercise for some time. (more…)


26 Feb 2023


Why do muscles hurt after exercise?

Sometimes after physical exertion, we experience pain. Most often this happens the next day after an active workout, although in some cases the peak of discomfort occurs on the second or third day after class. As a rule, muscles hurt in beginners, but even those who have been fond of sports and fitness for a long time are still not immune from muscle pain. The fact is that during active training we get microtrauma. They are safe for our health, but the body reacts to them with pain. In this case, this is good news, because it is as a result of the healing of muscle micro-tears that an increase in the volume and weight of the muscles occurs. (more…)


10 Feb 2023


The military bench press is mainly aimed at working out the front deltas. Some mistakenly believe that this exercise was invented by the SEALs and popularized by bodybuilders. In fact, the exercise has been known for a long time, and powerlifting competitions and the introduction of crossfit complexes into training contributed to the popularization. In this article, the Spirit fitness club team. Fitness will tell you what options exist, what are the differences from the military press, and what mistakes even experienced athletes make.

The following muscles are actively working in the military press:

  • deltoid;
  • large chest;
  • triceps muscles of the shoulder;
  • anterior dentate;
  • supraspinatus muscle.
The basic exercise with the classic technique (standing with a barbell) involves many muscle groups, but it pumps the front deltas best of all, making the shoulders visually more voluminous. At the same time, unlike the press for the head, the movement is natural for our body, “does not break” the usual movements in the shoulder joints. Another benefit is that the military bench helps prepare the body and learn the timing for other benching exercises in the future.
Failure to follow the technique can result in injury. This usually happens if the athlete takes too much weight or holds the bar with the wrong grip (too wide or narrow, does not control the placement of the neck in the center of the palms). Weak back muscles (this is especially true for office workers) can prevent you from working at full amplitude, which will reduce efficiency, so a beginner should discuss with the trainer the appropriateness of this exercise.
You can not press the barbell from the chest with pain in the wrists, elbows and shoulder joints, with injuries and diseases of these joints. In case of problems with the spine, it is also recommended to consult a doctor first.

There are several options for the military press: with a barbell and dumbbells, sitting and standing. Choose a technique depending on the purpose.

  • Strength growth. In this case, you can work with both shells, but you can take more weight while standing than sitting.
  • Working deltas. 2014 study showed that the vertical dumbbell press is the best exercise to load the anterior bundle of the deltoid muscle.
  • Increased tone and increased muscle mass. More muscles are involved when the bench press is standing.
  • Reducing the load on the spine. The sitting position helps to take some of the load off the spine. The type of projectile doesn’t matter.
The military press is a heavy exercise that involves several joints, so the warm-up cannot be ignored. Increasing elasticity and warming up muscles, joints and ligaments help reduce the risk of injury.
Perform preliminary and special warm-ups. Preliminary: make circular movements with your shoulders, elbows and hands, knead each joint for 30 seconds. A special warm-up involves performing a military bench, but with less weight than what you use in working sets. Its purpose is to prepare the joints and muscles for the load, and not to load them.
Before talking about the correct technique, let’s take a short digression and explain how this exercise differs from the military and overhead presses, with which it is constantly confused.
The Military Press is a bench press exercise with a barbell in the prone position. And not just lying down, it is important here that the legs do not rest on the floor or bench: they are bent at the knees, crossed in the calf area and kept in weight. The main load falls on the muscles of the chest.

Press from behind the head – a more traumatic exercise, requires high elasticity of the muscles of the chest and shoulders. Such a movement is rarely used in everyday life, it is less characteristic of the joints, and the range of motion is less than when working from the chest.

Standing with a barbell

At the beginning of the exercise, the bar should be placed on racks at shoulder level, so it will be more convenient for you to remove it. To remove, grab the bar, put one foot forward, squat slightly and lift the barbell, then take a side step back, stepping out of the rack.
Hold the bar with a medium (shoulder-width) straight closed grip, lower it to chest level and check that it rests on the center of the palms. The legs should be parallel to each other, the forearms should be perpendicular to the floor throughout the exercise.
Squeeze the bar as you exhale: the movement of the hands should not be strictly vertical, but slightly in an arc. At the peak, the arms are straightened, the head looks forward. Then slowly lower the bar to chest level. During the push, do not help with your legs, the top should work.


