Exercises for the hips and buttocks in the gym

Every woman dreams of slender legs and elastic buttocks. In this article, we will talk about the most effective exercises for the buttocks and thighs on simulators.

But in the beginning, I would like to say that exercises on simulators are the best option for beginners since they do not distract attention to maintaining balance and coordination of movements. But this is exactly what allows you to perform exercises on simulators with more weight and resistance than when using free weights. So, of course, pay attention to simulators and those who are “in business” for a long time.

But they do not go in comparison with exercises with free weights. Remember, the most effective exercises for pumping the muscles of the thighs and buttocks have always been, and will be SESSIONS and LAPPERS.

Perform “Squats with a barbell” or “Squats with a dumbbell” and “Lunges with a barbell” or “Lunges with a dumbbell” at each of your thigh and buttock muscle workouts. These are the most effective exercises for this muscle group.

I consider squats to be the “king” of all leg exercises. Squats performed with full amplitude perfectly load not only the quadriceps but also the hip flexors, as well as the gluteal muscles. In addition, including the stabilizer muscles responsible for balancing weight, squats become a very effective and intense exercise that works out the whole body.

Lunges give the buttocks elasticity and good shape. You can perform this exercise using a dumbbell or barbell. The latter is more difficult, but also more effective since when it is performed, more muscles are involved and the load on the gluteal muscles increases.

However, if you have problems with the spine, then, of course, you can not do without the use of simulators, in order to avoid serious injuries.

So, we turn to the description of exercises for the hips and buttocks on simulators.

Exercise 1. Leg Press

The leg press is a very good exercise, the thigh muscles, and slightly gluteal muscles are well developed in it. Exercise is suitable for all people, and especially for those who have problems with the spine or for adolescents who cannot be given a vertical load on the spine under 17 years of age.

Exercise 2. Squats in the Hack simulator

Hack squats are also good exercise. The principle of this simulator was invented by the famous Russian wrestler and weightlifter Georg Gakkenshmidt. Because the simulator is called that. Its advantage is that it creates certain angles for the legs, which cannot be achieved with classical squats. As a result, the load is distributed differently to the quadriceps femoris.

Although this is an isolating exercise, it nevertheless trains the buttocks and hips well. It is also very well suited for people with spinal problems. Because in this exercise, the back muscles hardly work.

Exercise 3. Leg extension sitting in the simulator

Leg extension on the simulator is an insulating exercise that works out the quadriceps femoris. It is also called hyperextension for the quadriceps femoris. Good as a warm-up exercise, for example, before squats.

This is a popular exercise, but it has several drawbacks.

• There is a large load on the ligamentous apparatus of the knee joint.

• And like all isolated exercises, sitting legs straighteners work out just one muscle group. And you are wasting time doing this exercise. And there are other basic exercises that, after completing which, you will work out the muscles of the back, gluteal muscles, and muscles of the entire surface of the hips.

Tip: If you turn the socks towards each other, then the medial (inner) head of the four-headed one will work more. If to the sides, then – lateral (external). It would be nice to pause at the top.

Exercise 4. Bending the legs while sitting in the simulator

Bending the legs on the simulator is an insulating exercise for training the biceps of the thigh. And since in other exercises there is no such active load on the biceps of the thigh, this exercise can be used to train this muscle. You can also use it as a warm-up exercise, for example, before squats.

Tip: I recommend in the final phase to slightly raise your knees up. The back of the thigh and buttocks will also benefit from this, as this will cause them to contract more. It’s better to lower your legs to the end.

As an alternative to leg curl for those who feel dizzy, you can do this exercise while standing on a special simulator or use the lower block. Not only is this an insulating exercise, you will still spend twice as much time to pump both legs, so I think these exercises are pointless.

Exercise 5. Mixing the legs on the simulator

The main muscles are the thin and adductors of the thigh. Additional – iliac-lumbar and comb.

Bend your knees just a little bit. It’s better to reduce it to the very end. The exercise is designed for the inner thigh.

Women’s favorite exercise. Since this is an insulating exercise, it acts on a small surface, therefore, to increase the volume of the hips it is not suitable. And even the inner thigh (tailor muscle) this exercise can not be strengthened, as it should. Women usually do leg information in the hope that their inner thigh will tighten. As a rule, nothing is pulled up. By doing this exercise, a woman is simply wasting time, so I do not recommend including it in my program.

Exercise 6. Breeding legs on the simulator

The main muscles are the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius. Extra – wide fascia tensioner

Bend your knees quite a bit. In the final phase, it is advisable to pause. You can also try the option with the body tilted forward. This will additionally stretch the working muscles.

Everything said about the previous exercise applies to leg breeding on the simulator while sitting. The only difference is that the action is directed to the outer thigh. You can rightly notice that very often in the gym girls perform these exercises, and why the instructor then does not stop them.

Typically, these exercises are done by beginners or those who do not really need results. And to offer them serious exercises for training the legs as it makes no sense, they will still refuse. They say something like this: “I like this exercise, and I will do it!”

Exercise 7. I decided to combine exercises such as Leverage in the simulator. Bringing the thigh in the crossover from the bottom block

They are also called Mahama. You can perform both standing and sitting.

As you probably already guessed, this is the same isolating exercise. They, of course, load the gluteal muscles. But these exercises are far from the most effective for training the buttocks. Frankly, you are simply wasting time on them!

To summarize

The most effective exercises for the hips and buttocks include:

• Squats and Lunges.

The most effective simulator exercises include:

• Gluteal muscles: leg press and hack squats (Hackenschmidt trainer).

• Hind muscles of the thigh: leg press and hack squats (Hackenschmidt simulator), leg flexion.

• Inner thighs: leg press and hack squats (Hackenschmidt trainer).

• Straight, lateral broad, medial broad muscles of the thigh: leg press, hack squats (Gackenschmidt trainer), leg extension.


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