Woolworths launches new low-carb food range

Woolworths launches new low-carb food range

Woolworths has responded to the growing demand for low-carb food products with their CARBCLEVER meal solutions.

If you are watching your carbohydrate intake but can’t always find the time to cook from scratch (or find anything to buy in the shops), help is at hand.

Woolworths has just launched a new CARBCLEVER range of meals that excludes pasta, potatoes and rice. The dishes also have no wheat, grains, legumes or pulses.

These are replaced by vegetables and creamy sauces (like coconut-cream curries & cheese sauce) and spicy accompaniments.

Look for smoked pork with creamed cabbage and spinach in a sage cream sauce, and beef meatballs with cauliflower mash, roasted vegetables and tomato sauce.

The full CARBCLEVER range spans nine meals, a soup and three vegetable dishes, which will be introduced countrywide from mid-October and is already available online.

The meals are conveniently combined to provide a protein along with vegetables and these are bound together with a tasty sauce.

Cauliflower reigns supreme as the mash replacement, either on its own or in a bacon and cheese bake.

“Many of our customers have been requesting easy meals that provide options for their lifestyles,” said Woolworths Managing Director of Foods, Zyda Rylands.

“After months of careful testing – and some delectable tasting – we are proud to reveal these ready-prepared meals and accompaniments. As these products are also microwaveable and combine flavours and cooking styles, they should have wide appeal.”

Health24’s verdict

Those living the low-carb lifestyle will welcome this addition to the Woolworths range as has significantly increased their lunch options which, until now, were heavily soup and pasta salad dominated. The curries are flavourful enough and the veg does taste fresh. The Shepherd’s pie was true to form.

We like the convenience of the cauliflower mash as this can be quite a mission to make (though possibly not more of a mission than making potato mash).


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