09 Feb 2023


Stress haunts us every day. This is especially noticeable in large cities, when the pace of life dictates its own conditions, and it is far from always possible to find harmony. Meditation tips can be found from many “gurus”, but more often than not they don’t work because it requires a cleansing of the mind and body
And how to cleanse the body if the stress accumulated during the day cannot find a way out?
Sports will help. How – today we’ll figure it out!



08 Feb 2023

8 simple ways not to overeat at the holiday table

1. Don’t sit down at the table hungry

Skipping breakfast or lunch seems like a good way to reduce the number of calories you eat in a day. But such a strategy will only increase hunger, and at the festive table you risk putting more food on your plate than necessary. In addition, ignoring meals can make you feel low on energy, tired, and have a headache. Try to stick to your regular eating schedule, even on holidays. Ideally , you should eat every 4-6 hours. If due to household chores there is not enough time for a full meal, make a light snack of vegetables or fruits.



2. Don’t Rely on the January Diet

Many people don’t restrict their food intake for the holidays in hopes of losing weight in January. This diet is called “Yo-yo”: a person loses weight, then gains it again. This approach can adversely affect the work of the heart. Fortunately, your health will improve once you return to a healthy diet .

In addition, fat loss from such a diet leads to a decrease in the level of leptin, a hormone that signals satiety. As a result, a person will feel hungry longer, even if objectively he has already overeaten. This approach makes the January diet useless: the body will quickly replenish those kilograms that it has already got rid of.

The best option for those who want to lose weight is to always eat a balanced diet and add regular exercise to your life.

3. Create a balanced menu

If you are celebrating the New Year at home, you can independently create a competent menu. Add lean meats, light salads and fruits to it. Consider how many guests will be at the holiday, and do not cook in reserve. First, when the table is bursting with snacks, it’s tempting to eat something tasty more, even if you’re not hungry. Secondly, it is not possible to store food that remains after New Year’s Eve for so long. For example, the shelf life of meat and fish dishes does not exceed 24 hours, and salads with mayonnaise – 12.

If you’re visiting and you don’t have the ability to influence the menu, then offer to bring a couple of low-calorie dishes. Let’s say you can make a festive stew of ground beef and vegetables or oatmeal pudding.

4. Eat a variety of foods

Try to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. This will help you feel full faster and reduce the number of calories. Eat slowly: It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are full.

On the New Year’s table there will be traditional dishes that are rarely prepared at other times of the year. For example, Olivier salad and herring under a fur coat. Eating everything at once is not the best idea. Instead, choose one or two of your favorite foods and limit yourself to just those.

5. Use small plates

The larger the dish, the more likely it is that you will fill the entire space with food. And if you are one of those people who have been taught from childhood not to leave food, it is easy to overeat. Try using a smaller plate – if after eating you feel hungry, then fill it again.

6. Choose your drinks wisely

It is advisable to limit alcoholbecause it increases appetite. In addition, alcoholic beverages are nutritious in themselves. A glass of wine can have as many calories as a piece of chocolate, and a pint of lager has the same nutritional value as a bag of chips.

Lemonade and soda are high in sugar. You may not even notice how you drank a few glasses. Sweet drinks can be replaced with low-calorie ones, such as iced tea, mineral water, and kombucha. Another option is to prepare water with fruit. Experiment before the holidays to find your favorite flavor. For example, lemon, basil, mint, cucumber, orange, or parsley can be added to the water.

7. Do not neglect physical activity

During the holidays, you may want to cancel training and completely surrender to rest. But some researchers believe that exercise helps prevent overeating because it makes it easier for the body to regulate appetite and eating behavior. Set aside time for them before the feast. Go to the skating rink, do yoga , or at least take a walk in the park.

During the feast, take breaks between meals, such as dancing. The food is completely digested for several hours, and it stays in the stomach for 40–120 minutes. The more proteins and fats in the products, the longer the body will absorb them.

8. Don’t be afraid to say no.

If you are persuaded to try a dish at a party, try to gently refuse. For example, you might say, “I heard this salad is delicious, but I can’t eat an ounce of food anymore.” Find something to compliment, such as saying you enjoyed the dessert, or commenting on the table setting. As a rule, this answer is sufficient. If persuasion continues, and you are afraid to offend the hosts of the evening, take a small portion.


16 Jan 2023

Why feet and hands are cold and what to do about it

Let’s start with the basics. Most often, icy limbs are normal. Feet and hands are always the first to get cold and the last to get warm. It is a necessary element of the survival mechanism. (more…)


13 Jan 2023