5 tips to help you regain your motivation for sports.


Many lose motivation in sports due to boredom caused by the monotony of the process. Diversify your training program with new exercises, go to a trainer, ask him for advice on training, watch videos on YouTube with professional training (but again, consult with a trainer on the correct implementation of a new exercise). If you practice music, periodically change it, while leaving in your playlist only your favorite songs, even if they are not very suitable for a particular sport


Each athlete sets himself specific goals. If they are large, you need to break them into several small ones. These include proper nutrition, training, taking sports supplements, and more. Everything that is not on the list becomes a real challenge for a person, especially during a period of loss of motivation.

Each workout will allow you to gain muscle mass, do several additional repetitions through “I can’t”, run a greater distance, spend less time walking, etc. Every minute is an opportunity to do something useful and right for yourself, you must use it. The challenge is a kind of concentration on the “here and now”, at the beginning it will be difficult every time to push yourself, in time, you will get a taste.

Fighting Depression

Playing sports is one of the best reactions to a difficult situation. Depression can be overcome only by obtaining a large number of positive emotions, active training can achieve this. If you have already practiced some kind of sport and don’t feel motivated, ask yourself “What kind of sport will help me get rid of depression now?” Listen to the

first answer that comes to your mind. Try to go to group
classes: Crossfit, Cycle, Martial Arts, Yoga, Stretching, Dancing. Change the approach to the training process, diversify it and get additional motivation in sports.


The easiest and most effective way to return motivation. Ask yourself, “Why do I need sports?” If you know the exact answer, the old motivation will immediately return to you or a new one will appear. 


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