What to do if training does not bring results

What to do if training does not bring results? For many who decide to devote hours of their free time to training, a complex of inefficiency arises. It would seem that a lot of effort is being spent to achieve the desired result, and the matter is barely moving (or not moving) from a dead point: the weight remains the same, the muscles have not become stronger, and seeing this mood completely falls into decay. What are the reasons for this injustice? Why do classes fail?

There is no definite answer to these questions, but there are several common most common errors, the elimination of which will allow reaching the required level.

1. Training is inconsistent.

Ask yourself: how often do you go to the gym? If less than 2 times a week, then you should not be surprised at the lack of results. Classes and activities should be systematic and ongoing. Optimal is considered a 2-time visit to the gym per week. In addition to quantity, the quality of training is important. The load should increase steadily, always alternating rest and strength approaches.

2. Diverse loads.

Get creative with your training program. Do not stop at the same gym or step aerobics. Try yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, and cycle, as well as martial arts. Such a comprehensive development of muscles will allow not only to experience new sensations but also to accelerate the process of burning excess calories. Due to the fact that muscles and ligaments learn new movements, they begin to work at full strength, saving you from extra centimeters.

3. High-calorie intake.

What to do if training does not bring results? As you know, all diets are based on the rule: calorie intake should not be more than a waste. If everything happens the other way around, then, despite training, the body will only accumulate unnecessary mass. Therefore, carefully consider your diet, it should be as balanced and rational as possible.

4. Lack of sleep.

Lack of sleep not only negatively affects the body, but also negatively affects the figure as extra centimeters. For this reason, try to provide yourself with a full 8 – 9 hours of sleep.


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