Habit number 1. Waking up smoothly

To prepare their cardiovascular system for exertion, athletes always perform a warm-up. This must always be done. Including after awakening. Therefore, do not rush to get out of bed abruptly. Set an alarm 5 minutes earlier, stretch and do a little exercise in bed, because these are the mechanisms of activation of the body laid down by nature. This will help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and make the day more pleasant.

Habit number 2. Drink water after waking up

Start the day with a glass of water. Water will make up for the nightly loss of fluid that was involved in the body’s metabolic processes. Also, a glass of water will help start the work of the gastrointestinal tract, which means that by breakfast the body will be ready to fully absorb the food.

Habit number 3. Full breakfast

The first meal after awakening is very important. If you do not like breakfast, this is in vain, because you can not skip it. A full breakfast should include proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates, which help make up for the loss of energy and recharge your batteries with energy and a good mood for the day.

Habit number 4. Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day

Make it a habit to drink clean water. Every day, a person needs to drink 30-40 ml of water per 1 kg of weight. If you do not want to trouble yourself with mathematical calculations, there is a simple rule: drink 8 glasses of water per day. For example, every 2 hours. A sufficient level of water in the body preserves the health of the cardiovascular system, joints, improves skin condition and positively affects one’s well-being.

Habit number 5. Follow the diet

Be your own chef and restaurant critic. Watch what you eat and when you eat. Try not to eat fast food and convenience foods, include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, do not overeat, especially at night.

Habit number 6. Do not drink soda

In carbonated sweet water there is nothing useful, and it is better not to use it at all. She does not quench her thirst at all. Sugar, stabilizers and artificial gas saturation are not the best way to influence the body.

Habit number 7. Start small

To change your lifestyle, you just want to. But do not immediately change everything dramatically. For example, to lead a more active lifestyle, do not rush to run marathons. To get started, abandon the elevator, skip the minibus home and walk a couple of stops on foot. Enjoy life at your own pace. After all, sport is not only the work of muscles and the cardiovascular system but also a way to deal with stress.

Habit number 8. Eat more vegetables

Add more vegetables to your diet. After all, vegetables not only improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but also contribute to better assimilation of food, replenish the body with useful minerals and vitamins, and, as a result, improve well-being.

Habit number 9. Monitor the health

In life, as in sports, it is important to constantly monitor your health and to be examined by a family doctor at least once every six months or a year. This is important because timely diagnosis can prevent many diseases.

Habit number 10. Do not forget to recover

Sleep, during which the body is restored, is very important. And it doesn’t matter if you worked out an intensive training session today or if you actively resolved work issues all day long. Therefore, it is important to have dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime, to ventilate the bedroom well. Before going to bed, it’s best not to be distracted by the phone or watching the series. Sleep should take at least 7 hours.