Without what nutrients the human body will not be able to function fully?

The human body is considered a harmonious, perfect system. However, there are elements that the body is unable to reproduce on its own. Only a balanced diet helps the body to function properly.

Nutrients the body needs


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Sources of protein are mostly animal products:


meat of all sorts, eggs, fish, seafood. If a person does not consume animal products, then soy, nuts, and natural grains are suitable. However, one should not get carried away with proteins alone, despite the fact that high-protein diets are at the peak of popularity. The diet should be diluted with carbohydrates, healthy fats. Carbohydrates Many dieters consider carbohydrates to be the main enemy of their slim figure. However, these substances give a person energy, ensure the normal functioning of the brain.


Like carbohydrates, fats also have a rather negative reputation in the nutritional world. But recent research suggests that fats can be both good and bad.

Sources of healthy fats are fresh avocados, fatty sea fish, seeds, and natural vegetable oils. Those who do not like fish should try to introduce fish oil into their diet. But unhealthy fats that are in fast food, margarine, fatty, fried foods are best avoided. They can lead to high cholesterol levels and the formation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels


serve to facilitate the body’s work, accelerate the course of chemical reactions. Their lack provokes serious diseases

If a person has a balanced diet and no problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then he receives vitamins in sufficient quantities. For chronic or hereditary diseases, additional vitamin intake may be required. It is worth consulting your doctor about this. Water as a substance necessary for life The amount of water in the body determines the quality of the work of its components. Water improves the functioning of the nervous system, facilitates the course of diseases, regulates the processes of the excretory system
For the normal functioning of the body, a variety of substances are needed. Some of the body receives on its own, and in some cases, you cannot do without a balanced diet.


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