Why do muscles hurt after a workout? Is it true that the krepatura says about the growth of muscle mass? This article will answer these and many other questions.



19 Jun 2022


A proper warm-up is just as important as a proper diet or exercise program. Learn how to prepare for exercise and avoid injury. (more…)


18 Jun 2022

All about squats – classic technique and 22 types of squats, program for beginners

In most sports disciplines, the functional development of the legs is the key to the effectiveness of the athlete. Squats are considered the best exercise for training the lower extremities. The element involves several joints and large muscles in the work: quadriceps and gluteus maximus. Due to this, the athlete increases speed and strength. (more…)


16 Jun 2022



Often we see girls who plow themselves in training, visit the club at least 3 times a week and visually nothing happens to their press, from the word, at all!

Many will now say: “you need to download the press every day!” But they will be wrong.

What’s the matter? Let’s figure it out!

1. Everyone has a press! Absolutely! The press is involved in all exercises and it trains every time we perform any physical exercise. For more work, it is enough to focus on it once a week, as for any other muscle.
Then why don’t we have cubes?

2. Point 2 follows here: our cubes are under fat! Yes Yes! Everyone under a layer of fat has cubes! So how do you get them out of there? After all, fat does not go locally! It goes evenly from all parts of the body!

3. Nutrition and calorie deficit! In order to expose our abs, a calorie deficit is essential to get rid of belly fat. What does it mean? You must burn more calories than you consume.
If we consider that a calorie is an energy, then we must spend more energy than we consume it from food.

For this, training is necessary, because in ordinary life, rarely anyone can spend the required amount of kcal.

4. What kind of training do we need to have cubes and the body embossed? Of course, power!

  • Are you burning the most calories per workout?
  • The process of burning fat after a workout lasts another 24 to 72 hours, due to muscle recovery (energy goes there)
  • Muscles grow, giving the same relief!

5. And what to eat, you ask? Well, everyone already knows about PP nutrition, that is, Proper Nutrition. This is a rejection of flour, fried, sweets, fast food, in general, everything that our body does not need to eat, simply because it is harmful and ideal for the figure!

And, of course, food should be in moderation! This is 1500-1600 kcal per day, subject to regular training 3-4 times a week! At first, you will definitely have to count kcal in the application, then you will intuitively understand how much you can eat.
6. And, of course, water balance and sleep! Do you know that the main process of losing weight occurs in a dream? You need to sleep 8 hours a day!
Well, water! Do not forget that for a full metabolism we need to drink 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day!
Summing up:
To have a beautiful press and a flat stomach – the main thing is to eat right! exercise regularly and efficiently, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep!

Good luck and perfect press to all!


27 May 2022


We have prepared 7 tips that will make your workout more effective and enjoyable.

1. Can’t start exercising? BUY YOUR NEW BEAUTIFUL TRAINING SHAPE! No girl can resist showing off the new thing that she loves so much. And then you will get involved)

2. Warm-up. Don’t forget, this is a very important part of the workout! Not warming up the muscles – you just can get injured during the workout. That is why the coach will not let you go to training if you are late for the warm-up. He thus worries about your health!

3. Eat before your workout! Under no circumstances should you train hungry. You simply will not have the strength to train and you will not train at full strength. Eat-in 1.5-2 hours. Before training, of course, you can’t eat either)

4. Always train on the same days and at the same time! The body gets used to it and after a while, it will lead you to training. You will feel in your body that it’s the time!

5. Get enough sleep. Thanks to a sufficient amount of sleep, you will not only have time to recover after a workout but also get a better result and throughout the day you will feel cheerful and full of energy!

6. Train with a friend! It’s more fun, it’s harder to miss a workout and it’s very nice to change for the better with your best friend!)

7. Work out with a trainer. Few people have the motivation and willpower to train at full power on their own. We begin to feel sorry for ourselves, “oh, I’m tired, that’s enough”. The coach will not allow you to stop earlier than is necessary for the result!


25 May 2022

4 Tips to Improve Your Squat Technique

Do you sometimes feel that when you squat, your muscles are not fully felt or your knees hurt? 

To improve the technique, you can use a few tricks: 

  1. Turn your feet out if you can’t keep your knees. Place them slightly wider than your shoulders and turn them 45′. This will greatly reduce the number of errors.
  2. Put something under the front of your feet. It can be small dumbbells, a book, or a pancake. This way you will not fall forward, all the weight will go to the heels, and you will be able to better feel the buttocks and the back of the thigh
  3. Put a chair or bench in the back. Squat, each time touching the buttocks of this support. It is desirable that at the lower point the angle in the knee joint is 90 ′.
  4. Put an elastic band or rope around your knees if they go inward. When squatting, push your knees out to the sides to keep the band taut – this will help “turn on” your glutes.

For those who are just starting to get acquainted with physical culture and sports, we have created a program for beginners ” Starting to lose weight “. You will master the basic exercises for all muscle groups, such as squats, lunges, crunches, planks, push-ups, and many others. Workouts are built in an interval manner, which will allow you to begin to effectively burn excess fat and reduce the volume of your body. 



