What are the dangers of the keto diet

In recent years, the keto diet has become extremely popular. This diet is presented as the most effective. But is this really so and what health problems it can lead to – experts told RBC about this.

What is a keto diet
The keto diet got its name from the term “ketosis” – a state that develops as a result of carbohydrate starvation of cells when the body begins to break down fat for energy and to form a large number of ketone bodies. In the event of a shortage of carbohydrates in the body, the liver begins the reproduction of ketone bodies from fatty acids. As a result, there is a change in the balance of BJU and the burning of fat in the body begins.

The keto diet was created in 1921. Since 2018, it has been the most popular diet in the world.

In February 2019, shares of Weight Watchers (co-owned by Oprah Winfrey, a company providing weight loss services through traditional diets) fell 34% after a report with low earnings and sales. At its peak in July 2018, Weight Watchers was valued at $500 million. And from July 2018 to February 2019, the stock was down 80%. The CEO of the company, Mindy Grossman, attributed the problem to the growing popularity of the keto diet. At the same time, shares of Diet Doctor, a keto diet promoter, rose.

But it is worth noting that the keto diet has many opponents. Some experts consider it unhealthy. Therefore, before starting any diet, it is always necessary to consult a doctor.

The keto diet suggests cutting out sugar in all its forms, and cutting out other high-carbohydrate foods is also recommended. Meat, fish, and low-carb vegetables form the basis of the keto diet. If you start eating in accordance with the keto diet, then a third of the entire diet will be fats, 20% percent will be proteins, and only 5% will be carbohydrates. Supporters of the keto diet attribute the following factors to its advantages:

the keto diet does not involve fasting, which means there will be no breakdowns;
the keto diet is distinguished by a variety of allowed foods;
The keto diet is an easy-to-prepare meal.
When following a keto diet, it is recommended to introduce vegetable and animal fats into the diet (cold-pressed oil, fatty meats, etc.). Sour cream, milk and cheeses are welcome. Vegetables are only green (cucumbers, spinach, salads, zucchini, broccoli, etc.). In drinks, preference should be given to pure water, green tea. There are three types of keto diets.

Standard. Suitable for those who decide to try it for the first time, it allows you to lose weight. There are no strict time periods for carbohydrate intake. The amount of BJU during the diet will not change (the duration of the diet cycle is 28 days). This option is suitable for people with low physical activity.

Target . There is already a need to take carbohydrates at certain time intervals. This allows those who are actively involved in sports to increase the effectiveness of training. Otherwise, this option corresponds to the standard type of diet.

Cyclic . This option is suitable for those who have already applied a diet and are actively involved in sports. In this option, you need to clearly understand the moment when you need a carbohydrate charge, that is, the moment when the level of glycogen in the muscles is rapidly equal to zero.


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