If you haven’t practiced sports systematically, we have compiled five reasons why you should start training in the fall, not paying attention to the cold weather and rainy mood.

Reason # 1. You will be as active as in the summer

In the autumn we eat as much as in the summer, but we move much less. And if in the summer we have the opportunity to burn calories from the eaten chocolate during a walk, then in the fall only planned activity can help us in this. For example, sports training in a warm, cozy gym.

Choose a nearby fitness room that you can use before or after work, or even during your lunch break. So you save time on the road and you will have less temptation to skip a workout and stay at home.

Reason number 2. You will forget about the bad mood

Reducing daylight hours, cold weather, rain – all this in one way or another negatively affects the mood. Sports activity just helps to resist this. During prolonged and regular physical exertion, the hormone of happiness – endorphin – is released, and the neurotransmitter serotonin is synthesized in cells, which positively affects well-being.

Find yourself a workout to your liking, exercise and enjoy the workouts. It does not have to be exhausting exercise equipment. If you enjoy running, run on a treadmill. Or relax on yoga, sign up for a group TRX training or boxing training.


Reason number 3. You strengthen immunity

No wonder the saying “healthy as an athlete” arose. Physical activity improves blood circulation, activates metabolic processes in cells, triggers metabolism, and also stimulates the immune system. This means that the body will quickly recognize viruses and counteract them.

Therefore, if you still haven’t decided to play sports in the summer, start training in the fall. This will be excellent preparation for winter frosts and viruses.

Reason number 4. You will be less tired

Physical activity and sports improve the cardiovascular system and strengthen it, as well as increase the stamina of the body. Your body will be easier to respond to temperature changes.

After the first training, you will feel gradual progress: it will be easier for you to cope with the usual loads, the road from work home will not be so tiring for you, you will become less tired even during a long walk.

Reason number 5. You can change your body before the new year

If you have a goal to change for the new year, you need to start working on yourself a little earlier. A time period of 2-3 months is the real-time during which you can lose weight, tighten the body and strengthen the physical shape of the body, without subjecting it to excessive loads without damage to health.