Performing squats correctly will help get your body in shape and strengthen your glutes, abs, and legs. During such training, the muscles of the spine also work – the posture straightens and becomes even. Calves and lower back are also loaded. (more…)


26 Jul 2020


Almost all newbies in the gym are wondering: how can you quickly build muscle? Let us explain how. The main thing is to strictly follow the plan: do not miss workouts, monitor the regimen and diet, exercise systematically, follow the coach’s recommendations. (more…)


21 Jul 2020


Female bodybuilding

The main goal of bodybuilding is the aesthetic improvement of the body. And do not think that bodybuilding is an activity that is designed exclusively for men. It is important for a woman to understand and not be afraid that the allocated muscles will lead to a masculine appearance. It should be noted that the structural features of the female muscles and subcutaneous fatty tissue will not allow increasing excessively large muscle volumes. A woman can safely engage in bodybuilding for her pleasure and not be afraid that he can affect the appearance for the worse. For those who still doubt, I advise you to read the article: ” Myths about female athleticism .”

Female bodybuilding today is a sport that is becoming more and more popular. Why?

The goal of most women in the gym is to get rid of excess weight and give their figure more feminine and mouth-watering forms.

The first task (getting rid of excess weight) can easily be handled by various aerobic loads (running, an exercise bike, various “steps” or just doing shaping or aerobics).

As for shaping, aerobic loads are not able to give volume as much as power. Aerobic exercise only leads to muscle tone. And in order to have, for example, round and elastic buttocks, you will have to perform strength exercises. Therefore, to give shape to all the muscles of your body – you need to perform all bodybuilding exercises for women .

Female bodybuilding is no longer a phrase that causes fear among most women, but a sport that can make our body beautiful and strong.

Bodybuilding exercises for women

Exercises specifically for women there. Both women and men perform the same bodybuilding exercises.

This is explained quite simply: the structure of the skeleton, muscles, as well as the functioning of the body as a whole, are the same for women and men, and the muscles grow according to the same principles. Therefore, the exercises in bodybuilding are the same for them.

The only difference is in the training program itself. To do this, at the beginning, you must define your goal:

lose weight and “pump up” ;
gain muscle mass ;
make your body more embossed .
And depending on your goal, choose a bodybuilding training program .


13 Jul 2020


How to quickly gain weight, muscle mass without harm to health at home or in the gym for thin people (ectomorphs).

Is it not true that many young people ask this question, especially people of an asthenic type of physique, and indeed, “by nature” they have the less inherent potential for gaining muscle mass. (more…)


07 Jul 2020

Exercises for the chest in the gym

How to pump up your chest, tighten, give it elasticity and beautiful shape in the gym

I repeat female breasts are the first thing that men involuntarily pay attention to. Elastic, beautiful in shape and of a decent size, she talks about the good physical shape of a woman, (more…)


14 May 2020

Antioxidants and their benefits. Sources of Antioxidants

What are free radicals?

These are by-products of respiration and metabolic processes. These are unstable complexes that cause a chain oxidation reaction that damages the cells and tissues of our body in the form of diseases and premature aging. (more…)


07 Apr 2020

Glycemic index of products. GI table. High and low glycemic index

In the 21st century, people are increasingly confronted with the concept of “glycemic index” , or GI. Sometimes it seems so often that I have the impression that most people really understand what the term means. (more…)


04 Apr 2020

Why do people get fat?

For many years now, the epidemic of overweight has spread around the world. Today   there are more fat children than 10 years ago, and the percentage of people who are overweight and obese is growing among all social classes. Each year, the number of patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and other similar diseases is increasing, and the main culprit is overweight. (more…)


24 Mar 2020

Water. The importance of hydration in life and in sports. Myths and facts about water.

Water is an integral part of all cells, tissues, and organs of our body and all processes occurring in it. Therefore, water is a vital substance and a very important factor in bodybuilding. Our body on   75% consists of water,    and the muscles themselves   – approximately 70%.



20 Mar 2020

Water and weight loss. Dehydration

The body’s need for water takes second place after the need for oxygen!

Water regulates temperature and body weight, carries nutrients to cells, removes decay products from the body and performs many different functions. Almost all life processes in the body occur with the participation of water. (more…)


25 Feb 2020