Pamping: pump up your muscles fast

The fashionable word pumping is a type of training and the use of weights, dumbbells and other weights. Rather, it is the effect of training, when the muscles seem to be “pumped up.” How does this work?


The word “pumping” is from English and translates as a “pump”. Those who watch the changes involved from the side sometimes joke that the muscles “pump up” from here and the name went. Jokes are jokes, but it really works. No, not a pump literally.

Due to intense training, metabolic products that carry water come into the cells. Because of this, the muscles tighten and increase in volume in a short period. It turns out to achieve, so to speak, a “cosmetic” effect. It is because of this that bodybuilders, athletes and actors often use this technique for filming in films.

How to perform pumping?

To perform the exercises it is necessary to use not very large weight, but it is very fast and with great power. Therefore, burning sensation in the muscle should occur. Which sways. It is necessary to do as many approaches as possible with minimal rest time. The optimal number of 10-15 repetitions in 3 sets on the upper body and 15-20 on the lower. Training is carried out in incomplete amplitude, the muscles work as a pump.

Pamping can be done separately or performed in combination with other exercises. To do this, for a start, it is enough to supplement the training, completing it with a pumping of a couple of exercises.

The benefits of pumping

  • It’s easy to follow the right technique, which means there’s a great chance of success
  • An excellent workout for individual muscle groups, which provides a high neuromuscular connection.

Disadvantages of pumping

  • If you do not maintain shape, then the effect of pumping disappears much faster than after pumping up muscles in another way.
  • When “drying” the body, pumping is ineffective, since it starts to burn muscles, and not the fat layer.

If you want to have a sculptured body, then with systematic exercises with pumping, you will surely succeed! So it is not necessary to pump up to the state of bodybuilders, you can stop at the desired result at any time.


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