Diets vs balanced nutrition: the struggle for harmony!

Diets vs balanced nutrition

As a rule, we are very inattentive to what we eat daily. Neglecting the norms and culture of nutrition leads to the problem of excess weight, and only then there is a need for regulation of our diet. In this case, a dilemma often arises: choose an ultramodern diet or resort to a balanced diet?

The effect of different types of diets on the body

People choose different ways to lose weight: daily training, taking medications for weight loss, fasting, diets. Statistics show that the latter option is the most popular because it gives hope for a quick result. But how effective and beneficial are diets for our bodies?

There are many diets, and all of them are based on certain restrictions. For example, many people choose one nutritious product and prepare all the dishes from it. Others prefer to eat only protein foods, excluding carbohydrates from their own diet. If you persevere and follow all the rules of the chosen diet, it often turns out to be very effective – extra pounds disappear before our eyes. Meanwhile, the emerging prospects of rapid weight loss do not convince experts of the appropriateness of restrictive measures. Numerous medical studies indicate their detrimental effects on health. For example, consuming only one product over a long period leads to a serious undermining of the immune system, sleep disturbances, and allergies. Protein diet provokes digestive problems, poor mood and increased risk of infertility.

The effect of balanced nutrition on the state of the body

A good alternative to diets is a balanced diet. It is based on the inclusion in the product menu of the quantity and quality that the body needs for normal functioning. In particular, daily we need to consume more than 50 components: amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, minerals, various vitamins, and others. In this case, a certain ratio of elements must be observed. A lack or overabundance of certain ingredients is dangerous to health: metabolic processes, development of pathologies are possible.

Compliance with the balanced nutrition formula increases the body’s resistance to aggressive factors of influence, improves physical well-being, mental performance, and health in general.

Why is this method of losing weight less popular than dieting? The reason lies in our impatience because we strive to get rid of the hated extra pounds as quickly as possible. If you eat balanced, the weight goes away gradually, and diets promise a quick goal. However, in the first case, we have ensured good health and a stable result, and in the second there is a real threat to the development of pathologies and the return of the previous weight.

So what’s better: Diet vs. Balanced diet


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