Butt Ball Exercises

Exercises on the buttock ball will help you quickly adjust shapes in the right places. In this article, you will learn about training on the ball.

There is no doubt that training on the buttock ball is more effective than similar ones, but performed on a stable surface. This inventory does not have contraindications for use, and for this reason it is accessible to people even with a poor state of health and level of preparation.

Classes with this ball train muscles well and do not strain your back, which is very important for people who have any problems with the spine.

A good bonus is that in the process of training absolutely all muscle groups are strained on the ball, that is, not only your buttocks work.

First exercise.

These exercises on the ball for the buttocks are the simplest, you just need to jump while sitting on it, while doing the exercises, the buttocks should not be torn off the ball, and your feet should be off the floor. All movements are performed due to muscle tension. Your jumps must be vigorous and performed for several minutes.

Second exercise.

You need to lie on your back, and put the ball under straightened legs, in the calf area. You should rest your heels and calves on the ball, lifting the buttocks up and straining the muscles of the press. This position should be fixed for a couple of seconds, and then relax your own muscles.

When correctly performing this exercise on a ball for the buttocks, your body should form a straight line. To complicate the exercise and increase the load, you should fix the ball with only one foot, and put the second side by side, bending it at the knee.

The third exercise.

It is necessary to lie on your back and hold the ball with your feet, and then raise the pelvis, bend your knees and roll the ball towards you, as close to the buttocks as possible, then with your socks return the ball to its original position. At the same time, your abs should be tense, like the muscles of your buttocks.

The fourth exercise.

When doing these exercises on the buttock ball, the lower back should be firmly pressed to the floor, and the legs bent at the knees and lying on it, forming a line that is parallel to the floor. Leaning against the ball, the buttocks should be lifted up as much as possible, straining and holding them in this position for a couple of seconds.

Fifth exercise.

The ball should be tightly fixed between the wall and the lower back, after which deep squats are performed. This exercise trains the muscles of the back of the thigh well, and of course your buttocks.

If you want the exercises on the ball for the buttocks to bring the desired result, then you should perform them systematically. It is enough to do 3-5 approaches of 15-20 exercises.


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