Top 8 Best Home Workouts

Interesting exercises of your choice. Here are a few suggestions that can safely be called “the first league of home exercises.” They require a minimum amount of equipment and you will make any of them, both in the beginner and advanced versions of yourself.

Burpee is a simple full body exercise.

Get down, get up, jump up. The exercise is ingenious in its simplicity. It is suitable as a warm-up for a trained athlete, as well as the most intense part of a beginner’s workout. Get into a push-up position with a wide grip. After you have thrown your legs back, immediately return them to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe palms, skipping the push-up phase. Take one jump and return to the starting position.

Squat and jump

The quadriceps muscle of the legs is one of the strongest in our body, so it is difficult to strengthen it at home. Do a full squat, but once you start lifting, make it more dynamic. Jump as high as you can, but be careful not to hit your head on the ceiling.

Important: smoothly move to the next squat to soften the landing. If that’s not possible, jump a little lower and do smaller squats.

Pull-ups on the bar

Do you want to have a wide, strong back? Gain strength to give your friends good advice? Or relieve back pain? You can achieve all of the above goals by learning pull-ups. Even if you can only pull up once, the workout will give you great results.

Just do one rep every 30-60 seconds for 10-20 sets. Even once? Is this overkill? Doesn’t matter! Use a chair to rest your chin on the bar and then slowly lower yourself down to straight arms.


Push-ups to increase chest circumference

If your goal is to get bigger breasts, make push-ups a top item on your weekly exercise list. The basic version gets too simple pretty quickly, but luckily it can be complicated in many creative ways. Push-ups with a clap, a few seconds of lowering or changing the position of the hands – do 10 repetitions.
Are you just starting? Limit yourself to the lowering phase and rise with your knees on the floor.

Plank – different types

When exercising at home, we must not forget about strengthening the deep muscles. The classic exercise for this muscle group is the plank. Perform with different grips to work out all the muscles of the body. Rest on your forearms for 15 seconds, then continue the exercise with a side support on your left hand. Return to the starting position for 15 seconds, then switch to the right hand. Rest for a minute, then repeat the approach 3-5 more times. Too difficult? Reduce the time of the exercise to 10 seconds and move to the palm support, due to the increase in the angle between the body and the floor, the exercise will become a little easier.

Lunges on the quadriceps

Above, we looked at squats that will help you strengthen your quadriceps. Buttocks require no less attention. They should be trained primarily by athletes because these are the muscles that generate the strength required for sprinting, kicking, etc.

Lunges are best suited. Do a total of 100-300 reps, resting every 20-50. If the lunges are too difficult, take a low chair and rise alternately with your left and right foot. If you live in a high-rise building, climb the stairs to the top floor.


Not enough twists?

Take your six-dice battle to the next level. Lie on the mat, legs straight, arms raised behind your head. Raise your torso and legs at the same time until your hands touch your feet just above your hips. Too difficult? The starting position is the same, the final legs are bent, and the arms are extended forward along the body.


After you have overtrained all muscle groups, it is worth taking a few minutes to stretch. If you only have time for one exercise, it’s okay. You will need a sofa. Place your knee where the backrest meets the seat, and place your other foot on the floor. You should feel a stretch in your thighs. Not intense? Move your foot from the floor to the seat, which will increase the angle between your hips and make the exercise more difficult. You can also use the wall to stretch by placing something soft under your knee.


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