Bodybuilding for beginners

Bodybuilding is a sport that almost every man has tried to practice at least once in his life. This is a sport that undoubtedly attracts. Almost every man wants to have a beautiful and strong body, and every woman wants to have such a man.

Where to begin?

And so, the first thing you should do is decide whether you want to engage in bodybuilding and what you want to achieve. Either it will be a professional sport, or, as we like to say “so, for ourselves.” In any case, be prepared for all the hardships and hardships of a sports life, especially if you want to gain muscle mass in large quantities or burn fat. In any case, make a choice and seriously tune. Only when you take your new business seriously will you succeed.

Then you need to choose a room (if you have not decided to start practicing at home). Choose a room, taking into account your financial capabilities and with the maximum set of equipment. There must be: racks for squats and for the bench press, parallel bars, a horizontal bar, some exercise machines for the legs, preferably the Smith machine. Further, if you are a woman, then pay attention to the simulators present (the more their variety is, the better). If you are a man, pay attention to dumbbells. There should be a lot of them, as much as possible: from 1 to 50 kg (preferably). If the largest dumbbell weight is 25 kilograms, then be sure that after half a year of normal training, exercises will appear where this weight will not be enough if you weigh at least 80 kilograms. The “weight step” is also very important, that is, dumbbells 10,12,14,16 is good, and 10,14,20,25 is bad. Too big “step”. Believe me, this is important. Therefore see and compare different rooms, then you yourself will understand which one is better.

The second is the selection of a training program. For beginners in bodybuilding, the training program is different from the programs of experienced athletes.

On this site you are presented with an effective program for gaining muscle mass, namely Maximum Overload Training (MST) – a system designed to most fully reveal a person’s physical potential in the shortest possible time. No matter who you are: beginner, advanced or experienced athlete, you will build muscle. The system is universal and suitable for any person.

Nevertheless, if you have never been involved in any kind of sports, then before you start the MCT, you need to prepare your body for working with weights. For some newcomers, at first it is difficult to work with heavy shells due to the imperfection of the neuromuscular coordination of their body, as a result of which the exercise technique suffers. Therefore, before taking on heavy shells, it will be reasonable to develop the appropriate technique with light weights. During this time, the body will create new neuromuscular connections, which will subsequently allow it to work confidently with sufficient weights to create overload. I also recommend conducting several coordination and balance training sessions (for example, with the ball).

The third is to get at least a minimum of bodybuilding information. Who owns the information – that owns the world. It is advisable to get some information about how your body works, how muscles grow, how fat is oxidized, and so on, in order to have at least some idea of ​​physiological processes. If you decide to seriously engage in bodybuilding, this cannot be avoided at all.

The main components of bodybuilding are nutrition , training and recovery .

Nutrition in bodybuilding is one of the most important factors. This, as usual, almost everyone knows, but many neglect it. If, when engaged in bodybuilding, you eat right – approximately 70% of success is already guaranteed (taking into account the correct training and time allotted for rest). The site will provide you with information about proper balanced nutrition for weight gain , weight loss , the role of vitamins and minerals in sports , sports nutrition and many other interesting information.

As for the proper training, it includes: a system of exercises and a systematic implementation, proper warm-up , a system of repetitions and approaches, careful study of individual muscle groups, overload and intensity , recovery , etc.

Fourth – take your time.

Before you start training, give yourself the idea to not rush. Believe me, rush is one of the reasons for failures. No need to chase large weights. Learn the technique, include your muscles in the work, learn and gain experience. Take your time, success will come to you anyway.

Well, the fifth – to engage, engage and engage again!

Now consider the typical mistakes of beginner bodybuilders:

1. Lack of warm-up

Bodybuilding workout is one of the most important elements of training. Warm-ups prepare your muscles for the upcoming loads. In any training program, for beginners, experienced bodybuilders and super professionals, a warm-up should come first. Warm up can be divided into two stages. The first is a preliminary warming up of the muscles before the workout itself, this includes general muscle warming and stretching. The implementation of these actions will take a minimum of time, but it will reliably protect against injuries. The second is to warm up a separate group before performing the exercise, i.e. Warm up in the exercise that you are about to perform. Unfortunately, most athletes do this kind of workout incorrectly.

2. Grasp in the hall for everything they see

If you are a beginner, then when you come to the gym, you should not perform exercises on all the simulators and equipment that you see. The first thing you should do is ask a trainer or more experienced bodybuilders to write you a training program for beginners. Also, this program can be taken on our website or on some other that you trust. Listen to more experienced people. Do not start by yourself. A training program is where you need to start.

3. Too big working weights

The right training program involves preparing your muscles and learning the techniques for performing bodybuilding exercises. Larger weights are not what. Work to failure is not at all necessary!

I know for myself, after the first training session there is such self-confidence and a desire to take more weight, which is not so easy to restrain. Not necessary. In the best case, you simply won’t achieve anything, and in the worst, you will get an injury that will prevent you from fully practicing from several weeks to several months.

Your task in the first months of training is to prepare and learn the technique for performing the exercises.


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