How immunity is formed and strengthened

“Maintain immunity” is a phrase that has long entered the lexicon. Many people care about their health, listen to the body and strengthen their immunity. At the same time, few people understand how immunity functions and what it consists of.

Together with Elena Selina, a nutritionist, an expert at the largest health and beauty marketplace, we figure out what is meant by immunity and the organs of the immune system.

Specific and non-specific immunity

Immunity is a set of reactions of the body to protect against genetically foreign objects for our body: bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.

There are two immunities in the body of every person: innate and acquired. The first – congenital, or specific, – a person receives from his mother, and it develops in him even in utero. It is genetically predetermined, passed from generation to generation, and automatically turns on when antigens enter the body, independently removing them from there. That is why, for example, a person cannot get sick with canine diseases.

Acquired immunity is also called nonspecific and is formed in a person throughout his life. It cannot be inherited, it must constantly independently learn to develop resistance to antigens – viruses, bacteria. And to remove them, he resorts to the help of his “brother” – innate immunity.

Where does immunity come from?

The very first person receives immunity through the mother’s placenta, then through breast milk. It is a natural, active immunity that the body learns to produce. There is also an artificial passive immunity that we get through vaccination. Ready-made antibodies or weakened microorganisms are introduced into the body, on which the immune system learns to fight certain diseases.

Organs of the immune system

The organs of the immune system are subdivided into central and peripheral. The central ones are the red bone marrow and thymus. The peripheral ones are the spleen, lymph nodes, lymphoid tissue, and appendix.

Redbone marrow is responsible for blood formation. It is in it that all cells of the immune system are born and B-lymphocytes mature.

The thymus, or thymus gland, is located in the upper chest. It produces hormones that support the body’s immune response and stimulates the production of antibodies. Also, the thymus gland is responsible for the development and distribution of lymphocytes that enter it from the red bone marrow.

The spleen is located in the left hypochondrium and is responsible for filtering blood and producing antibodies that will resist viruses and bacteria.

Lymph nodes, of which there are more than a thousand in the body. Their task is to pass lymph and lymphocytes through themselves and retain antigens. If the infection enters the body, and there are not enough lymphocytes, the body begins to intensively produce them, and the load on the lymph nodes increases significantly. At this point, they enlarge, harden and become painful.

Lymphoid tissue is a system of macrophages and lymphocytes that is present in many organs in the body. For example, it is found in the spleen, bronchi, intestines, bladder, kidneys, and many mucous membranes. The main task is to protect the body.

Appendix. Many people think that this is an unnecessary appendage. In fact, it contains a lot of lymphoid tissue, which, in turn, is part of the peripheral immune system of the body.

How to strengthen immunity

A person is able to help his body resist various infections that constantly enter the body. If all organs of the immune system are working properly, they will fight off viruses and harmful bacteria.

Strengthens the immune system with proper nutrition, exercise, walking in the fresh air, reducing stress, and taking vitamins and minerals regularly. Essential vitamins that help our immune system: Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc.


04 May 2021

Get up early and find happiness

What do you do in the first 30 minutes after the alarm rings? I can assume that if you have an alarm clock in your phone, then you either set it to another 10 minutes and turn it off or immediately hang in the phone to wake up: look at social networks, mail, read the latest posts. Do you love your morning? I don’t think you even pay attention to it.



28 Apr 2021

How to breathe properly: tips and exercises

  • Breathing is as natural as walking. Most likely, you do not even notice how you breathe, and the work of your brain, digestion, nervous system, muscles and even the structure of your face depends on it. The importance of breathing is even reflected in stable expressions:



26 Apr 2021


Squats are considered the main exercise that can transform the shape of the buttocks. But what to do for those for whom they are banned, and you really want to become the owner of the “priests-nut”? Train according to the scheme we will show you today. As a rule, squats and lunges are prohibited for people with injuries and diseases of the knees and spine.


However, in this case, it is quite possible to pump up beautiful buttocks. “Here, different variations of leg swings from a standing position or on all fours come to the rescue, as well as lifting the pelvis while lying down,” comments Anastasia Solodova, master trainer of the group programs direction of the federal network of X-fit fitness clubs and the author of the complex that we will show you today … – The training regimen is of fundamental importance here: it is important to observe a certain combination of repetitions of exercises. Relatively speaking, in one short lesson it is necessary to combine static and multi-repetitive work with a small range of motion, performing the so-called springs. ”
We asked Anastasia to design a workout taking into account all these points. Let’s start the lesson!


