Keto diet or fats for weight loss

The ketone diet or keto diet is a method of eating with a complete rejection of carbohydrate foods, but with the highest possible consumption of fats. This is the most popular diet at the moment in the world. With its help, you can easily lose extra pounds without bothering to count kilocalories.

What is the Keto Diet?

Initially, the keto diet was used to treat children with epilepsy. This type of food causes the body to use fats as the main form of energy. To work, the brain needs glucose, which it receives from the processing of carbohydrates. But if there are no carbohydrates in the diet, then the liver begins to process fat. From processing, fatty acids are obtained and the basis of the ketone diet – ketone bodies. It is they, with a low-carbohydrate diet, that are the source of energy for the brain. And the process of Ketosis is a process in which the level of ketone bodies increases, which in turn reduces the risk of an epileptic seizure.
Despite the seriousness of the process, the Keto diet proved to be excellent in terms of weight loss. This type of food allows the body to burn excess fat and use it as the main source of energy. Which, in turn, helps to preserve glycogen in the liver during heavy loads: marathons, cycling, etc. The keto diet has attracted the attention of world stars and constantly losing weight IT workers. Their attention was drawn to the fact that you can eat a lot of fatty foods and at the same time not bother with weighing portions and counting kilocalories.

The basic principles of nutrition according to the Keto system.

– Fats are the basis of nutrition. From the daily diet – this is 70 – 80 percent. Such figures do not seem
real, but this is only the beginning. With experience, you can easily create your own personal menu and
get the right fats.
– Protein intake is reduced as much as possible, the daily rate should be less than one gram per kilogram of muscle. The main thing when calculating to take into account this moment is that it is muscle mass, and not body weight.
– Carbohydrates, or rather their restriction. The hardest part of the diet. You need to use only 20 grams per kilogram of muscle.
It sounds scary and hard, but in practice, the lack of carbohydrates in this diet is perceived by the body much easier than on other diets.

Foods allowed on Keto. Contraindications.

The biggest plus of the Keto diet is a wide list of allowed foods, you definitely won’t have to starve. Especially this type of food will be appreciated by meat-eaters and lovers of fat. After all, the most important rule of Keto nutrition is the fatter the better! We just choose from the main list of products: meat, fish, oils and fats, milk, nuts, vegetables – the fattest and fattest dressings. Yes, yes, and in the morning scrambled eggs it is desirable, even mandatory, to add bacon. The main thing is not to forget to monitor the amount of protein in the products so as not to go over one mandatory gram per kilogram of muscle.

List of products:
– meat, all kinds and the fatter the better;
– all fish and according to the principle of meat;
– chicken eggs;
– all possible milk, the only exception is milk, it can be quite a bit.
– all available vegetable oils;
– nuts can be eaten, but in limited quantities;
– vegetables, most importantly not containing starch;
– from drinks you can tea, coffee, most importantly without sugar, water.

The main contraindication of the Keto diet is any disease, including chronic, kidney and liver. Any other diseases with impaired metabolism. The keto diet is strictly prohibited during pregnancy. It is not recommended to combine Keto with a lot of alcohol. It is forbidden to combine the Keto diet and taking a large list of drugs, including drugs for high cholesterol. The main requirement is to drink plenty of water.

The most important requirement before starting nutrition according to the Keto system is a consultation with a therapist, this is the delivery of all tests. A person must make sure that the body is healthy and ready for such a test. After all, any diet is a big stress for the body.


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