If your pregnancy is proceeding with some complications or deviations from the normal course of pregnancy, your doctor will prescribe your bed rest. However, even after stopping attending a fitness club and observing strict bed rest, you can exercise your muscles by doing stretching exercises without getting out of bed. The only thing is that you should still consult with your doctor, who will most likely allow you to perform a set of such exercises.

By gently stretching several times a day, you will improve circulation throughout the body, thus relieving muscle tension and resulting discomfort. Stretching works on muscles, warming them up and increasing flexibility.

Like the Kegel exercise for pregnant women, stretching your muscles requires regular exercise. At first, do the stretching exercises once or twice a day, one set of 5-12 reps. Gradually bring the load up to three times a day. Do the stretching exercises slowly and gently, without using unnecessary force or sudden movements. Stretching should feel like a gentle massage.

Perform muscle stretching movement during exhalation; hold this position while maintaining the normal breathing rhythm. In this case, stretching will have an almost meditative effect on you.

  • Perform rotational movements with your wrists, neck, shoulders, and arms extended to the sides.
  • Press your chin against your neck and hold it in this position for a few seconds, and then lift your chin up. After that, tilt your head to the side.
  • Stretch your arms up, bend your elbows and straighten your arms again.
  • Stretch your arms along your torso and lift them up one by one.
  • Lying on your side or back, extend your arms over your head and stretch well: with your hands up and your heels down.

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