How to quickly gain weight, muscle mass without harm to health at home or in the gym for thin people (ectomorphs).

Is it not true that many young people ask this question, especially people of an asthenic type of physique, and indeed, “by nature” they have the less inherent potential for gaining muscle mass.

I am just a representative of this physique, ectomorph in other words. I have always been a little, puny, stooped boy. The girth of my wrist is only 17 cm (not much more than the girls), in addition, I have scoliosis of the spine and cardiac arrhythmia. But I always wanted to have a beautiful body, but health and strength were not at all. I tried to gain muscle mass, but they were all unsuccessful.

You know, about people like me, people say “Don’t feed the horse.” These are people who seem to eat a lot, but do not get better. For them, getting heavier by a kilogram is a miracle. There are several physiological reasons for this state of the body. I will not go into details, it is very simple – in ecomorphs high metabolic rate.

But still, I was able to gain 17 kg of muscle mass without harm to health, and now I will share this “secret” with you.

In fact, remember, it does not matter what type of physique you are: ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph, everyone can gain weight by understanding the basic principles of nutrition, training, and lifestyle. It’s just that for some this process will be more difficult, for others it’s not at all. You can learn in detail about body types and how we differ from each other from a special article.

So, the main principles of the correct set of muscle mass include:

The first and most important principle is Nutrition!

At the moment I am a nutrition coach, so most of the information on this site is devoted to this topic .

So how do you quickly gain muscle mass ectomorphs? Only eating properly balanced, as the body needs to be supplied with the right fuel and building material! Thanks to such a diet and a healthy lifestyle, in general, I was able to gain 17 kg of muscle mass and say goodbye to my health problems.

First of all, you need a full, balanced regular diet 4-6 times a day. In no case should you neglect the meal schedule? After all, even the slightest hunger can cause a catabolism process in which the body begins to burn its own muscles. It is better to eat more often, but little by little, than in large portions, but rarely. I feel that some people can object to me, they say, with such a diet, metabolism is accelerated, and in asthenics it is already mad. I always say that a quick metabolism is excellent, both for those who want to lose weight, and for gaining muscle mass, because it will burn extra calories, which are enough with such a diet. But the extra calories turn into fat, which we do not need. Well, talk about them below.

Naturally, it will be difficult for some people to switch to such a diet, and eating through power is very difficult and disgusting, so your main task should be to melt a healthy appetite. There are several tried and tested methods for this: attractively set the table, drink a little tincture of wormwood (tonic) before eating, take a walk in the fresh air before eating, always eat at the same time, etc.

If you are trying to gain weight, then you need to consume more calories. In other words, you need a positive energy balance. However, this does not mean that you need to eat everything in a row foods with a lot of calories, but having a low nutritional value and high glycemic index . You do not need you to swim in fat, you need muscles. You need to eat “nutritious” food, i.e. foods filled with beneficial substances: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and macro and micronutrients. Then you will be able to gain weight and build muscle faster. Therefore, a balanced diet is important along with its calorie content.

I will not say how many calories per day we need in order to gain muscle mass. It depends on age, physique, lifestyle. The level of metabolism (metabolism) for each organism is individual, the main thing is that you consume more calories than you spend. By the way, you can find out your basal metabolism (daily calorie consumption by the body at rest, necessary to ensure vital functions), by signing up for an analysis of my body mass composition . Knowing this figure, you can build on it to calculate the required number of calories per day.

There are little tricks in order to increase the number of calories and eat more. Increase the servings in 2 times. Use, for example, large utensils. However, it is important to observe the correct diet, i.e. you need to know how many calories should be in the first and second half of the day , how to eat before, during and after training , what is better to eat at night, etc. You can find out all this on this site.

In this article I will not describe in detail how exactly you need to eat in order to quickly gain muscle mass, since there is a separate article for this .

I also want to say a few words about additional nutrition. To gain muscle mass, thin people just need specialized foods and specialized supplements and vitamins .

Specialized food products (SPPs) are an important component of sports nutrition, which is one or more nutrients in concentrated form. Depending on its composition, SPPs are: protein, carbohydrate, mixed.

