Fat burning and energy storage

Fat burning and energy storage

Fat burning is a complex process with many features. When losing weight, they must be taken into account without fail. If you approach this issue incorrectly, you can lose muscle mass along with fat. So what is the right way to lose weight? To do this, you need to learn as much as possible about fat burning.

Remove fat from fat cells

Where is fat located in our body? in fat cells. Their number never changes. If a person loses weight, then he gets rid of the fat that “lives” in these cells, and not from themselves. If it gets better, they stretch, and the person increases in size.

Fat is removed from the cells when the body lacks energy. At this point, hormones and enzymes appear in the blood, which enter the cells and removes fat. How to make the body feel the lack of energy? To do this, you need to experience physical activity.

Transporting fat to muscles

When fat gets to muscles that are deficient in energy, it burns out in mitochondria – the only source of energy for cells. But it does this only if there is a sufficient amount of oxygen and enzymes in the body. Without them, fat will not turn into energy and will remain in the same place.

Therefore, you need to engage in any sport that involves a large consumption of oxygen. It is necessary that the body has the necessary enzymes that burn fat. And for this you need to eat right. The fact is that protein foods are rich in these same enzymes.

Energy deposit

The body has two sources of energy. The first one we just met. The second is called glycogen. At first, the body tries to burn it, and only after a while it is taken for fat.

That is why it is important that the duration of the workout is at least 30 minutes. If you do less time, you will not be able to achieve any result, especially if you do not adhere to proper nutrition.


But how to do physical exercises with severe fatigue? In this case, you can use various additives. The most well-known fat-burning aid that increases stamina is L-carnitine. What it is? Nothing but vitamin B11. If the human diet is balanced and rich in animal protein, L-carnitine is synthesized in the liver.

Vitamin B11:


  • improves and accelerates lipid metabolism;
  • supports the proper functioning of the muscles;
  • allows normal tissue regeneration processes.

Sports with high oxygen consumption

Only cardio workouts can burn fat quickly. You need to run more, swim, ride a bike, and do aerobics. Strength training will not help you lose weight. They are only needed if you want to train your muscles. But they will not be visible from under the subcutaneous fat. Therefore, to achieve an excellent result in the form of a beautiful figure, you need to combine strength and aerobic training.


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