18 May 2022

Overtraining: Symptoms and Prevention

Overtraining is the same “sports disease” that neither beginners nor professionals are immune from. In the former, it is associated with excessive loads for an unprepared body, and in the latter it overtakes, if desired, to improve the effectiveness of training. Impatience and exercise through pain and fatigue can play a trick on you. Sports disease leads not only to a stop of progress, but also to the loss of accumulated results.



08 May 2022

Workouts against stress

Do you constantly feel tired, can’t sleep well and have problems with your appetite? The mood jumps from apathy to irritation, any little thing unbalances in a matter of seconds? These are all symptoms of stress. Be careful: long-term nervous tension can lead to severe depressive and anxiety disorders. But stress can and should be dealt with. One of the best means is fitness!



01 May 2022

7 Dangerous Exercises

Sometimes strength training can not only not bring results, but also harm health. To avoid negative consequences, it is best to turn to the services of a personal trainer, but if this is not possible and you still train on your own or under the guidance of more experienced friends, then try to avoid common misconceptions and do not perform these popular, but dangerous exercises for your body, which we wrote about in this collection. (more…)


20 Apr 2022

How to return to fitness training after a long break

After a long break in fitness training, many are trying to catch up and begin to engage in emergency mode, as they say, right off the bat. And they make a gross mistake – intensive training after a break complicates the restoration of sports form and can even lead to injuries. 

How to return to fitness training correctly and without serious consequences? How to avoid the mistakes that amateur athletes sometimes make when trying to get in shape faster? You will learn about this from our article. 

How not to return to training – the most common mistake

Returning to fitness after a long break, many believe that they can work in the same mode as before – after all, they once trained like that, which means they can now. It seems to a person that he is full of energy and enthusiasm, he can move mountains. But this is an illusion – the body, after a long absence of training, is not ready for the once familiar loads.

The physical condition of an amateur athlete after a forced downtime resembles that which he had before the start of training. As after the first classes, there will be aches and muscle pain in the body. Therefore, the load should be gentle – it is necessary to enter the form gradually.
But there is a plus – thanks to the previously created neural connections, recovery will be faster than if you do the exercises for the first time.

What happens to the body when you skip fitness, and where to start exercising

If we practically do not notice a weekly skipping workout, then a long absence of physical activity seriously affects our physical form. 

Break 2 weeks

Gradually, the fitness of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems begins to decrease – they lose a little in performance. Aerobic endurance begins to fall, but the strength qualities still remain at the same level. How to return to training after a break?

What to do: do a few fitness workouts with a load of 60-70% of the usual, and you will again be in good shape.

A set of fitness exercises is suitable not only for experienced fitness enthusiasts, but also for beginners. The last trainer advises to focus on your feelings and, if necessary, reduce the speed of the exercises.

Break month

The fitness of the cardiovascular system continues to decline – aerobic endurance is rapidly declining. Muscles begin to atrophy, causing muscle endurance to drop by 30%. Strength indicators are reduced by 10%. The accumulation of fat begins – after all, it is much easier for the body to synthesize it than muscles. Sometimes blood pressure can rise sharply.
The nervous system becomes more “nervous” – if earlier the accumulated stress was removed during fitness training, now the body “let off steam” with irascibility and aggression.

What to do: spend the first two workouts at an intensity of 50%, train for the next two weeks at 75% of the maximum. Gradually increase the load, listening to your feelings. Everything is individual, but most likely you will return to the loads you used to before the break by the beginning of the fourth week. 

Break 6 months

The body begins to work in a slower mode. The so-called “stagnation” is formed in the tissues, the lungs are no longer saturated with oxygen to the extent that when doing fitness, the heart works more slowly. Insulin sensitivity drops, metabolism slows down, body fat grows. 

What to do: get ready for the fact that for about a month you will have to train in a gentle mode. Control your condition, and even if you feel a surge of energy, do not rush to give all the best. The quieter you go, the further you’ll get. This is especially true for those who have a very short period of fitness before the break. 

Break for a year or more

During this time, the body has already got rid of metabolically active muscles and replaced them with fat cells. Insulin sensitivity decreased even more, and the risk of diabetes mellitus increased. Power characteristics have fallen by at least 50%. 

What to do: gradualness should be your motto. At first, cardio loads will be 20-30% more difficult for you, strength ones will be even harder. Increase the intensity of the loads not earlier than after 4-5 weeks.
And if after a fitness workout you are tormented by muscle pain for a week, this does not mean that the session was super effective. It was just that the load was too intense, and serious damage was done to the muscle fibers. Therefore, the body needs time to recover.
If you were in good shape before the break, in about 2 months you will restore your previous achievements.

After a break of several years

After such a long break from training, your physical characteristics are not much different from those of the average person who has never done fitness.
How to return to training after such a long break – read below.

What to do: almost the same as starting from scratch. But it will be easier and easier for you to perform all the exercises than for a beginner, because the body has muscle memory. Your body will “remember” the past experience, and with the same loads, you will gain a good athletic shape faster than someone who has never done fitness. 


12 Apr 2022