Strength Training with Weights

Power training

Weight training is very helpful. The results of the research have revealed that the full benefits and effectiveness of strength training can be felt by doing it just a couple of times a week, setting the duration of classes to 15 to 20 minutes.

The greatest benefit comes from resistance training. If you want to lose weight, make the body more prominent or, on the contrary, increase muscle mass, you should give preference to strength training. Resistance training will help make age-related changes in the body less noticeable, and the figure is perfectly proportional. In the process of such activities, health is strengthened, mood and good spirits are increased. Whatever goal you set for yourself, strength training will definitely help you achieve it. It is only necessary to correctly calculate the load: the optimal number of approaches for a particular case, weight, time to rest. Of course, this may seem unrealistic, but strength training really gives fantastic results. Amazing success can be achieved

In the event that it is not yet possible to pay for the services of a personal trainer, and the selected training plan is full of complex specialized terminology, this article is an ideal option for you! We will explain in a simple, understandable language for an ordinary person the reasons why strength training should become a mandatory part of the training, regardless of the age and gender of the trainee. In addition, the article will give a detailed description of the principles that are the basis for resistance training.

Benefits of strength training

Weight training heals the body. In the process of strength training, the musculoskeletal system is involved. Such activities help reduce pain in the back and lower back, effectively fight diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Today, leading a healthy lifestyle has become very fashionable. From the pages of Internet spaces, the TV screen actively promotes the basic postulates of what needs to be done to be healthy. Among the main principles are proper nutrition, healthy sleep, giving up bad habits and sports. If everything is more or less clear with nutrition, sleep and habits, then the question of sports exercises is difficult. What kind of sport is the most useful? How many people – so many opinions. Someone recommends fitness and dancing, others prefer bodybuilding and wrestling, others opt for yoga. Undoubtedly, any physical activity is already a great contribution to maintaining vitality and good shape. But it will be ideal if your training program combines elements collected from a variety of sports. Such activities will help develop your body harmoniously. In modern conditions, two methods of training are most popular and in demand:

– cardio workouts that help strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;

– Strength training.

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of these two types of training is approximately the same, but at the same time, resistance training affects the body much deeper (of course, when the exercises are done correctly).


Scientists, after conducting a series of observations, concluded that strength training has an amazing positive effect on the entire body. Regular exercise helps speed up metabolism, restore the normal metabolic process, normalize blood pressure, normalize the balance of glucose and insulin in the blood, and get rid of excess body fat. Thus, strength training is an excellent method for preventing diseases such as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, and cancer. Doing just twice a week for 15-20 minutes, you will significantly extend your healthy, fulfilling life.

Resistance training is very suitable for the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. By vigorously exercising 2-3 times a week, very soon you will feel how much less sensitive the symptoms of PMS have become. Strength training has a beneficial effect on the female body, and reduces the risk of breast cancer.


Resistance training has an unmatched effect on the muscles. They become stronger, embossed, and powerful. As a result, the daily performance and endurance of the body increase several times. Ordinary daily activities, from which you are constantly tired, will very soon seem much easier to you. Now carrying weights, and climbing steep stairs will not cause difficulties.


If you take the exercise responsibly and carefully work out the muscles, then strength training will lead to an increase in the flexibility of the body. Flexible people are much less likely to experience back pain and muscle strain.

Probability of injury

If your muscles are strong and your ligaments are well-trained, then the likelihood of them being severely overloaded and injured is much less. In the process of training, dense and powerful muscles are formed in the knees and back, which reduces the risk of injury to these areas.

Body Composition

With the high-quality performance of strength exercises, an increased metabolic rate will be a pleasant addition. Calories will be burned faster even when the body is at rest. Consequently, excess body fat will also disappear faster. At the same time, weight indicators may not change, but impartial fat will gradually be replaced by strong, beautiful muscles. The most experienced and professional trainers advise strength training for anyone who wants to lose weight.


Your posture in both standing and sitting positions depends entirely on the condition of the shoulder, neck, hip muscles, as well as the muscles of the back and abs. If the muscles are strong, then it will be much easier for you to maintain a beautiful, straight body position in any situation. Regular strength training is an indispensable tool for developing a graceful, beautiful posture.

state of mind

If you train regularly, then positive changes in your body will become noticeable very soon. Along with the improvement of the state of the body, the mood will certainly improve. In practice, it has been tested and proven that regular physical activity is one of the best methods of dealing with stress and depression. In addition, it improves the quality of sleep: the process of falling asleep will occur much faster, and the dream itself will become stronger and deeper.

Basic principles

To experience all the delights and benefits of strength training, and then gain the necessary knowledge to independently develop training programs, you need to have a clear understanding of the basic principles of strength training. The information obtained will be a good help in the implementation of other types of training programs.

right on target

Training exercises should be clearly aimed at working out certain areas. For example, if your goal is beautiful and strong arms, then you should turn to exercises for pumping up muscle mass in your arms.

Squeeze out the maximum

Training must be intense. There are several methods to increase the intensity of training. You can change:

– the number of training and the time allotted for them;

– number of approaches;

– indicators of working weight;

– types of exercises.

If you alternate these changes, you can make the muscles increase and work at full strength.


In the case when the training program involves the allocation of a certain time for rest between exercises, it is simply necessary to make these pauses. If the goal of training is to increase the volume and endurance of muscle mass, rest between sets should be from 30 to 60 seconds. If you want to increase muscle strength, you need to rest for 2 to 4 minutes.

Do not forget that after increased physical activity, the muscles need time to recover and grow. Therefore, it is necessary to take breaks between workouts. The best option is when it takes about 48 hours from one lesson to another.

If you want to get a slender, elastic body and relief muscles without injuries and exhaustion from overtraining, you should strictly follow safety precautions. You can avoid injury if you follow some simple rules.

Safety during strength training

You need to make sure that the equipment is well-fixed. If, for example, a pancake crashes on your leg during training, then this obviously will not bring a positive result, but it will undoubtedly add irritability.

Before training, you need to warm up, after it you need to cool completely.

Imagine that you are a graceful tiger or a beautiful panther, and with this feeling, stretch at the end of strength training.

Wear light, natural clothing. The form, made of natural fabrics, allows the body to “breathe”, unlike synthetic suits.

Watch your breath: when the moment of the strongest tension comes when doing exercises, you need to exhale. Breath-holding is contraindicated!

Perform exercises with the correct amplitude. All movements should be smooth, no sharp jerks and throws are needed.

Strength training is one of the best ways to create the perfect figure for both men and women. The correct technique for performing strength exercises and the regularity of classes will help you acquire an attractive, sculpted body, a healthy nervous system, and self-confidence!


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