Start with a 10-minute warm-up (articular gymnastics is suitable), and end with stretching.
Perform the exercises in sequence. “Please note: some combinations of movements are performed first on one leg, then on the other. For example, we first perform the second and third exercises with the left foot, and then in the same sequence – with the right, – adds Anastasia Solodova. – The same goes for the fourth and fifth exercises.
Exercise 3-4 times a week.
To complete the complex, you will need a rug and a chair (or bench).


Lie on your back, place your feet on a chair (bench) so that your knees are bent at right angles. Connect your feet, press your knees together (and do not part them during the exercise), slightly twist the tailbone inward. Don’t strain your neck. As you exhale, push your pelvis upward, contracting your buttocks and relaxing your lower back. Hold at the top point for a few seconds and, with inhalation, lower yourself to the starting position. Do the exercises and move on to the next one.


Lying on your back in the starting position of the first exercise, lift your pelvis off the floor (half the amplitude). Then bring your left knee to the side and place your foot on your right thigh. With an exhalation, push the pelvis up (in full amplitude), with an inhalation, lower it again to half the amplitude (that is, do not touch the floor with your buttocks). Exercise on one leg, then immediately move on to the next movement.


From the starting position of the second exercise (the pelvis is raised above the floor in half the amplitude, the left foot is on the right thigh), push the buttocks up (to the highest point) and straighten the left leg, directing the toe to the ceiling. Fix this position for one minute, observing the breath: inhale the air through the nose, and direct the exhalation to the stomach. After completing this movement, repeat the second and third exercises on the other leg.


Get on all fours (palms under the shoulders, knees under the pelvis), do not bend in the lower back. Raise your left knee off the floor and, with your heel pointed towards the ceiling, slightly bend your leg up. As you inhale, bring your knee down, and as you exhale, push your foot up. Perform 20 repetitions of the movement, then fix the leg at the top point for a minute, and then do 9 more “springs” (that is, movements with a micro-amplitude). Without lowering your left knee to the floor, proceed to the next exercise.


From the starting position of the fourth exercise, push the left knee up, and, lowering it down, take it crosswise behind the right thigh. Perform 20 repetitions of the exercise at full amplitude, then three more “springs” at the top.

Then stretch your leg back and touch the floor with your toe. From this position, push your leg upward, directing your heel toward the ceiling. Perform 20 of these movements, then repeat all steps of the fourth and fifth exercises on the right leg.

Exercise regularly, tracking your technique and your own feelings. Try to work at a medium to slow pace – rushing can reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.


19 Apr 2021

Bodybuilding, what is there for the night? All facts about nutrition before bedtime and at night.

Nutrition is one of the main problems of bodybuilders. Moreover, the diet and eating a sufficient number of calories, delivers much more “inconvenience” than the training itself. Questions ” What is at night?” “And” Is there a night? “Cause a lot of controversy, so they require separate consideration. Let’s try to dot all the “i” in these matters.

Meals for the night

I must say right away that the night phase of sleep is very different from the daytime, so rice and meat will not be rolled before bedtime, regardless of whether you are gaining weight or burning fat.

At night, the body eats only adipose tissue, in contrast to the daily cycle. This is what provides us with a long, long and continuous sleep. Adipose tissue in the process of sleep is oxidized most actively, and those carbohydrates that we ate for dinner provide this energy exchange. There is such a catch phrase: “Fats burn in the fire of carbohydrates.” In fact, do not regard it as the fact that carbohydrates burn fat. They do not burn fat, but provide energy to the process of oxidation of fat, which also requires an easily mobilized source of energy (carbohydrates). That’s why, during intense training, athletes often consume a small amount of carbohydrate drinks., in order to stimulate the oxidation of fat. The key word here is “small amount.” A large amount will lead to discomfort during training. And if there are a lot of carbohydrates at night, then in addition to providing the process of fat oxidation, excess carbohydrates will be deposited in the form of that very fat. So what is there for the night?

