Chest exercises at home

How to pump up the chest, tighten, give it elasticity and a beautiful shape at home

As you know, beautiful, supple, and high breasts are the pride of any woman. All women want to have a beautiful and fit breast, and this is not surprising. But nature did not reward everyone with this advantage. In addition, even if you are naturally beautiful, then over time it may lose its former shape. This can be affected by factors such as breastfeeding, age, a sharp increase in weight or its frequent fluctuations, and much more. But with regular care, you can significantly improve what is available at the moment. I advise you to read the article: ” Tips for maintaining the breast .”

Let’s start with some important points that girls need to know who decide to increase their breasts at home through exercise. Often, girls who come to the gym think that exercises will increase the volume of their mammary glands, mixing the concepts of breast and mammary glands.

In the mammary glands, there are absolutely no muscles that could be enlarged; they have a completely different structure. A woman’s breast is a combination of mammary glands, and it is the pectoral muscles. So, it is impossible to enlarge the mammary glands themselves in a different way, they are distributed by nature, but to tighten, enlarge, and strengthen the relief of the pectoral muscles is real. Accordingly, this will increase the volume of the breast as a whole and raise the breast, add tone to it, and impressively look.

We know that the muscles of the pectoral muscles are very huge and quite strong, and in order for them to grow and increase the volume of the chest, certain exercises are needed . In the vast majority of cases, there is not enough time to visit a fitness club. For this reason, most women are interested in exercises for breast augmentation, which can be performed independently. You will familiarize yourself with them below.

Before you begin to exercise, be sure to warm up the muscles and make a stretch, otherwise, you may get injured. Also, do not forget that stretching must be done both at the beginning of the exercises and after. To do this, it is enough to lower your hands with dumbbells and hold them in this position for a certain time, or to perform the exercise ” Wall “, but do not press on the wall, or simply ” hang ” on your hands.

So, we turn to the list of the most effective exercises for the development of chest muscles:

1. Bench press with dumbbells

This is the most effective exercise for breast augmentation at home. It is better to perform it on a bench, if you do not have a bench, then build it with the help of chairs (without backs). If there are none, then do it on the floor, although the amplitude of movement will not be enough for you, but still, as an option. When performing this exercise on a horizontal bench, the main load is directed to the middle of the chest. You can also purchase an incline bench and perform the exercise “Dumbbell Bench Press on an Incline Bench” . In this case, the main load will go to the top of the chest. These are great exercises for developing pectoral muscle mass.

Perform 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

2. Breeding dumbbells

This exercise, as well as the bench press, can be performed both on a horizontal bench and on an inclined bench . Or on the floor.

And let this isolating exercise, anyway, I advise you to include it in your program.

3. Pushups

This is the most basic and very good exercise. It significantly raises the chest and does not take much time. The palms should be placed slightly wider than the shoulders, and the legs together or slightly apart. Push-ups should be done at least thirty times per set. But in practice, many women find it difficult to squeeze 3-4 times, not like 30. Therefore, the first time you need to do twenty push-ups per lesson, regardless of the number of approaches. Then you only need to smoothly reduce the number of approaches, without reducing the number of push-ups. It is enough to do push-ups daily and after a couple of months the result will be noticeable!

4. Exercise Eastern women

You should stand up straight, palms folded in front of you at chest level, elbows should be pointing to the sides, and the fingers were pointing up. On exhalation, you need to put pressure on each other with your palms and keep the tension for 5 – 10 seconds. On inspiration you need to relax. It is necessary to do 15 to 20 repetitions of this exercise.

There is another variation of this exercise. At the expense of “one and two” you need to press the lower parts of the palms of each other. Turn the palms toward you on the “three”, straighten on the “four” palms. At the count of “five” hands are lowered down, and at “six” they return to the original.

5. Exercise “Wall”

You need to become facing the wall and put your palms on it, and then forcefully press the wall, trying to move it from its place. The push should be so strong as to feel tension in the muscles of the chest. 10 seconds push, 10 relax.

I believe that at home, these exercises are the most effective for breast augmentation and giving it a clear beautiful shape. There are a few simple exercises for this muscle group, but they are not as effective as the above, they include:

1. Skier exercises

This exercise is performed with weights, for example, dumbbells or books. Movements should be performed similarly to those made by skiers, as if pushing off with the help of ski poles. The movements are slow, smooth, from the hip. Raise your hand at chest level, fix it for a few seconds, tensing the pectoral muscles, the other hand is laid back and also tense. Relax and lower your hands. Similarly, you can do the exercise, only the hands do not move alternately, but both immediately back and forth. This exercise for breast augmentation is performed six times in three sets.

2. “Push-ups from the chair”

This is primarily an exercise for the development of triceps muscles, and the pectoral muscles are auxiliary. You need to turn your back to the chair and put your hands on it, then lean on your hands and stretch your legs forward. Go down as low as possible and rise, bending and unbending your arms while holding your breath even.

Also, legs can be put on another chair or bench, this exercise is called “Triceps extension. ”

3. Deflections

Lying on his stomach on the floor. Bend your arms at your elbows and lay behind your head. For “one”, “two” moving your elbows back, slowly raise your head, and then your chest as high as possible from the floor. On the “three”, “four” – go down, completely relaxing, lower your head, turn your face to the side. Repeat exercise 5-6 times.

You can perform this exercise in the following way: lie on your stomach, straighten your arms along the body. Bend both legs at the knees and grab them by the ankles with your hands. On inspiration, bend as much as possible in the lower back, stretching the upper part of the torso and legs up, forming a bend of the body in the form of a bow. Hold in this position for 5-8 seconds and exhale lower your legs and lie down in the starting position

4. Breeding and mixing hands with the expander

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder-width apart, holding an expander in front of you. Stand on your toes and slowly spread your arms to the sides, stretching the expander.

The reduction of hands with the expander should be performed, as in the exercise ” Butterfly “.

To summarize:

The exercises presented here for breast augmentation at home will certainly help you achieve your goals, namely pump up the pectoral muscles thereby increasing the volume of the chest. The main regularity, perseverance, and desire to achieve the goal! And then your breasts will attract admiring male and slightly envious female looks!


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