Do I need to go to the gym and train on simulators? Or is there enough horizontal bar and bars?

The first simulators appeared in 1864, they were developed by the Swedish doctor Gustav Wilhelm Zander. He created almost three dozen fitness equipment based on the principle of leverage. Now you know that the first fitness club appeared in Stockholm. But today in Russia and European countries more than 45 thousand fitness clubs are open, in which more than 42 million people are engaged.

Many beginner athletes choose their path to strength and health between a modern fitness club and a horizontal bar. Which is better? This is a rather controversial question, and the correct answer depends on you (on your lifestyle, place of residence, work schedule, wealth, habits).

Let’s figure out what you need to pay attention to before going to fitness.

Athlete’s age plays a big role. It’s better to start training in the gym from the age of 16. This is due to the fact that training with weights can negatively affect a person’s growth. If the young athlete still came to the gym, any compression loads should be avoided, a qualified trainer will help. If 16 years old has not yet turned out, it is better to go to the horizontal bars and work with your own weight (provided that the weight is normal). On the horizontal bars you can perfectly prepare your body, joints and ligaments for further strength training.

Now let’s figure out the goals that you want to achieve with your workouts. Goals can be different: gaining muscle mass, losing weight, or improving physique. Each of the three goals can be achieved in the gym under the supervision of a trainer.

Training with your own weight on the horizontal bars and bars is useful and effective, but if we are talking about an increase in muscle mass, then own weight is not enough. To get a significant increase in skeletal muscle – you need to use additional weighting. In the hall you can easily get them. And modern simulators protect against injuries of a novice athlete who has not yet developed the proper technique for performing strength exercises.

For weight loss, the gym is also better suited, there is a large selection of fitness equipment on which you can work out various muscle groups and make the training more intense. On the horizontal bars, you can also combine different exercises, but the choice is not great and the burden you can not vary smoothly. And if you are already overweight and you can’t pull yourself in with various grabs, then in front of the horizontal bars you will have to visit a fitness club in order to put yourself in order.

It remains to consider the last option: to tighten the physique and maintain yourself in good physical shape, you will need both a gym and a horizontal bar with parallel bars. The main thing is the regularity!

But you can’t do the upswing on a home horizontal bar, but the minus of street training is that they depend heavily on weather conditions. In the gym, it’s easier to build your training process.


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