About 3-4 hours before bedtime, it is better to take ordinary food (a regular dinner containing proteins, carbohydrates and a minimum of fat), so that the break in the body’s energy supply is not too big. Moreover, for dinner should account for 25-30% of the calories of your daily diet.

Next, say, 1-2 hours before bedtime, you need to take an easily digestible protein product. It can be a protein shake (the best option), or for example, cottage cheese, which is also perfectly absorbed, as well as kefir (an excellent product, about the useful properties of which I will discuss later). This will provide the body with the necessary amino acids that will be used for muscle growth and energy metabolism. With what “extra” carbohydrates the body should not be loaded. By the time of sleep our dinner will be already digested and will give the necessary amount of carbohydrates.

Food at night

A number of bodybuilding representatives insist on the need for an additional meal, and right in the middle of the night. The main reason for the recommendation, which is unusual at first glance, is a many-hour break in nutrition, which leaves the muscles of the bodybuilder without proper nourishment. So what really happens at night? Does a night break really not allow you to move towards your goal? And is it possible to boost metabolism during a night’s sleep, which takes a person’s third of his life?

Since bodybuilding is widely accepted fractional nutrition at intervals of three to four hours, a night’s sleep, lasting about 8 hours, inevitably steals at least one full meal. In order to prevent such an obvious failure in the overall plan of an athlete’s nutrition, it is proposed to wake up late at night, immersing a portion of high-quality protein. In some cases, when athletes have obvious signs of an accelerated metabolism, protein products are suggested to be combined with a certain amount of carbohydrates and vegetable fats. In cases where there is a risk of gaining excess fat reserves, it is advised to take only pure protein, preferably of powder origin. Also, as an illustration of a “night” dish, eggs from one protein are often brought. Such statements look quite convincing, especially against the background of the arguments presented. True, the important fact that the nocturnal metabolism of a person who is in deep sleep is somewhat different from the daily counterpart, when there is a peak in its activity, is ignored. During a night’s rest, the digestive system of a healthy person works half-heartedly, which means that some of the food may not be digested to the end, and its undigested residues remain in the intestine longer, and some are absorbed into the bloodstream and can poison the body. And instead of digestion, processes of rotting food occur. Therefore, excess and improper food intake at bedtime, and even more so at night, turns the night into a self-poisoning procedure. slightly different from the daily counterpart, when there is a peak in its activity. During a night’s rest, the digestive system of a healthy person works half-heartedly, which means that some of the food may not be digested to the end, and its undigested residues remain in the intestine longer, and some are absorbed into the bloodstream and can poison the body. And instead of digestion, processes of rotting food occur. Therefore, excessive and improper food intake at bedtime, and even more so at night, turns the night into a self-poisoning procedure. slightly different from the daily counterpart, when there is a peak in its activity. During a night’s rest, the digestive system of a healthy person works half-heartedly, which means that some of the food may not be completely digested, and its undigested residues remain in the intestine longer, and some are absorbed into the bloodstream and can poison the body. And instead of digestion, processes of rotting food occur. Therefore, excess and improper food intake at bedtime, and even more so at night, turns the night into a self-poisoning procedure. And instead of digestion, processes of rotting food occur. Therefore, excessive and improper food intake at bedtime, and even more so at night, turns the night into a self-poisoning procedure. And instead of digestion, processes of rotting food occur. Therefore, excess and improper food intake at bedtime, and even more so at night, turns the night into a self-poisoning procedure.

Remember, at the beginning of the article, foods that were most suitable for eating before bedtime were listed. Of these products, I would mention kefir. So the fact is that kefir extinguishes these putrefactive-fermentation processes. And extinguishes very well. Thus, after drinking kefir before bedtime, we extinguish all these bad processes (as a result of which, by the way, toxins are released during glucose fermentation), as well as provide the stomach with “helpers” in the form of beneficial bacteria. And finally, kefir is very easily digested and provides us with protein.

So, eating at night, you can not only poison your body, but also do not allow the body to fully relax, forcing the internal organs to work actively.

If this is still not enough for you, then I will present you with a number of factors about nightly eating.

