Why sleep is so important and how to sleep properly?

Sleep is an integral part of the recovery of the body. During quality sleep, your body doesn’t just rest, it regenerates itself and processes everything that happened during the day. Too short or disturbing sleep will be detrimental to your productivity and development, just like a long sleep, and at the wrong hours.

What gives you good quality sleep?

  1. Better performance and concentration
  2. Reduces the risk of overeating your daily calorie needs  by keeping your hormones working properly
  3. Energy for daily activities and sports
  4. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease by regulating high blood pressure
  5. Reduces the risk of depression 
  6. Reduced GI Inflammation 
  7. Helps our immune system work properly


What will happen to you if you continue to sleep poorly?

You will be forever tired, hormones and immunity will tell you “Chao”, unhealthy appearance, cravings for overeating. Lack of sleep can cause problems with learning, concentration, and reaction time. You may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, remembering things, and controlling your emotions and behavior. Sounds unattractive, right?

How to fall asleep faster and easier?

  • Only use your bed for sleep and sex – your brain should start to associate the bed with just those two activities, not watching movies or hanging out on TikTok.
  • Choose one time to wake up and stick to it  – falling asleep at the same time can be unrealistic for people with children and animals, but waking up is a pretty good routine.
  • Regularly clean your bedroom – not uniform floors – dust also greatly affects the quality of sleep, just like a large number of things in the room. Leave all your beautiful trinkets for another part of the house – the bedroom should be an ode to minimalism and cleanliness.
  • Ventilate the bedroom at least 20 minutes before bedtime – cool temperatures have been proven to help you sleep better and faster. Optimal 18-20 degrees, but choose for yourself!
  • Take a warm shower or bath before bed  – warm water relaxes the body and mind and prepares it for sleep. And add to this a soft robe and a sleepy yawn can no longer be restrained.
  • Make sure the room is completely dark or wear a sleep mask – exposure to light at night can disrupt the natural rise in melatonin levels by evening.
  • If you can’t fall asleep quickly – change the location  – if you couldn’t fall asleep during the first 20-30 minutes in bed, don’t toss and turn in it. Better move to another place and try to take a nap and relax there. There is a high probability that you will want to sleep just from a change of location
  • Listen to meditation or relaxing music before bed  – in general, it is better to reduce all brain-stimulating sounds before bed – this applies to videos, podcasts, audiobooks. 30 minutes before bed, turn on binaural beats for sleep – these are special sound frequencies that can tune your brain for relaxation and deep sleep.

Sleep is the key to high-quality hormonal work of all systems. Your energy level and recovery processes only work when we sleep, not when we eat or exercise. During the deep phase of sleep, from 21.00 to 00 at night, there is a peak in the release and regulation of hormones: melatonin, growth hormone, somatotropin, and leptin. 


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