Benefits of taping for the fitness trainer

About taping.

Kinesio tape is a thin elastic cotton tape similar in properties to human skin.
The technique works like this: in the event of injury or excessive stress on the muscles, the excess fluid that has formed as a result of edema begins to press on the tissues, which causes pain.
If applied to the skin, kinesio tape will irritate the mechanoreceptors in the injured area and block the pain impulse.
Since the 1980s, the technique has entered the arsenal of many Olympic champions, and now it is available to every fitness specialist to work both with clients and with their own body.

7 situations in which kinesio tapes can help a fitness specialist.


1. The client is injured and wants to recover soon

Immediately after removing a cast or a tight bandage, it is difficult to move – you have to develop ligaments and joints for a long time. The action of the tape facilitates movement and accelerates tissue regeneration.

2. The client would like to speed up wound healing and resorption of hematomas

With any damage to soft tissues, microcirculation in them is disturbed. After applying the application, the skin under the tape is lifted, the intercellular space expands, which leads to the restoration of blood flow and lymph outflow.

3. Your goal is to form the correct muscle movement in the client

Injuries or too intense training lead to a violation of the correct movement pattern. As a result, the muscle or joint continues its abnormal movement, which leads to a deterioration in the condition of the injured area. Correctly applied kinesio tape will support muscles and joints and correct their movement.

4. You want to additionally protect the client and avoid injury

Overuse and inadequate recovery can lead to injury. But this does not mean that you need to become less active. If you know your Achilles’ heel, you can use kinesio tapes as a preventative measure.

5. You are working to improve the client’s posture

If kinesio tapes are applied to the anatomically correct position of the spine, then a new muscle stereotype will gradually form, and correct posture will become a habit.

6. You work with pregnant women

Kinesio tape is a convenient alternative to a bandage in the third trimester of pregnancy. The tapes can be left on for up to 3-5 days – this will provide round-the-clock support and allow you to tighten the muscles and fascia, and at the same time stretch the loaded lower back.

7. Unless you are a fitness trainer or even a sports doctor …

Kinesio taping is popular not only in sports medicine, neurology and manual therapy. Today, this method is used even by dentists (to relieve swelling after tooth extraction), ENT doctors (in the treatment of sinusitis), ophthalmologists (to improve blood circulation in the eye area) and cosmetologists (to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead, around the lips and at the outer corners eye).

Which fitness taping training is best for you?

We often get questions: is it possible to learn the technique on your own?

The answer is no, and there are two reasons for that.

Firstly, there is a lot of conflicting information on the Internet, and it is simply impossible to figure out which one is really reliable.

Secondly, only theoretical knowledge is not enough: the effective use of kinesio taping presupposes extensive development of the method in practice.

Improper application of kinesio tape is fraught with increased pain and can harm your clients.

Only an experienced specialist can qualitatively explain to you how to apply the tape correctly in each specific case, so that in the future you can work effectively and safely with this method.

The best option would be to receive training from Kinesio Russia!

This is the first and only school in Russia to be certified by the founder of the kinesio taping method, Dr. Kenzo Kase. The course program was developed in collaboration with international experts and with the personal participation of Dr. Kase. The course will be taught by three of the best instructors of the school who have undergone advanced training and confirm their qualifications every three years by passing exams personally to the founder of the method. I (Dmitry Gorkovsky), Stepan Vasilevsky and Anna Kosenko.

The 10-day course includes not only theory, but also an abundance of practice. The instructors will check the assignments and give recommendations on the application technique. After passing the exam, each graduate will receive an official certificate from the International Kinesio Taping Association, which gives the exclusive right to practice the method around the world.


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