Так, чтобы внести в ночную жизнь дополнительный прием пищи нужно для этого проснуться, причем сделать это придется насильственным образом – по будильнику. Тот, кто несколько раз за ночь просыпается подобным образом, на следующий день обычно обнаруживает у себя упадок сил, что явно свидетельствует о плохом качестве сна прошлой ночью. В таком состоянии не хватает сил даже на решение текущих обыденных задач, не то чтобы тренироваться в зале на повышенном уровне интенсивности. Организм открыто говорит, что суточные биоритма сбиты с привычного для себя ритма.

The argument is put forward that this phenomenon is temporary and only has to endure for two or three weeks and the body itself will adjust to the awakenings at the appointed time. The effect should be enhanced by the fact that after the same time a person’s stomach will get used to waking up with the owner, activating his secretory function at full capacity. But up to this point, you still have to endure the reluctance of the gastrointestinal tract to get into work, observing the consequences of night experiments and over the next day in the form of a lack of appetite and foodborne toxicosis caused by stagnation of undigested products.

Insisting on taking a night portion of the nutrients necessary for the athlete somewhere around two or three in the morning, proponents of the procedure emphasize that it is at this time that the effect achieved will have the greatest results. Due to the fact that in the interval from an hour to three in the morning, a sleeping person has an emission of the maximum concentration of anabolic hormones, and it is proposed to reinforce the favorable hormonal background with an additional intake of a sufficiently large amount of nutritious amino acids. It seems that everything converges – a high hormonal level and the presence of the necessary building material. But this is only in theory. After waking up at the set time, the work of the endocrine glands also fails, and in this case there is no hope for an increased anabolic background, but it is possible to release cortisol. A sure sign of this condition, confirmed by numerous studies, is reduced capacity the next day. In other words, waking up between the first and third hours of the night, a person inevitably deprives his body of the opportunity to ensure its own full recovery. It remains only to imagine what awaits the athlete after several weeks of such deliberate intervention in the system of endogenous hormonal regulation. Most likely, the result will be the exact opposite of what was intended. Disruption of processes will be the most likely outcome. a person inevitably takes away from his own body the ability to provide his own full recovery. It remains only to imagine what awaits the athlete after several weeks of such deliberate intervention in the system of endogenous hormonal regulation. Most likely, the result will be the exact opposite of what was intended. Disruption of processes will be the most likely outcome. a person inevitably takes away from his own body the ability to provide his own full recovery. It remains only to imagine what awaits the athlete after several weeks of such deliberate intervention in the system of endogenous hormonal regulation. Most likely, the result will be the exact opposite of what was intended. Disruption of processes will be the most likely outcome.recovery , which will not delay the impact on athletic success, also complicated by the acquisition of a digestive system disorder, accompanied by even greater deterioration in the absorption of incoming nutrients.

As can be seen from the foregoing, the contradiction of the recommendations regarding nocturnal food intake and the biological rhythms of the human body gives rise to doubt the competence of such statements. In addition, in order to use the capabilities of your body to the maximum, it is worth paying attention to a quality and timely meal before bedtime and immediately after morning awakening. Moreover, in both cases, you should take care of the rate of assimilation of the consumed products – the higher it is, the greater the guarantee that the nutrients reach their final goal and support muscle growth anabolism.


13 Apr 2021

Ayurvedic remedies for digestion

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, almost all ailments appear due to digestive problems. With proper functioning of the digestive system, many diseases can be prevented, and diseases that have already appeared can be eliminated.

Digestion Normalizing Drugs

Herbalax . It is considered a natural remedy based on medicinal plants to improve bowel function. The drug is a mild laxative providing easy and timely evacuation of intestinal contents. The herbs in it soften stools and relieve acute and chronic constipation, giving a person a feeling of comfort and excellent well-being. They also reduce bloating and colic.Herbolax Herbolax Himalaya.jpg

When cleansing the intestines, the water-salt balance is not disturbed. Herbalax can be used in combination with other agents to eliminate excessive gas production. The drug can be used for a long time. It does not cause physiological dependence and addiction.

The tool is used for:

invasions of helminths and protozoa;
preparation for a radiological examination of the abdominal cavity;
chronic constipation;
difficult bowel movements after surgery;
constipation with bloating and colic.
Subject to the conditions of admission, there are no side effects.

Pudin Hara. It is a popular Indian drug. It is composed of peppermint and spice oils. The tool is used if the stomach hurts, it relieves flatulence, restores the intestinal microflora.

