4 Tips to Improve Your Squat Technique

Do you sometimes feel that when you squat, your muscles are not fully felt or your knees hurt? 

To improve the technique, you can use a few tricks: 

  1. Turn your feet out if you can’t keep your knees. Place them slightly wider than your shoulders and turn them 45′. This will greatly reduce the number of errors.
  2. Put something under the front of your feet. It can be small dumbbells, a book, or a pancake. This way you will not fall forward, all the weight will go to the heels, and you will be able to better feel the buttocks and the back of the thigh
  3. Put a chair or bench in the back. Squat, each time touching the buttocks of this support. It is desirable that at the lower point the angle in the knee joint is 90 ′.
  4. Put an elastic band or rope around your knees if they go inward. When squatting, push your knees out to the sides to keep the band taut – this will help “turn on” your glutes.

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