Reason # 1. We don’t have time for sports

We often convince ourselves that sport takes a lot of time. It seems to us so, but in fact, it is not. We will always find time for what we really want. It is important to prioritize, and everything will work out.

Reason number 2. We are lazy

We are often lazy and don’t go to the fitness club for training, to the park for jogging, and why not hide something, we don’t always go out for bread, motivating it with fatigue. That’s just fatigue and laziness – the concepts are different, and if you really want to introduce sport into your life, try doing a little more today than you did yesterday, and you will come to the desired result.

Reason number 3. We have no system

We come to the gym a week after the last visit, then our trips become less and less, and as a result, we abandon all these undertakings to be athletic, fit and healthy. For everything to work out in sports, you need to develop a system of classes. For example, devote the evening of Tuesday and Thursday to training, and if force majeure circumstances occur, postpone the training, but no later than a day.

Reason number 4. Surrender after the first failure

We did not like the fitness club, the specific discipline is not suitable or it brings discomfort to that exercise with dumbbells – any such unsuccessful experience can cause us to throw the sport. Therefore, do not rush to give up sports and find something to your liking. It can be anything: yoga, Pilates, TRX-training, group training on the whole body or even boxing or Tabata.

Reason number 5. We pity ourselves and do not go anywhere

We linger at work, get tired of household chores and decide to regret ourselves, abandoning another workout. Due to fatigue or an unsuccessful day, we turn on the regime of excessive “self-care”, which says that sport is contraindicated for us. If after a tiring day you really do not have the strength to work out an hour-long workout in the gym, replace this activity. For example, take a walk instead of training.

Reason # 6. We want instant results from sports

Often we want that after two workouts we have a visible press, and after a couple of weeks we get a centimeter and measure the girth of the biceps. And of course, not having received the expected instant changes, we say goodbye to sports for a long time. As mentioned earlier, sport loves consistency, so do not lower the dumbbells, exercise, and everything will work out.

Reason number 7. Taking too much

In pursuit of the result, we can unduly load ourselves in the hall. As a result, in the best case, our body gets overworked and we stop training, and in the worst, it gets injured and, of course, we recover for a long time and abandon the sport. In order for your workouts to give results, you need the right workout plan, which takes into account the gradual increase in loads and the study of all muscle groups. Personal fitness trainers will help you with this.

Reason number 8. Doing something wrong

It happens that we work out training after training, but there are no obvious changes. And for this reason, we want to abandon everything. But do not rush to give up: apparently, you are doing the wrong load or doing the exercises incorrectly. With a personal trainer, this can be avoided.

Reason number 9. We have no goal

It is difficult to track the result of training when there is no specific goal. If you want to lose weight, then be sure to set yourself a specific goal – to lose weight by 2, 5 or 10 kilograms. If you want to pump up, then add more certainty here. For example, reduce the waist circumference to 65 cm, or increase the biceps girth by 5 cm. Otherwise, sooner or later you will want to abandon the sport in favor of another occupation.

Reason number 10. We have no motivation

We want to move more, become slimmer or gain muscle mass, but sometimes one desire is not enough to achieve the desired goal. In order not to miss workouts in the gym, motivate yourself additionally. For example, allow yourself to watch a new series of the series only if you work out the training, or buy yourself the shoes you dreamed about only after you complete the training course.


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