Flatulence is a very unpleasant symptom, often requiring long-term treatment. Folk remedies, which contain components of herbal origin, have long proved to be an excellent therapy without side effects. Pudin Khara.jpg

It is a natural preparation with no contraindications. Pudin Hara is able to quickly relieve colic, flatulence, cramps and stomach pain. The product protects against infections, normalizes the microflora of the stomach. The drug must be in every person’s medicine cabinet. After consuming unhealthy food or poor quality water, the stomach can “break down”. In such a situation, Pudin Hara can become your indispensable assistant.

Healing herbs can most effectively get rid of flatulence and normalize bowel function.

The drug is prescribed in the presence of colic, cramps, abdominal pain.

Bael. Since ancient times, Bael’s fruits have been used for dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, since they normalize digestion, improve the absorption of food, and are characterized by a carminative effect. The plant is a therapy in the presence of intestinal ulcers, has anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, antiviral effects, prevents viral diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Various parts of this tree, as well as its extracts, are used for medicinal purposes. Bael is characterized by laxative, astringent, carminative properties, normalizes digestion. The drug is used for injections of poisonous fish, dangerous snake bites, intermittent fever, indigestion. In addition, it is antiviral, antibacterial, hypogenic, anthelmintic, which also stimulates the heart.Bael Himalaya

The drug is taken to solve the following problems:

with intestinal spasms;
impaired digestion;
helminthic invasions;
colitis (inflammatory processes in the large intestine with various diseases) caused by flatulence, accumulation of toxins and mucus in the intestines;
with low digestibility of food;
as a complex therapy for viral diseases;
with spills of bile, jaundice, improves the functioning of the liver;
with fermentopathy (diseases or pathological conditions caused by the absence or impairment of the activity of various enzymes) in diabetes (characterized by strong hypoglycemic activity);
in the form of complex therapy for viral diseases;
increases appetite, aids digestion;
it has a strong anthelmintic effect;
the remedy reduces Kapha dosha and Vata, balances Pitta dosha.
Bael should not be taken by children under the age of fourteen.

Digestion is a vital process that can be a hassle for anyone. These include heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and other signs of intestinal resentment.

According to Ayurveda, digestion is a process that maintains the physical health of a person, influencing the development of his consciousness. Digestion of food also determines our quality of life.


30 Mar 2021


ExPower vol. 2.0 is a system of exercises that allows you to correct muscle imbalance through functional loading that forms balance and flexibility. ExPower vol. 2.0 improves the quality of body movement, the work of muscles, joints and the cardiorespiratory system, increases endurance and relieves psycho-emotional stress.

ExPower training vol. 2.0 allows you to achieve a balance in the development of the right and left halves of the body, which reduces the risk of injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Exercise forces the body to adequately respond to any changes in the environment and is aimed at working with superficial muscles and deeply lying stabilizing muscles, which make it easy to hold the body in any position.

“First of all, we are aimed at improving people’s health, and this is precisely the functional load. To restore the body to harmony, all-round flexibility, balance and strength, we use the so-called functional exercises. Functional – because they are designed to restore the functions inherent in a healthy body, ”comments Irina Troska, fitness director of the federal chain of fitness clubs X-Fit.

ExPower training vol. 2.0 is designed for 55 minutes. Cardio and strength training with additional equipment is added to the functional intervals. For cardio, elements of martial arts are used: kicks, hands, knees, elbows, complex movements, defensive techniques.

“The peculiarity of this workout, which makes it unique in its kind, is the work on the ground. We use modern wrestling techniques: grappling, jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling and judo. All these types contain a large number of leading and preparatory exercises for mastering the technique and improving the physical qualities of those involved. We borrowed these exercises and projected them into our workout, which led to the combination of cardio and functional work in one module. In the power unit, we use additional equipment in the form of mini-barbells, ”says Ilya Frank, an expert and coordinator of the martial arts network.

ExPower vol.2.0 is suitable for intermediate to advanced training. Training involves strict adherence to the execution technique, frequency, diet and drinking regimen. For exercise, you will need high-sided sneakers and outdoor sportswear to prevent heatstroke. Training is contraindicated for epilepsy, diabetes mellitus, serious injuries and diseases of the joints and spine, as well as for diseases of the cardiovascular system.


