Beginners are wondering – what exercises to start with? We answer: with those that use the maximum possible number of muscles – multi-joint or basic. It is the “base” that helps to gain muscle mass and increase strength. Any training program is based on these exercises.  


Allocate the “golden three” of basic exercises:

  1. Bench press.
  2. Deadlift.
  3. Barbell squats.
  4. In combination, these exercises allow you to work out the largest muscle layers: the shoulder girdle, back, and legs. The entire training process is based on them, they lay the foundation for future muscle volumes.


    Newbies in the gym often ignore basic fitness exercises and put more emphasis on isolation exercises. The latter work out a specific muscle group, therefore, to build up volumes, it is more efficient to perform exactly the “base”. You need to focus on insulating later to give the muscle relief.

    Progress in working weights is important for muscle growth, not maximum weights. Basic exercises involve up to 70% of the muscle groups in the body. The body is unpleasant when it is so stressed, and in response, it turns on protective-compensatory mechanisms that trigger the growth of muscle mass.

    At the same time, muscles do not grow locally, as with isolated exercises, but in a complex manner. All layers are trained, not just biceps or triceps.


    1. The entire muscle mass is comprehensively worked out, all body systems are trained.
    2. Anabolic ( testosterone ) and corticosteroid hormones ( growth hormone ) are released into the bloodstream.
    3. More nutrients are consumed, which means more fat cells are burned.
    4. The coordination of movements is being honed.
    5. The level of hormones of happiness rises, the mood improves.
    6. Metabolism accelerates, aging mechanisms slow down.
    7. Movement maximally corresponds to the anatomy of the human osteoarticular system, therefore, the risk factor during exercise is minimized.
    8. A lot of energy is consumed, since several muscle groups work at once, distributing the load among themselves.
    9. The ligamentous and articular apparatus is strengthened, as a result of which the muscles grow faster.


    Thoughtless exercise on an unprepared body may not give results or even harm. So that the efforts are not in vain, you need to correctly set the technique of training. It is advisable to consult with a trainer to design an optimal training program with the correct combination of exercises.

    Also, do not forget: to achieve maximum results, it is worth combining training with proper nutrition. With an integrated approach, the effect will not belong in coming.


    It is optimal for the first time to carry out Full Body workouts with the involvement of the main muscle groups. We recommend that beginners adhere to the circular format of classes according to the following scheme.

    Circular format

    1. Squats.
    2. “Army” bench press standing.
    3. Pull-ups. If you find it difficult to pull yourself up, we recommend using a gravitron. It will allow you to correctly put the pull-up technique.
    4. Hyperextension. The need to use additional weights is determined individually.
    5. Hanging leg raises or resting on the forearms in the simulator. It is advisable to start by lifting the legs, bent at the knees.

    Working approaches are best repeated 12-15 times. No refusal. If you’re a beginner, rest up to two minutes between exercises. There should be no more than 3-4 minutes between laps.

    During one workout, the number of laps with working approaches can vary, but in the first stages, there should be at least two of them.

    Warming up

    Warm-up all joints before each workout. perform lightweight exercise options that will occur in further training. Use minimal or no weight at all.

    If the interval between warm-up and working weight is long, do another warm-up lap at 75% of your working weight. Eliminate weightless exercise.


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