Studies of the Institute of Nutrition RAMS show that it is impossible to get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals with food, even for a person who does not play sports at all. Full-fledged sports nutrition can be provided only through a combined diet, which includes both ordinary food and specialized foods.

Specialized additives (biologically active substances) and vitamins are also necessary, since, by analogy with caloric intake, the daily requirement of the body of athletes in vitamins and minerals is 1.5-2 times higher than usual. Vitamins are not a source of energy, but they do a lot for the life of the body. Metabolism (including vitamins) in athletes proceeds at a faster rate: their vitamins break down much faster, and their excretion from the body with increased sweating during training is also accelerated.

Hydration (drinking)

Water is an integral part of all cells, tissues and organs of our body and all processes occurring in it.

It is important for many functions of our body. Your body (like muscles) is 70% water, and no growth is simply impossible without it. When the body is dehydrated, water leaves muscle cells and thereby triggers the destruction of muscle tissue.

Current recommendations are 2 tablespoons (30 ml) per 1 kg of weight. For example, with a weight of 70 kg, you need to drink 2.1 liters of water per day. The larger the person, the higher his metabolic load, the more water he needs.

I also advise you to read articles: ” The Importance of Hydration in Sport .”


I want to note right away that мышечную массу можно легко накачать как в спортзале, так и в домашних условиях. Мышцы наращивают тяжелыми базовыми упражнениями с отягощениями и, имея некоторое оборудование у себя дома, Вы можете достигнуть хороших результатов. Лично я на данный момент занимаюсь дома, у меня отдельная комната переоборудована в домашний спортзал, в котором есть многофункциональный тренажер, шведская стенка, беговая дорожка и др. оборудование. К тому же, заниматься в домашних условиях – это лучший выбор для многих людей по различным причинам. Эти люди могут получать результаты ничем не хуже, чем посетители спортзала. Единственное реальное неудобство – то, что выбор упражнений уменьшается, потому что у Вас не будет доступа к определенным тренажерам, таким как тренажер для жима ногами и т.д. Поэтому, чтобы получить максимальный эффект при наборе мышечной массы конечно лучше посещать тренажерный зал.

There are many different muscle building techniques. I myself tried several such techniques and settled on the one presented on this site. This is a very effective system – a 12-week course of Maximum Overload Training (MST).

Rejection of bad habits

Be sure to give up cigarettes and alcohol. Nicotine slows down the metabolism, constricts blood vessels, but you do not need this at this stage. And do not listen to all sorts of tales about a beer after a workout, about its calorie content and other nonsense. Alcohol does not contribute to mass gain, supplying you with empty calories.

Sleep and relax more

You will have to forget, at least for a while, about late festivities, parties and discos. Muscle growth requires more sleep. Sleep should be long and strong (at least 8 hours a day). Firstly, in a dream you spend less energy, and secondly, a normal sleep by itself relieves stress, raises appetite and improves mood in the morning. It is in a dream that the pituitary gland produces growth hormone somatropin, which is essential for weight gain – it will create the conditions for muscle building.

As a result of hard training, there is a process of suppressing the secretion of sex hormones and increasing the level of concentration of cortisol in the blood. As a result, there is a deterioration in the ability of muscles to accumulate glycogen in themselves. You must give your body the opportunity to recover after a hard training, after such a rest you will see for yourself that the training will go more intensively, as a result of the fact that there are more hormones during the rest!

Resting during the day is also beneficial. Allow yourself to be distracted and relax from time to time and sit quietly for 15-20 minutes, or even lie down. You can sleep an hour after dinner.

Keeping a diary of workouts and nutrition

With the help of the first diary, you will know what to do in training, remember all approaches, repetitions, working weights. A correctly composed set of exercises will show how much time to relax between sets, and in addition to training days, the complex will show the necessary days of rest.

The second diary will help you analyze nutrition per day, week, month, etc. It can be noted the approximate number of calories per day, the intervals between meals, and most importantly the amount of protein eaten per day.


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