We have prepared 7 tips that will make your workout more effective and enjoyable.

1. Can’t start exercising? BUY YOUR NEW BEAUTIFUL TRAINING SHAPE! No girl can resist showing off the new thing that she loves so much. And then you will get involved)

2. Warm-up. Don’t forget, this is a very important part of the workout! Not warming up the muscles – you just can get injured during the workout. That is why the coach will not let you go to training if you are late for the warm-up. He thus worries about your health!

3. Eat before your workout! Under no circumstances should you train hungry. You simply will not have the strength to train and you will not train at full strength. Eat-in 1.5-2 hours. Before training, of course, you can’t eat either)

4. Always train on the same days and at the same time! The body gets used to it and after a while, it will lead you to training. You will feel in your body that it’s the time!

5. Get enough sleep. Thanks to a sufficient amount of sleep, you will not only have time to recover after a workout but also get a better result and throughout the day you will feel cheerful and full of energy!

6. Train with a friend! It’s more fun, it’s harder to miss a workout and it’s very nice to change for the better with your best friend!)

7. Work out with a trainer. Few people have the motivation and willpower to train at full power on their own. We begin to feel sorry for ourselves, “oh, I’m tired, that’s enough”. The coach will not allow you to stop earlier than is necessary for the result!


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