Why does the neck hurt after exercises on the press: we analyze common mistakes

Lovers of shaking the press at least once encountered a feeling of a tense neck during exercise. This is to be expected: a minimal violation of the execution technique or distraction affects the entire process, including the muscles of the neck. We will tell you why this happens and how to avoid mistakes during training.

Why does the neck hurt during abdominal exercises

The spine is an integral structure: during the lifting of the trunk, the spine and muscles work synchronously, and only the neck is involved separately. And therefore, she can get sick at once for several reasons. For example, many abdominal exercises are performed while lying on your back with your head elevated. This is called curling. The most common mistake is when, during exercise, the athlete does not strain the abdominal part of the body, but rises at the expense of the upper body. It turns out that it is not the press that is straining, but the neck, although it should be the other way around due to the contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Also among the reasons are weak abdominal muscles and improper execution technique. Due to the lack of strong abdominal muscles, tension goes to the muscles of the neck, which are trying to hold the head. It is a matter of time and steady training: for this you do sports and strengthen your core. Concentration is also important: during each exercise, direct the focus of attention specifically to the stomach and control so that it does not relax and remains tense.

If you think your technique is struggling or are recently practicing, take a personal lesson with a trainer or ask questions after the group session. It’s better to understand the basic principles of exercise and understand how specific muscles work. This will help you train more efficiently and achieve the desired result faster.

How to pump abs without straining your neck

  • keep your chin close to your chest and do not press your elbows to your ears: they should be spread wide, remaining in line;
  • do not press on your head with your palms: touch lightly;
  • press the lower back to the floor, do not bend;
  • direct the focus of attention to the press, constantly keep it in tension, feel each rise and fall precisely due to the abdominal muscles. Move your ribs forward towards the pelvis gradually, without jerking.

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