16 Mar 2021


If you make a list of the most popular words of our time, one of the first places in it will probably take “fitness”. The very fitness for which we choose a club for a long time and meticulously, without hesitation, we buy an annual subscription and several times a week with a titanic effort of will force ourselves to get up and go to the gym.

Which is better: a fitness club or classes at home?

Previously, there were sports and physical education in our country. They learned about the existence of fitness in the USSR only in the late 80s. Gaining momentum every year, today it has become not just a fashionable hobby, but a part of modern life. Fitness is necessary for everyone! – the advertisement of sports clubs assures. Fitness is health, slimness and good mood – instructors repeat. Wait a minute! – says a potential fitness lady and voices her “buts”:

  • Going to the gym regularly takes too long
  • The subscription is too expensive
  • And in the end, it’s too crowded – I’m shy

For those who associate training in the “gym” more with stress than pleasure, it is time to think about home workouts. The advantages of self-study in a familiar environment are obvious:

  • You can manage the time by making a schedule convenient for you
  • You save a lot on subscriptions
  • You will have to pay only once – for sports equipment for the home
  • It will become much easier to study with your favorite music and alone.

Thus, without leaving your home, you can achieve results no worse than in a fitness club. The main thing is to do everything right:

  • First of all, assess your capabilities and set goals
  • Create a workout plan using specialized literature and Internet resources
  • Reconsider your diet and decide on a diet
  • And finally: buy a simulator

Pushing the limits: aerobics and anaerobic training

Before starting classes, we recommend that you thoroughly study the types of workouts. There are many more of them than a beginner thinks. For example, we have all heard a lot about aerobics and are practically unfamiliar with the so-called anaerobic training. The aerobic method or aerobics is training in which the oxygen consumed is sufficient to energize the body. As a rule, these are long-term sessions of low and medium intensity. Aerobic training is a good place to start with fitness. The anaerobic type is a workout, usually of high intensity and short duration (a few minutes), in which the body experiences short-term oxygen deprivation. With short-term exertion, breathing and heartbeat become more frequent, there is not enough oxygen, and energy begins to be consumed from more accessible sources – fat deposits.

  • strengthening the muscles,
  • improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body,
  • improving the body’s ability not to accumulate toxins (primarily lactic acid) and accelerate their elimination,
  • increased endurance.

The simplest example of the difference between aerobic activity and anaerobic activity is long distance running in a relaxed mode and sprinting for short distances. In the first case it is a classic aerobic training, in the second it is anaerobic. Fitness beginners shouldn’t jump into anaerobic workouts right away. Only after a while can you include high-intensity exercises in the program. Ideally, you need to combine both types of stress, in this case the effect on the body will be complex.

Interval workouts

One of the most effective and fastest ways to fight fat is interval cardio training or training at a “ragged” pace. This method maximizes efficiency while also shortening training time. The main idea behind interval training is to alternate between high and low intensity workouts. Studies show that if you exercise in this way for only three times a week for 15 minutes, the results will be the same as exercising on a treadmill for an hour. The uniqueness of the “interval” is that fat burning continues after training.

The main types of home fitness equipment

Treadmills – beauty and naturalness If you want to keep your body in good physical shape, home exercises on the treadmill will definitely help you with this. Your muscles will be strengthened and your heart will pump more oxygenated blood. The treadmill is perfect even for initial loads, because it is not necessary only to run on it, but you can also walk in a relaxed mode. A large selection of programs, various speed modes and incline levels will make your path to beauty and health fun and varied. Spinning the pedalsAn exercise bike is one of the most popular types of home exercise equipment. A workout that simulates cycling allows you to combine aerobic and anaerobic training, perfectly works the muscles of the legs and buttocks, improves the functioning of the respiratory system and the body as a whole. The exercise bike is small, making it ideal for home workouts. Elliptical Trainer The elliptical or cross trainer is a popular fitness machine with many functions. Many people fell in love with him for the smoothness of movements and the absence of stress on the joints. On an elliptical trainer, you can change the direction of movement, transfer the load to different muscle groups, and gently work out the whole body. In models with electromagnetic load, there is a large selection of fat burning and restorative training programs.Stepper: Climbing to the Tops Stepper is an affordable and simple trainer recommended for people of all skill levels. Steppers simulate climbing stairs, strengthens mainly the legs and buttocks. Also, classes on the stepper have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory system. With levers or hand grips, the shoulder girdle can also be worked out pretty well.

