Breakfast is the most important meal that should not be neglected.

Let’s be honest: most of people don’t eat breakfast. And the reasons justifying the absence of a morning meal are thousands. Someone sorely lacks time, someone is afraid to get better (and often prefers a hearty dinner to a hearty breakfast), someone cannot wake up and “shove” something other than a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, breakfast is the most important meal that should not be neglected. And for what reasons:

Reason # 1. Breakfast energizes for the whole day. Breakfast is your energy all day. “The body is naked and bare in the morning, so it needs a good boost of energy. In addition, it is not always possible to eat normally during the day, so breakfast allows you to not get down in the afternoon.”

It is noted that breakfast increases efficiency by 30%. Therefore, regardless of whether you have a hard-working day or an easy one – having breakfast, you will cope with the work faster and make it better. It is best to have breakfast until 9-10 in the morning.

Reason number 2. Breakfast cheers up. < Nothing so cheers up in the morning like a delicious breakfast – tested on yourself, family, friends and neighbors. In addition, a morning meal in a relaxed atmosphere helps to gather your thoughts and tune in for the coming day.

Reason number 3. Breakfast controls hunger throughout the day. American experts say that if you have breakfast with eggs, you will not get hungry during the day and will eat less as a result. Researchers concluded that eggs saturate better than other foods and lower calorie intake throughout the day. It’s better to eat boiled eggs than to fry them. If you have breakfast with rice, buckwheat or oatmeal, then you will eat less fat during the day, say the same Americans.

Reason number 4. Breakfast improves memory and attention. Breakfast helps to better concentrate and remember information. It is noticed that people who are used to having a good breakfast in the morning are less likely to get into car accidents.

According to nutritionists, breakfast should be 25% of the daily diet (lunch – 40-50%, dinner – also 25%). This is about 370-500 kcal, depending on your gender, age, lifestyle and type of activity (a loader needs more kilocalories than an office employee).

Reason number 5. Breakfast saves you from stress. Doctors say that those who eat breakfast are not afraid of stress throughout the day.

Nutritionists believe that “Breakfast containing“ slow ”(complex) carbohydrates, fiber is the best choice. Therefore, you need breakfast with porridge – buckwheat, oatmeal; eat a small portion of salad well, and protein, fish, eggs, lean meat boiled, stewed or baked. “

Reason # 6. Breakfast saves you from being overweight. In the morning, the body has not yet woken up and the metabolism is slowed down. To speed up this process, you need to eat. If this is not done, then while the metabolism is “swinging”, you will get extra grams. Before lunch, the body is set to burn calories. If you do not have breakfast, then he will burn them much less than he could. And those same extra grams will again remain with you. In addition, if you do not have breakfast, you risk eating more than you need at dinner. And the body itself will turn on the instinct of self-preservation and, just in case, will accumulate more calories.

Reason number 7. Breakfast helps to lose weight. If you have porridge for breakfast, then you can get rid of extra pounds, British researchers say. Dinner, unlike breakfast, must be “given to the enemy.” “After a high-calorie and late dinner in the morning, there may be no appetite, so the easier and earlier the dinner, the easier it is for the body in the morning.” Appetite before breakfast will appear if you do gymnastics or a jog in the morning. Both that, and another, of course, also takes so valuable morning time, but it is good for a figure.


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