Exercises for the chest in the gym

How to pump up your chest, tighten, give it elasticity and beautiful shape in the gym

I repeat female breasts are the first thing that men involuntarily pay attention to. Elastic, beautiful in shape and of a decent size, she talks about the good physical shape of a woman, her readiness for motherhood. In fact, to bring a breast into a satisfactory condition is not at all difficult, it is enough to perform a set of exercises daily to increase the breast.

You can give a great shape to a breast and increase it in size at home. However, if you have the opportunity to visit the gym, then reading this article, you will learn about the most effective exercises for this muscle group.

I must say right away, exercises on simulators, especially for the pectoral muscles, are not so diverse.

Recommended Exercises:

1. Bench press on a horizontal bench

Undoubtedly, the bench press is the main exercise on the upper body. The bench press can be performed both with a barbell and with dumbbells. These two exercises are very effective for pumping the pectoral muscles. With a barbell, you can use heavier weights than with dumbbells, as In this exercise, difficulties arise when installing dumbbells in their original position. However, compared with the barbell dumbbells provide a wider range of motion.

2. Bench press on an incline bench and dumbbell bench press on an incline bench

These are the main exercises that work out the upper chest. The tilt of the bench should not be too steep, 35 degrees is the most optimal angle.

3. Bench press on an incline bench head down

Very effective exercise for the lower chest. The angle of the bench should be about 30 degrees.

4. Dips

Great exercise for the overall development of the chest with an emphasis on the lower part. To correctly perform push-ups, it is necessary to direct the load on the pectoral muscles and, if possible, exclude triceps from work. To do this, you need to lean forward a little, about 45 degrees. Slow down, then perform a powerful lift. Try to stretch your muscles as low as possible at the lowest point of movement.

5. Chest press

It also performed both on a horizontal and on an inclined bench. This is a kind of imitation of the bench press, only in a slightly updated format. Here no one should ensure you, no one should count on anyone. On the one hand – yes, cool, but on the other – free weight training has always been, is, and will be in the first place. And all the simulators, you know, are nothing compared to them. The technique for performing the exercise is the same as with a bench press barbell or dumbbell.

6. Hands with dumbbells lying on a horizontal ( inclined , inclined head down ) bench

Breeding hands with dumbbells lying on a bench is considered an insulating exercise, since it excludes triceps and deltoid muscles from work. And insulation alone reduces enough stress. Therefore, it is with one Sotoron, useless exercises for building chest muscles.

However, you can periodically include these exercises in your training programs, as in these exercises the muscles stretch well.

Not recommended exercises:

1. Hand reduction on the simulator

Also called the “Butterfly”. A waste of time and effort. Too much waste of energy in return for minimal results. Save it for morning exercise.

2. Crossovers

Crossovers on blocks belong to the same category as raising hands with dumbbells. That is, they do not build and do not form muscles. Worthless, useless exercise. A lot of effort, few results.

3. Dumbbell Pullovers

I do not consider pullovers to be an effective exercise for the development of the pectoral muscles since they do not contribute to the creation of a sufficient load and work against the natural biomechanics of the body.

To summarize:

The most effective exercises for the chest were presented to your attention, which will not only increase its volume but also give it a beautiful, clear form.
Want a beautiful female breast? Do these weights exercises. No need to do 20 or more repetitions in one approach. Do not be afraid, such training will not make you massive or masculine. This is impossible physiologically, first of all, because the woman’s body produces ten, or even hundreds of times less than the hormone that is responsible for the growth of muscle masses of the male type – testosterone. Therefore, perform each exercise in 3 sets of 10-12 reps.


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