Nutrition, diet, exercise diary

The effect of training will not be so noticeable if a special regime and nutritional composition are not connected to your active rhythm of life. It is very important to decide on the type of diet, to be able to count calories, to know the principles of separate nutrition. Each of these points is worthy of a separate article. A training diary plays a very important role in sports . In it, you write down the strength indicators and the number of repetitions performed. Such a diary is especially important for beginners, as it will allow them to become more disciplined and motivate for new “exploits”.

Your personal diary should contain the following information:

  • Training date, week number
  • Body weight
  • Warm up and cool down notes
  • Your own assessment of the lesson on a five-point scale
  • Duration of workout
  • Do not be lazy to keep a diary, because based on its data, you can visually assess your progress in training, find weaknesses and strong decisions that will lead you to success.

And home is better!

So, let’s consolidate all the benefits of training that you will get without even leaving your home:

  • Extra calories will “run away”
  • Your muscles will be strengthened
  • The general tone and immunity will increase
  • Performance and endurance will improve

Of course, classes in a fitness club have their advantages, but only at home can you work on yourself calmly and focused, without being distracted by extraneous noise and without being embarrassed by your neighbors in the gym. And let the purchase of a simulator be as enjoyable for you as independent work on yourself. Sportiv online store will be happy to help you create your personal fitness club.


07 Mar 2021


Running is the easiest form of exercise available to keep your body in good shape. Moreover, you do not need to spend money on a fitness club and go jogging at home, where, as you know, there is no snow, no wind, no rain. But there is a treadmill. Walking and jogging will cheer you up, give you a boost of vivacity for the whole day and help improve muscle tone throughout the body.

Features of the device of treadmills

Most models provide the ability to control the intensity of the workout: you can change the speed of the treadmill depending on your physical condition. In addition to the speed of the treadmill, you can also change the angle of its inclination – this is another option of the simulator.

Also on a special monitor you can see the number of calories burned, track the time of the lesson and find out the distance traveled. If you want to track the dynamics of training, the memory of the simulator has a function for saving the results of previous exercises. To buy a treadmill for your home use our tips for choosing .

Benefit for health

With each treadmill workout, your muscles will strengthen and your heart will begin to pump more oxygenated blood. As you run, your waistline shrinks, your figure improves, and unwanted body fat is a thing of the past. If you don’t want to catch a cold, use the machine for 45 minutes, five times a week, and the likelihood that the flu will bypass you increases by 50%.
Despite the “running” name, this simulator is suitable even for the elderly and weakened people, because you can not only run, but also walk. The treadmill will be an excellent solution for people suffering from osteoporosis, arterial hypertension, and back pain. However, do not forget about contraindications.

Pros of Daily Treadmill Exercise

  • when running, calories are burned more intensively;
  • when exercising on a treadmill, all muscles are trained;
  • metabolism will improve;
  • the work of the spine, as well as joints, will improve;
  • running has a calming effect, because during training endorphins are produced – the so-called “hormones of happiness”;
  • psychological fatigue will go away;
  • working capacity will be increased;
  • the work of the heart and blood vessels will improve.

Simple training rules

  • Exercise in the morning. It is in the morning that calories are burned most intensively.
  • The time you should spend on training is 30-40 minutes.
  • Drink water. Do not allow dehydration of the body.
  • Start your activity with a slow run for a few minutes. Before finishing your workout, you need to slow down your running pace and allow your body to cool down, after which it is recommended to walk for a few minutes.
  • Watch your pulse, it should be no more than 130 beats per minute.
  • Breathe rhythmically.
  • Listen to music, because running to your favorite songs will be much more enjoyable and interesting.

05 Mar 2021


Physically active people who constantly keep their muscles in good shape manage to organically weave training into their lives. Classes in the fitness club give them pleasure and joy, help them cope with pressing problems, and serve as a source of strength necessary for their main activity.

