Cardio training – the path to excellence!

Cardio training – the path to excellence!

Cardio in Latin means heart. Accordingly, these are training sessions, which, first of all, develop the cardiovascular system and improve the functioning of the heart. This occurs due to increased blood circulation under the influence of physical activity. Exercises that force you to increase your heart rate, as well as those that can maintain a given pace, are called cardio training.

They increase the overall endurance of the body, including due to an increase in lung volume.

Also, they affect metabolism, accelerate metabolism, due to which there is an effective weight loss. Weight loss with the help of cardio training leads, among other things, to the formation of a beautiful figure. Without sagging skin, stretch marks and other troubles that accompany weight loss only on the basis of reducing caloric intake.

Cardio workouts have a significant impact on health. The human body was originally designed for motor activity, so a return to their natural destination significantly improve the objective indicators of health. The level of bad cholesterol in the blood decreases, blood pressure normalizes, and the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes is reduced.

Exercise increases the level of endorphin in the blood, the so-called hormone of joy. Therefore, people who lead an active lifestyle are usually not susceptible to depression, effectively resist stress and are less likely to suffer from insomnia.

How to plan a cardio workout?

Before proceeding with a cardio workout (with the possible exception of walking), you need to consult a  fitness technologist or a trainer.  This condition is considered unconditional if you are not young, have chronic diseases.

An important rule of cardio training is gradualness. Start practicing for half an hour two to three times a week, gradually increasing the duration of the training and their intensity.

I need to be guided both by my subjective well-being and by the intensity of my heart rate (pulse). This indicator needs to be monitored and monitored very carefully if there are any diseases.

Heart rate during training

Heart rate (pulse) is an important indicator of both the effectiveness of cardio workouts and their safety. It can be used to determine when and how to increase the intensity so that the training brings the maximum benefit, while not causing damage to health.

To determine the pulse there are special devices (heart rate monitor). As well as special formulas for calculating the maximum allowable heart rate at your age.

A treadmill is a solution to all problems. It is the treadmill installed in the gym that is considered the best solution for any athlete. Cardio training for burning fat on such a device is achieved due to the specific capabilities of the mechanical device, which are impossible during a regular run in the park. It should be noted that the treadmill is able to change the angle of rising from 1 to 15%. This is quite enough to raise your pulse as much as possible even with a slow step. The speed of the running belt is also adjustable – up to tenths of the speed can be adjusted from 0 to 15 km / h. Treadmills are equipped with a heart rate monitor that monitors the load.

It is also possible to use elliptical and exercise bikes.  They are quite suitable for classes.

And remember that cardio training is individual for any person. The main thing is to always remember that any load on the body also affects the cardiovascular system. Which in no case should be overloaded, otherwise getting rid of one problem, you can buy another.


Movement is life! Sport is daily work on yourself. Never stand still. And remember, everything is in your hands!



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