Food as a stress reliever

Fatigue, anger, irritation – these emotions are well known to every person. Experiencing stress, we strive to get rid of it as soon as possible – and go to the shops for cakes, chips, and other harmful yummy. But instead of solving problems, such food provokes the emergence of new ones: excess weight, insomnia, and poor health. Getting out of this vicious circle will help proper and healthy nutrition.

Which products to say “no”


  • Try to exclude convenience foods and fast food from your diet. The refined carbs and trans fats in these foods slow down your circulation, putting your body under stress. Do not abuse sweets, because of which the level of insulin can increase sharply.
  • Pay attention to what you drink. A cup of coffee in the morning triggers the release of the stress hormone adrenaline. If you are not ready to give up this aromatic drink, try not to drink it on an empty stomach, but supplement it with a nutritious breakfast. High-quality black or green tea can become a full-fledged replacement for coffee. These drinks contain not only caffeine but also amino acids, which help relieve tension.
  • Be careful with alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, it does not relieve stress, but only temporarily reduces tension. At the same time, alcohol deprives you of healthy sleep, which means that the body simply does not have time to rest, and as a result, you experience stress again.

Products for health and good mood



  • Lemons, oranges, grapefruits – any citrus fruits with a high content of vitamin C will be your faithful helpers in the fight against stress. Eat them more often, and soon you will notice that life has sparkled with new colors.


  • Green vegetables are simply necessary for the body during a period of high mental and physical stress. Cabbage, broccoli, salads contain a large amount of antioxidants that help restore strength faster. They are also rich in potassium, which is necessary for the full functioning of the nervous system. Regular use of these products will relieve increased nervous excitability and help you feel more calm.


  • Whole grains contain B vitamins, which are necessary for proper nutrition of the cells of the nervous system. During a period of decline, these products fill us with vital energy. Let every day start with a piece of whole grain bread – and stressful situations in life will become much less. 


  • Seafood dishes are not pampering, but taking care of your own nervous system. Due to the high content of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, they contribute to the proper functioning of nerve cells. Seafood is also useful for the endocrine system – they contain zinc and iodine necessary for every person.


  • Everyone knows about the magical properties of chocolate . This product stimulates the production of endorphins and helps to instantly improve mood. It also contains antioxidants that prolong the life of nerve cells. But, as with any medicine, the correct dosage must be observed with chocolate – 30 g per day will be enough.



In order for food to be beneficial, give strength and help fight stress, it must be varied. Take a close look at your daily diet. It should contain meat and vegetables, fruits and cereals, fish and dairy products, greens and nuts. Only in this case, your body will receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals, which means it will be able to more calmly and adequately respond to daily stresses.  


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