5 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should Know!

Myth #1. Strength training will make you muscular and masculine.

No wonder this is the most popular myth among ladies. Regular strength training will not make you muscular. Why? The explanation is simple. Women cannot synthesize enough testosterone (one of the main anabolic hormones) naturally like men. In this regard, it is impossible for women to gain significant muscle mass simply by lifting heavy objects.

When you think of strength training, the image of a female bodybuilder probably comes to mind. Most of these women use anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) as well as other supplements to develop a similar physique. Plus, you’ll need to spend hours in the gym lifting weights to achieve these results, and let’s not forget that most female bodybuilders are genetically predisposed to bulking up!

Female bodybuilders don’t look like this by chance. It takes a huge amount of effort, backed up by synthetic testosterone and the right genetics. If you are just training without steroids, you have nothing to worry about. Moreover, this way you will get rid of cellulite and get a toned figure, like fitness models from magazines.


Myth #2: Strength training won’t help you burn fat.

If we want to lose weight and burn belly fat, we need to do the same cardio until we pass out, right?
Completely wrong.

Monotonous cardio training is not the most effective method of losing weight! If you want to achieve fast and lasting results in burning fat, focus on strength training!

Myth #3: Strength training will instantly melt your bust.

In strength training, the body burns calories not only during the workout itself, but also for several hours after it. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, your body will focus on fat stores to correct the calorie deficit. Remember that you are burning fat from all parts of the body, not just from the chest. If your body fat level does not drop below 12% (which is very difficult and potentially harmful to a woman’s health), you have nothing to worry about.
But you will be disappointed to know that the reverse is not possible. The breast is mainly composed of adipose tissue. Therefore, you will not be able to increase the bust if you start lifting weights.


Myth number 4. Strength training will make you stiff and immobile.

If you perform the exercises with the right technique, your flexibility will not only not decrease, but will increase significantly. Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, swings, and bench presses provide a full range of motion. That is, by performing these exercises correctly and safely, you will become more flexible and mobile.

Myth number 5.
If you stop exercising, your muscles will turn into fat.

It’s like saying that gold can turn into silver. Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue. When you decide to stop exercising, you will begin to lose muscle mass due to lack of physical activity. In addition, most people stop dieting. A slow metabolism combined with a poor diet makes it look like your muscles are magically turning into fat. But what actually happens is that you lose muscle mass due to decreased activity and gain fat due to poor nutritional choices.


Conclusion. Ladies, just because you train like a man doesn’t mean you start looking like a man! For those of you who want to tone up your body and get rid of excess fat, there is no reason to be afraid of weight in the gym. And the next time you’re wondering which weight loss strategy to choose, read on for more information about it.


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