9 spices for weight loss

The main work in the body is performed by metabolic processes. It is on these processes that the well-being of a person and the functioning of all systems and organs depend.

The main factor influencing the metabolic rate is diet and food preferences. To keep your metabolism high, you need to control the amount of carbohydrates by replacing fast carbohydrates (various types of simple sugars and confectionery) with slow ones (cereals, pasta).

Adhering to the principles of a healthy diet, the salt content in food is reduced. The food becomes insipid and not too varied, only professional athletes can afford to vary the menu in a wide range, ordinary people are limited to a standard set of salads with oil dressing and a great fitness dish – chicken and rice.

Appetite drops, mood too, metabolism slows down. Seasonings will come to the rescue. Several types of spices increase the basal metabolic rate and aid in weight loss.

• Anise One of the most ancient spices. Improves intestinal peristalsis. It is used in the preparation of beef, vegetable salads, sauces. Added to rice and oatmeal.

• Ginger. Ginger, brought to Europe from South Asia, was used as one of the means of combating the spread of the plague. Ginger normalizes digestion, fat metabolism, accelerates the metabolic rate by 20%. It is used in the preparation of salads, desserts and drinks.

• Cayenne pepper. The spice has unique properties, one of which is the ability to act on blood vessels. Cayenne pepper helps lower sugar levels, increases basal metabolic rate, and suppresses hunger. Capsacin, which gives peppers a pungent taste, raises body temperature. This is followed by an increase in energy consumption. The effect lasts up to two hours. It is used as a seasoning for fish, meat, dressings and marinades.

• Cardamom. In Indian folk medicine, the use of cardamom is due to its strong fat-burning properties. Cardamom helps to cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and improve the processes of assimilation and digestion of food. It is used in the preparation of almost all soups, goes well with rice and potatoes.

• Cinnamon. Cinnamon contains a substance that helps reduce the rate of absorption of fats. The herb helps lower blood sugar levels. An indispensable spice in confectionery and preservation: buns, cakes, creams and desserts. Additive to hot and cold lamb and pork dishes.

• Turmeric. Turmeric accelerates all processes in the body, the deposition of fats slows down, the activity of microflora in the intestine increases, and sugar levels are regulated. Used in gravies, marinades. As a spice suitable for cooking meat and vegetables.

• Black pepper. Activates the processes of digestion, normalizes lipid metabolism. Substances contained in the seasoning increase the metabolic rate. The most common spice, added to marinades, cheeses, sausages and cured meats. When cooking, it is suitable for meat, vegetables, game.

• Mint. When used in food, it reduces the feeling of hunger. It is added to drinks, in home cooking it is used in the preparation of poultry dishes.

• Curry. A mixture of spices. Strong fat burning effect, with a long lasting effect. This spice is added to chicken dishes. Curry sauces have a very interesting taste.


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