Fish oil capsules. Which is better to choose. Benefit and harm. Why do we buy bullshit?

This article will talk about fish oil. Let’s see why fish oil is recommended to everyone as a complex supplement, including athletes? What is so special about it?

In the USSR, fish oil was given to all children in kindergartens without fail. Surely your parents remember this particular taste and smell of fish oil. Well, they didn’t give it for anything, Soviet children had to be strong and healthy in order to build communism. Let’s figure it out.

As you know, fish oil is a special fat. It is liquid inconsistency, however, the origin of this fat is animal . The bulk of animal fats are dense fats, which contain a large amount of saturated fat. Fish oil is liquid , which means that it contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, as in vegetable fats. If you dream a little, we can say that the fish are not really animals, but plants. Who does not remember what saturated and unsaturated fats are, read here .

Fish oil composition

Fish oil, like any fat, consists of two parts : from impurities and fatty acids. Let’s start with fatty acids. In fish oil, as you know, a lot of omega-3 fats and omega-6 fats. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats are essential fats that must be ingested daily, as the body cannot synthesize them. Surely you remember amino acid supplements from essential amino acids . There are also essential fatty acids, this is Omega-3 and Omega-6. We need them, because without them, the body cannot exist . The fact is that in the human body, despite the fact that these acids are irreplaceable, some cansynthesized from others. The thought may arise, why not just eat one of the acids in excess so that all the others are synthesized from it. The fact is that in the human body this ability is limited . More precisely, it is very limited. The level of transformation of one substance into another in women is low, and in men it is extremely low.
As you know, all these fats that I mentioned are in fish oil . Omega-6 fats do not play much, because they are easy to obtain from any vegetable oil . But with Omega-3 fats there are nuances and difficulties. The two fatty acids DHA and < EPA are almost impossible to obtain from vegetable fats. Therefore, for vegetarians this is a big hemorrhoids. True vegetarians can get DHA and EPA from seaweed and kelp. But to obtain kelp and seaweed, which preserved omega-3 acids, is now quite problematic. For meat eatersno difficulties, the fish did all the work for you and got Omega-3 from algae. So, despite all the assurances, it is impossible to replace fish oil with linseed oil. If you take fish oil and linseed oil together , it will be the perfect combination, and you will become a “monster” of the most proper nutrition.

Why Fish Oil Is Good (Omega 3)

As a result, we realized that DHA and EPA fatty acids – this is what you need to focus on when buying fish oil. A high concentration of DHA and EPA in the gray matter of the brain and in the retina of the eye indicates the need for DHA and EPA daily . About 3% of the gray matter of the brain is a lot, of course, the mother is obliged to consume DHA and EPA during feeding and during the rearing of her baby. EPA helps treat depression, produce large amounts of serotonin, and helps with hard and intense work. EPA helps with the insane consumption of various stimulants, such as caffeineor pre-workout complexes that almost everyone is eating now. Such complexes wear out the central nervous system and it must be prevented.

The benefits of DHA and EPA have been known for a long time, for example, studies have even been conducted in Greenland. These fatty acids are extremely beneficial for the work of the heart, for the functioning of the vegetative-vascular system, as well as for the central nervous system. And why do athletes need them? The fact is that omega-3 acids are part of the cell membranes and when we build muscle, we need elements to build muscle, and these acids will help you. They also protect the heart of the athlete. In general, these acids have a huge number of useful functions, but the larger audience of this site is athletes. Therefore, a separate article will be made in which all the functions of these fatty acids will be highlighted.

I want to mention that the use of DHA reduces deposition and improves fat burning by 15 % . Like eating fat, and fat is burned . In bodybuilding, it is recommended that all athletes consume fish oil, but this is a complex supplement, and it is suitable for everyone, not just athletes. Now we are discussing fatty acids that are in fish oil, but there are also mineral complexes, vitamins and various impurities. But the vitamins and minerals that are found in fish oil are not the main thing . In fact, this is nonsense, because they can be obtained from other sources: from vegetable oil or multivitamin complexes .

In the USSR, fish oil was banned in 1970 for prophylactic use, and it became a drug . Why did it happen? The fact is that fish oil was hatched from the garbage remaining after cutting fish: from small fish and from the liver of fish. And they accumulated a large number of harmful and toxic substances. Basically, fish oil is extracted from the cod liver, and the liver is the organ that concentrates not only beneficial substances, but also harmful ones . Environmental degradation naturally affects the content of toxic substances and heavy metals in fish oil. Actually then in 1970, fish oil was bannedexactly because of this reason. This is the possible harm to fish oil. What conclusions can we draw and how to choose fish oil?

What is the best fish oil. How to choose the right

I give you some tips on how to choose the best fish oil for yourself.

  1. Now it’s betternot to take fish oil made from cod liver at all , because the liver accumulates various impurities, toxic substances and salts of heavy metals. It is preferable to take fish oil isolated from fish meat , preferably of different varieties. If fish oil is extracted from cod liver, then it will be written on a pack. In our understanding, classic fish oil is one that is isolated from cod liver or other fish. And that fish oil, which is isolated from fish meat, is called fish oil . Of course, we need to take fish oil extracted from fish meat. Despite the fact that there will be less vitamins and minerals there, since the liver mainly accumulates these substances, there will also be less various impurities of toxic and harmful substances to the body.
  2. It is necessary to takerefined fish oil. This means that fish oil must be highly purified, and it will not contain various impurities and toxic substances, although there will be no vitamins with minerals. But they can be obtained from other sources .
  3. The most valuable and most important thing in fish oil isDHA and EPA fatty acids, and you need to focus on them when choosing a product. There is also linolenic acid in fish oil , but it is not the most important thing, because it can be obtained from vegetable fats, but DHA and EPA in no way . As foreign manufacturers necessarily indicate the percentage ratio of DHA and EPA on the packaging, so look and choose.
  4. It is preferable to take fish oil fromvaluable breeds of fish. The more valuable the variety of fish, the more expensive fish oil, but the more useful it is and the higher the content of DHA and EPA .
  5. Release form: liquid fish oil and in capsules

  6. You can use fish oil in liquid form because you can feel it, suddenly something is wrong with the fish oil or suddenly it has deteriorated or the storage and transportation technology has been violated. On the other hand, buying liquid fish oil in a form is not very good, since it is hard to store and hard to consume (unpleasant to the taste). In capsules, you will not feel the taste, because of swallow it calmly. However, in order to test it for a violation of technology or the quality of fish oil itself, there is an option when you can just split the capsule and taste the fish oil. If he is not bitter, and if there is no directly disgusting sickening smell, then most likely the technology was followed. Such fish oil can be consumed. Of course, decide how much to take yourself, this is your personal individual need for these elements and you must find out for yourself. More details about consumption standards will be written in the following articles.

    I personally consume this fish oil capsule every day. The price is pretty decent, but the quality is just super. Remember, cheap pharmacy fish oil is complete poppycock.


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