6 morning habits of healthy and happy people

For many, the morning begins in a hurry. First, we turn off the alarm several times, then run around the house, trying to pack up. In such a hurry, we forget to do something, and sometimes we deliberately do not do something, because there is no time. You may not be surprised at the fact that healthy and happy people enjoy their morning. They wake up with the sun and look at a day full of possibilities with joy. And these are 6 habits that are typical for such people.

Waking up with a feeling of gratitude

The practice of gratitude is associated with a sense of limitless happiness and good mood, which is why it makes sense to start your day with it. It means that people value their life and everything that they received from it. Their practice is to say thank you to your partners in the morning or create notes in your diary. But for yourself, you can come up with your own kind of practice.

Starting all over again every morning

These people know that a new day is new opportunities and a chance to do something new. Maybe they had a bad day yesterday, but today they have a new day when they can succeed. People who do not collapse from one bad day are persistent individuals. It is sustainability that is a sure sign of the desire to go forward and be happy.

Meditate, say affirmations, or pray

Many happy people are spiritual. Affirmations are a way to remind ourselves of what we already have and what kind of person we want to become. Meditation helps us focus, calms us and reduces stress. Prayer is an opportunity to thank higher powers.

Affirmations can be used to announce and understand how the day will go. For example, Stephen Jobs asked himself every morning: “If today was the last day of my life, would I like to do what I am going to do today?” Take the time to practice this and choose the closest way to do this.

To read

Happy people made reading for themselves a ritual of self-improvement and an opportunity to broaden their horizons. At the same time, you can read what you want: a work of fiction, memoirs, treatises, news, etc. Morning reading not only gives you a good mood but also gives your mind food for thought for the whole day.

Do sport

Regular training increases the level of beneficial chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine. They can mitigate the effects of stress and alleviate some symptoms of depression. But why do people choose mornings for classes? They say that willpower is strongest at this time of day. And having transferred sports in the morning, they do not have to spend time on them during the day.

Morning exercises help relieve drowsiness and stiffness from the muscles, also improves blood circulation and energizes. And according to the results of one study, it became known that daily morning classes allowed people to better relate to their bodies.

Spend more time outdoors

Morning walks are a great way to saturate the body with oxygen and stimulate the brain. Walk every day, if you have a dog – even better. Walking several kilometers will be useful not only for you but also for the dog. But if there are no pets, go for a walk anyway – the fresh air will fill you with life force.




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