For beginners, it is easier to adapt with some theoretical training. It has been established that for the correct selection of the diet, the system of physical activity and the time for its implementation, one should take into account the physique, the features of which are inherent in the genotype. Bodybuilders prefer Sheldon’s classification, dividing people according to morphological characteristics into three categories:

  • Endomorphs are people with a slow metabolism, prone to obesity and losing weight with great difficulty.
  • Mesomorphs are proportional, looking like real athletes if desired. Looking ahead, we can say that their activity is almost equally effective at any time of the day.
  • Ectomorphs – they are characterized by thin, long arms and legs, thinness, sinewy, hard-to-develop muscles.

However, in reality, all these signs are found in every person.

The choice of time for training also largely depends on the chronotype and type of higher nervous activity.


Most suitable for “larks” who can easily get out of bed early morning. It is believed that early exercise, especially on an empty stomach, is optimal for endomorphs, since the body needs to intensively burn stored fats to obtain the necessary energy. And the increased metabolism persists for many hours.

Other benefits:

  • During classes in the fitness club, you acquire a charge of vivacity and strength for the whole day, a good mood, a willingness to master knowledge or perform feats of labor;
  • discipline is brought up. Practice has shown that it is much easier to train yourself to go in for sports in the morning than after a hard day’s work;
  • if you prefer to go outside, you can enjoy the clean fresh air, low crowds, no distractions;
  • the body rested overnight is ready to work in full force. Morning is the best time to lose weight.


  • the person is not yet fully awake, the muscles are not warmed up, so the warm-up should be carried out completely and in accordance with all the rules;
  • before strength training , you must definitely eat a hearty meal, which will also take time;
  • Intense physical activity early in the day can cause overwhelming apathy and fatigue by the end of the day.


They are considered the most versatile, suitable for people of any physique and chronotype. Group fitness programs during this time can be attended by schoolchildren, students, and adults with flexible working hours.


  • the upcoming lesson obliges you to have lunch, but does not allow overeating, which has a beneficial effect on the beauty of the figure;
  • by four o’clock in the afternoon, the body temperature rises, the lungs function perfectly – these are optimal conditions for running, dancing , stretching, cycling, crossfit, aerobics and other group fitness programs that involve intense physical activity;
  • physical activity perfectly relieves stress experienced in the morning;
  • improved blood supply to the brain will allow you to continue working fruitfully and cope with complex tasks;
  • at this time, endurance, which is important for resistance exercises, increases, and muscle mass grows better.


  • suddenly arising urgent matters can disrupt the planned trip to the gym ;
  • if it happens during lunchtime, there may not be enough time to complete the entire planned complex.


Most suitable for ectomorphs and “owls” that develop vigorous activity closer to sunset. And in general, group fitness workouts gather at such a time the maximum number of participants. This is not surprising, because the most common working hours of offices and institutions are from 9.00 to 18.00.


  • in the early evening, at 5-6 o’clock, strength training with weights, requiring considerable endurance, as well as exercises for pumping up muscles, are most productive;
  • after 7 pm, yoga, body flex, stretching, body & mind , etc. are preferable . They allow you to get rid of the stress accumulated during the day and relax. The exercises included in the complexes strengthen different muscle groups, form a beautiful posture, develop flexibility that prolongs youth;
  • a person who has eaten 1.5–2 hours before a workout will not gorge on before bedtime.


  • physical activity makes people with a labile nervous system agitated, preventing them from falling asleep for a long time. Therefore, the advice of qualified specialists is to finish classes before 10 pm, giving yourself time to calm down. Later, it is advisable only for a relaxing swimming ;
  • people who are not very organized may have several reasons during the day that prevent them from going to the gym after work. This is banal laziness, and a spoiled mood, and an invitation to meet with friends, so it takes a lot of willpower not to succumb to temptation.


Few of the working people can afford group fitness workouts in the morning or in the evening in accordance with theoretical calculations, and there is no one hundred percent connection between the time of training and their results. Regularity, perseverance, desire, mood for success are important. The body itself will tell you what it needs, and then you will not have to torture it – the results will not be long in coming.

Whatever type of physical activity a person is fond of, the main goal should be to improve health, improve health, and improve the quality of life. In addition to the correct selection of exercises, a balanced diet, sound sleep, and proper rest will help to achieve this.


20 Feb 2021